Chapter 29 – A Happy Non-Moody

The Doctor charged into the TARDIS, moving instantly up to the console and beaming.

"Hey old girl," he said gently, resting his hand on the console. "I know I feel a bit different, but it's me, promise."

She made a high-pitched wibble in response, sending a warm vibe to his hand. But something didn't feel right... something was... The Doctor's eyes widened, staring at the monitor in complete horror.

"Oh, what has the nasty time agent done to you?" he asked, rubbing the de-materialisation column as the man himself entered the doorway, guiding Rose to the chair. He looked up as the Doctor fished out the stethoscope from a bag hanging on the console, listening to the column.

"I didn't trash her," Jack assured the Doctor.

"She's bloated!" the Doctor determined, pulling back to stare at Jack. "What did you do to her?"

"I had to refuel her!" Jack protested.

"You've overfed her!"

"She only had enough for one trip so I had to go through every single one of your emergency programmes until I found the right one to go to the rift!"

"11832, the Doctor said instantly.

"And I started at 1!"

The Doctor rolled his eyes went back to stroking the TARDIS. She was squeaking, giving him mental nudges, obviously dying to know something.

"Oh!" he realised. "Yeah, Rose is pregnant. Twins. They're mine."

The TARDIS made that high-pitched wibble again, before a low burbling sound. The Doctor raised an eyebrow. "What d'you mean 'it's about time'?"

She wibbled again. The Doctor rolled his eyes and grinned. "Yeah, well don't start building your nursery yet, we've still got a few months to go."

She began to make a stream of high-pitched wails. The Doctor laughed. "Okay don't yell, of course she'll deliver in here."

She wibbled again, and then the usual background noise of the TARDIS slightly raised in pitch.

"What was that?" Rose asked.

"She's in a good mood," the Doctor replied, taking a seat next to her. "And she'll look after you until the twins are born. She's excited."

"Good," Rose replied, reaching up for a hug to which he obliged. "Tell her thanks."

"She heard you," the Doctor replied, smiling.

There was a sudden knock on the door. All three looked up to see a crowd of Sirens in the doorway, looking around the TARDIS interior with complete astonishment.

"Come in!" The Doctor got to his feet, moving over to the console. "This should be quick," he informed them, tapping a few controls on the TARDIS. "Jack, I'll put you in a temporary sound pocket to counter the effects of the song. Right..." He flicked a final switch and turned to the Sirens once more. "When you're ready."

They nodded in unison and after a small pause, they began to play.

It echoed around the TARDIS, almost seemingly coming out from the walls of the ship itself. Rose felt the Doctor's hand take her's and he pulled her up to stand beside the console with him, stealing a quick kiss in the midst of the mating call.

It had only been about twenty seconds when the monitor started to beep and the Doctor jumped to attention, waving for the Sirens to carry on as he checked the readouts.

"It's a new input," he said, tapping a few more buttons. "It's..."

The sound of another song filled the TARDIS, and it very quickly became obvious that it was the male's mating call. It harmonised perfectly with the female's call, but it was a much lower tone... to create the most amazing song the Doctor had ever heard.

But Rose was frowning, letting go of the Doctor and turning towards the TARDIS doors, seemingly in a trance...

"The song... it's beautiful..." she said, and the Doctor laughed, quickly grabbing her waist and preventing her from moving.

"Guess it works both ways," he said, holding her tightly. "Hold on, Rose, you'll be fine in a minute." He turned back to the monitor, speaking to the Sirens in his mind whilst he firmly kept Rose pressed to him with one arm and the aid of a wing. "I'm triangulating the source of their call... Got a lock on. Tracking them. They're coming. And fast. Keep playing."

Another thirty seconds passed before the Doctor's face spread into a huge smile. "They're here! Go and meet them!"

The female Sirens were out the door in an instant and both calls abruptly stopped. The Doctor quickly let Jack out of the sound pocket and they got to the door just in time to see the Sirens and their soul-mates reunited, sharing quite intimate moments of love and affection in the glowing blue of the suppression chamber. They were quite obviously instantly balancing – multicoloured glows surrounding the couples and remaining until the glow balanced out and became white.

The Doctor regarded the scene, smiling. "Finally, something goes right. Let's go."

The three turned, leaving the Sirens to reacquaint in peace.

"Okay," the Doctor began, securing Rose in one of the large machines in the TARDIS Infirmary. "I could only 'balance' your brainwaves because your braindeath was an effect of the genetic overwrite, not an actual part of it. I couldn't do the same for your blindness because that's a direct effect of the overwrite. So, I could only balance any secondary sicknesses, because your DNA is your DNA and therefore it thinks you're supposed to be like that... with me so far?"

Rose paused for a moment, frowning, and then eventually nodded.

