Bella/Jasper (Alice is with someone else) Story contains some violence and is "in progress"

Please bare with me as I am working on this story. I am not really a Edward fan. I love Jasper and Carlisle. Sorry guys! :)

Jasper's POV

Bella and Edward had been acting a little strange lately. I had been picking on some really weird vibes from them both, mostly fear from Bella but couldn't put my finger on Edward's since it felt he was mixing emotions when I was around him. Almost like he was hiding something. Bella and I had been getting to hang out more lately so I was looking forward to having some fun with Bella tonight.

Everyone else was heading out to hunt except Carlisle who was working till later tonight. It would just be Bella and I in the house alone, together. I didn't mind that at all. She was fun to hang out with when Edward was gone so I had tonight planned out since Bella was always up for anything.

I heard Bella pulling up in that beat up old truck. I decided earlier to cook her some Mexican Chicken Nachos. So I was making the finishing touches to the meal when she walked in the front door.

"Wow! That smells fantastic!" she said and I watched her walk on in.

I gave her my devil grin "I hope you enjoy this Darling. I heard it was your favorite."

I could feel her calmed and relaxed for the first time in a couple of weeks. I threw in there "You seem in a good mood. Nice to see you smile again."

She walked around the bar "I do feel pretty good right now"

My eyes locked on her cute butt in her snug fitting jeans when she walked around the corner heading for a bar stool. I whispered "nice view."

She quickly turned asking me "do what? I didn't hear you?"

I laughed a little, "I just…umm. Saying nice to see you" in those jeans and that low cut tank top, damn girl. I couldn't stop my inside voice from talking to me about every feature of her hot toned sexy body. I could have went on and on and on, but I would get myself in trouble eventually. I chuckled to myself trying to block the thoughts of her. The main word is "trying."

I looked away to stop myself from thinking too much, but it wasn't helping. Yes my mind was now gutter bound. I licked my lips trying to do anything to take my mind to another time and place, it wasn't happening either. I got to get control of myself, this is my brother's girlfriend.

She began conversation about us playing truth or dare later. As long as she would do my dares. Dang, there goes my mind again. I finished up making a special plate for her with all the right touches and I took a few steps laying it in front of her on the counter, "for my lady" I smiled locking eyes with her.

Bella reached over and touched his arm "thanks Jaz. This is really sweet of you. Edward's never done this before."

I could sense fear when she said his name then went straight to strong arousal emotions when I just now hugged her. Crap, it's going to be a long night for me.

Bella's POV

I began eating what Jasper had fixed me "wow! Jasper this is terrific! I haven't anything this good in a very long time." Edward wouldn't allow me to go out to eat really good food. We started off so good, then he became this control freak. I really enjoyed hanging out with Jasper. I think that little evil grin he has is just so sexy. Okay Bella, stop thinking about him. I looked over at him to see if he just picked up on me.

He was right looking at me so I quickly looked down at the plate and took another bite. He was so sweet and I hate to admit it because of Edward, but I have always been super attracted to Jasper. It's a good thing Edward can't read my mind. Jasper can so easy to pick up every emotion I have, butterflies just now filled my stomach again, oh great. I had to change the subject in my head "so Jaz, what are we going to do tonight?"

He shrugged, "I was thinking you and I could watch a couple of movies I rented today." I quickly looked at my watch to see it was 7pm already. "what times does Carlisle get off work?"

Carlisle's POV:

"Right now." I walked in hearing her ask about me. "did you miss me Bella?"

She nodded "of course Carlisle. It's boring without you."

I got a whiff of the food, "that smells good. You know he learn to cook from the best." I laughed joking with Jasper.

Bella surprised me when she said "how do you know I didn't cook that?"

Jasper chuckled, "because you would have already called Carlisle because you cut yourself with a knife."

I couldn't help but laugh at that "that is so true Bella."

Little she-devil point her fork at Jasper "I'll get you for that remark."

I shook my head, "well you two enjoy tonight. I'm heading to join the others. See you tomorrow afternoon."

Jasper's POV:

"Bye!" We watched him leave. I turned my attention back to Bella, "I went and rented the scariest movie ever. You up to watching it late tonight?"

She shrugged her shoulders "I guess I could keep you company since you get scared so easily."

"Bella, that's two now. I have now two times to get you back."

She got up and cleaned her plate in the sink, "this was really good Jasper. Thank you."

Oh no she walking towards me, walked over and hugged me smelling like a sweet fresh cocktail. Her emotions hitting me like a brick wall. I smiled and pulled back, "let's see what's on tv."

She smiled and turned walking off towards the living room, that's when I noticed it. I got closer staring at the back of her arms. Fingers print bruises clear as day.

"Bella? What happened to your arms?"

She stopped walking staring at the ground, "Jasper. You see nothing."

I made my way in front of her, lifting her head with my finger, "Bella. Someone hurt you and I need you to trust me. Talk Bella."

Her eyes was glazing up with tears but she wasn't talking yet. "Look it's just us here. You can tell me anything. Please." Her eyes wondered from mine, which now I knew it had to have been him, Edward, my brother.