Chapter One: A Journey Begins!

(For those of you who don't know who Leaf is, She is the Female Main Character of Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen)

Leaf woke up in the morning, without her alarm clock and wearing only her ridiculously short shorts and her sports bra, just like she did every morning. But again, like every morning, she woke up about a half hour before usual. In this time, she thought about what starter she would get, since she was getting a starter from Professer Oak today. The thought of this stuck in her mind now.

But Leaf was a total whore. She dreamed to get the biggest of cocks she could fit into any of her holes. She had read on Pokeality sites that Venasaur had a huge cock when it came to size, but charizard was faster. And Blastoise was supposed to be able to go the longest.

When her Alarm clock rang she sprung out of bed and turned her clock on. She took of her shorts and quickly got into her sleeveles shirt and her skirt. She quickly rushed down the stairs, waved her mother goodbye, and left out the door.

She went to Professer Oak's lab immediately, and wasted no time getting there. When she walked in, Green, who had been sitting in a chair, looked up quickly.

"Oh Just Leaf," he said in a disappointed tone. "Gramps isn't anywhere around, and he usually shows up about now."

Green and Leaf had been born about the same time, but Green was a few months older. He could also be a pervert at times, and the two had eventually grown to despise each other. The only bad part about that is the fact that their neighbors.

Leaf left with a bit of anger, but regardelss, she would get her pokemon at some point. Soon after she left, she went to go look for him. But she couldn't think of anywhere in town to look, since it was considerably small. Checking on the Route up a bit furthur would probably work better.

She had only just made it up to the Route when she heard a voice calling her.

"Wait don't go out just yet!" Professer Oak Called out. In suprise she turned around. Now the old bag decides to find her.

"Where've you been?" Leaf said putting her hand on her hip.

"I've just been... a little busy," Professer Oak said to her. Leaf had no clue what his definition of "busy" would be, but she didn't really care. She would probably use "busy" in a sexual way anyway. "Now if you'll just come with me..."

Professer Oak began to lead her, but now her heart was pounding. She hadn't thought of what she was getting, and now Professer Oak was taking her back to his labaratory. "Why were you so late again?" Leaf asked in a nice tone, trying to get an answer from him.

"Ah, here we are!" Professer Oak said, obviously trying to change the subject. He led Leaf into his lab and took her through. Green was still sitting in his chair, and when Oak walked in, his entire face brightened with excitement.

"Gramps, I'm sick of waiting here for you! Why didn't you show up earlier?" Green said angrily. "Wha had you been doing that made you so late?"

"That's right!" Oak said. Leaf looked up happily at him, thinking she would get an answer finally. "I asked you to come here!

Damn, Leaf thought angrily again. She probably wouldn't get an answer from this guy.

"On these tables, contain pokemon!" Oak excalimed. "When I was younger I had been a serious pokemon trainer! "But with my old age, I have only these three left. Leaf, you can have one, go ahead and choose!"

"But Gramps! I want one too!" Green whined loudly, causing several of Oak's aides to look at him.

"Relax Green, you'll get your's too! Now Leaf, you may go ahead and pick your choice."

"And hurry up" Green said angrily at Leaf. Leaf sneered at him and turned around.

Looking at the Pokeballs in front of her, and ignoring Green's rants and Oak telling her which one was which, she simply looked and thought.

Which would be the best one to fuck with anyway? Leaf thought. She put her hand out and went to pick up Charmander, but thought that a big, lasting cock was better. Since Venasaur was was supposed to be 15 inches plus, and could use it's vines to fuck her in multiple places, she figured she'd use Bulbasaur. She picked up it's pokeball simply and held it in her hand.

"Ah Bulbasaur, that one's especially easy to raise!" Oak chirped happily. Leaf liked the sound of that, she would get a monster cock quick if it could evolve fast.

"Alright," Green said, picking up charmander's pokeball. "I'll take this one than!"

Oak sat without saying a word. Leaf figured this was a sign she could go, and she took to leave. As she walked away, Green's voice called her "Hey Leaf, let's battle! C'mon I'll take you on!"

Oak looked up, clearly wanting to catch this, as Leaf threw her pokeball, as Bulbasaur popped out of it."

Bulbasaur looked around, but after seeing the Charmander before it, it was quick to judge what it was doing.

"Bllbasaur!" It said, clearly leaving the "u" in it's name out of it.

"Now Bulbasaur, Tackle!" Leaf Exclaimed at Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur simply jumped up and slammed into charmander. Bulbasaur also hit it pretty hard, so Leaf was glad she could stomp this idiot.

"Charmander, Scratch!" Green shouted, as Charmand lashed out and hit bulbasaur in the face. Bulbasaur quickly replied with another tackle.

"Bulbasaur tackle again!" Leaf said loudly, and Bulbasaur ran up and smacked Charmander against a wall. This seemed to knock it out.

"Ahh, damn, I chose the wrong pokemon!" Green yelled as he stormed out. Oak didn't look at her when she won, so she quickly left, to go see if bulbasaur could fuck well at all.

A forested area would do nicely, so she settled down, after healing up her Bulbasaur, and began slipping her fingers into her already wet pussy.

"Mmmmmm," Leaf said as she slipped in her pussy. Soon after she took off her white panties and realeased Bulbasaur from his pokeball.

"Bllbasaur?" He said, leaving the "u" out again.

"Bulbasaur~" Leaf said in a Lusty tone, spreading her legs to revealt her shaved pussy, and as to see if Bulbasaur would go for it.

Bulbasaur went up under her skirt and took a sniff at her vagina. He got hard pretty quick when he knew what Leaf wanted. Picking him up she let out a big gasp.

For a small pokemon, Bulbasaur was pretty well endowed. He was at least 9 inched in length and he was thick, too. Looking at this, she laid him on his back and began to suck him off.

She couldn't fit his entire rod into her mouth, and began to gag when she tried. Eventually she got fed up with sucking him off and slipped off her skirt to admit Bulbasaur in.

"C'mon Bulbasaur~" She said in the same lusty tone she had use before she sucked him off, about 3 minutes ago. She spread her legs as far as they would go,and Bulbasaur climbed up and dug his length into her pussy.

Leaf could do nothing but moan. Bulbasaur was pretty big too, and he began to move himself back and forth while franticly shouting his name.

"Yes Bulbasaur go faster! Fuck me Bulbasaur, Fuck me!" Leaf said quickly and in between moans. Bulbasaur happily agreed as he shoved himself in her deeper and faster.

"C'mon Bulbasaur, I'm Cumming!" Leaf Shouted, not caring if she would be heard or not.

"Bulba...saur!" Bulbasaur exclaimed, cumming a good load into her pussy.

"Ahhhhh!" Leaf Shouted, blasting her Vagina juice all over Bulbasaur's cock.

"Good Bulbasaur" she said panting. "Return~"

Soon enough she returned to viridian city, she ordered a room at the pokemon center, and stayed there the rest of the day.

That was just the first chapter, I plan on running the entire game like this. Remember, leave a Review and a Request, and it may get fufilled.

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