"Good," he said, grinning. "Now, this machine works in the complete reverse. It will fix your DNA back to how it was but it won't heal any sickness or injuries. You know when you first started travelling with me I got you to do that genetic imprint into the TARDIS database?"

Rose nodded again. That had been the most boring three hours of staying still in her life.

"Well this is the reason I did it," he said, pulling back and pressing at the keypad. "The TARDIS has a sort of 'default' recognition of your genes, so in a situation like this I can put you back to how you were two years ago."

"What about the babies?" she asked quickly.

"They're a foreign object in your body according to the imprint, so it'll leave them alone. Which means any genetic damage they've taken will stay, and it's completely irreversible. So if they're born with blue skin and wings then I won't assume you've cheated on me."

Rose laughed. "How long is this gonna take?"

He shrugged. "Anything up to three days, so I'll put you to sleep and wake you up when you're done. Then you'll get to see what I look like."

She grinned, tongue between teeth. "Can't wait for that."

He smiled and leant down to press a kiss to her lips. "See me in a minute."

Rose woke up, and felt incredibly refreshed.

She opened her eyes, and it took a few moments for her to realise that she was in the TARDIS Infirmary. And she could tell that because she was lying in one of the beds. And she could tell that because she could see!

"Doctor?" she yelled instantly, looking down to her belly. It was huge; considering the last time she'd seen it, it had been completely flat.

There was a rush of two pairs of footsteps and Jack burst into the room, elated to find her awake. She craned her neck to see the Doctor, but he seemed to have stopped outside the door.

"Doctor?" she asked again.

"I look different," his voice warned. "You ready?"

"Come on, you've been building the suspense for bloody ages!"

"Okay, coming in," he said, and then stepped through the doorway.

Rose stared at him for a moment, staring at his blue skin, three fingers, shining brown eyes and most noticeably, the wings. He seemed to tense for a moment, waiting for a reaction.

"Wow, it's kinda sexy," Rose said, and he burst into a smile. It was then she noticed his sharp, pointed teeth, and she blinked in shock. "Did you always have those?"

He nodded. "Well, don't get used to it, it's my turn now," he said, moving to sit next to her on the bed. "How are you feeling?"

"Great," she answered, reaching up to kiss him. "I'm huge."

He looked down at her belly. "Still got a few months left yet," he said, rubbing his hand over the bump. "And I won't be able to hide this from Jackie..."

She snorted with laughter. "Are we going back after you're fixed?"

He shook his head. "Quick detour to a hospital. Like I said, that machine doesn't heal. I can't exactly operate on myself and I'm hanging together with bits of string and Sellotape."

"What hospital?" Jack asked, moving to stand the other side of Rose.

"A universal one," the Doctor replied. "They'll probably look twice at me too, but it's much safer than visiting one on Earth. And I think we all need a haircut."

Jack nodded his agreement, but Rose frowned. The Doctor seemed to read her thoughts, reaching to the side table and handing her a mirror...

"Oh my god!"

"Yep," the Doctor replied simply.

"That's so unattractive," she muttered, staring at her own reflection. "You never said anythin'!" she suddenly yelled, looking at the Doctor. He shifted uncomfortably.

"I didn't think you'd want to hear it, seeing how you've been so moody." As he caught Jack's horrified expression he suddenly realised what he'd just said, and his eyes widened to dinner plates... "Err, I mean, a little moody. Barely moody. A teeny... tiny... little bit moody... But it's a nice-moody. A happy... non... moody... You've not been moody at all! … Please don't hit me."

Rose sighed and rolled her eyes. "I need to sort this out. Are you goin' in?"

He nodded, getting to his feet and helping her to stand. "Jack, get lost, I'm about to strip."

"Fun killer," Jack muttered, and left the room.

"Can you help me?" the Doctor asked Rose, gesturing vaguely to his wings.

She giggled and nodded, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal the complete lack of chest hair. "Will your hair come back too?" she wondered.

"It'll grow back," he assured her.

"Good," she replied, pulling the shirt off of him. "You know..." she began, trying to sound as innocent as she could. "We haven't had sex in four months."

"I know..." he said flatly.

"Or even made out."

"I know..."

"Can we um..." she paused, staring up at him. "Extend our detour?"

"I'll have to check our schedule," he joked, and she went onto tiptoes to kiss him again.

She was about to reach down to his shorts to take them off when she stopped, and looked up at him. "Oh, and you promised one more thing."


"You said you'd take me on a flight when I could see again."

"Oh, yes..." he said grinning down at her. "C'mon, then."

He grabbed her hand, led her out of the infirmary and took her on a journey into the skies that she would truly never forget.

The End

A/N: What a random story! That was just one random idea bouncing to another random idea. Well, nothign new there I guess. :D