Emmett grabbed Edward slinging him into a tree "that's for Bella."

I was at this throat before Carlisle could stop me "Alright. Let's stop this fighting! I'll just kill you!"

Carlisle got to me pulling me from Edward, "look. Edward you know you can't be here anymore. You need to leave right now."

Edward shook his head, "not without Bella."

I yelled, "she is mine! I love her, not you."

Emmett stepped between Carlisle and Edward "look dude. Just leave. We all know Jasper can beat you in a second. You won't get Bella and your not welcome anymore."

Edward fell back in pain. We were all shocked. What was going on. He cringed now doubling over in pain.

"I always knew you had a temper Edward Cullen. I came looking for you. There's some business the Volturi needs to discuss with you. I'm here to take you back." a female voice spoke. We turned seeing Jane.

Carlisle walking towards her to greet her as I kept my eyes on Edward, "Jane, nice to see you." He paused now standing beside her, "we are having a little problem with Edward at the moment. He has been keeping Bella from her mate Jasper. No one knew until tonight when Jasper saw all the bruises on her body. She loves Jasper, not Edward."

She nodded, "the Volturi has some issues with other things he has been doing behind your backs. This will add up there to be discussed first." her eyes trailed from Carlisle to me then said to me, "she is your mate." Her eyes went back to Edward, "you on the other hand have a meeting with Aro and Marcus for this so I'm taking you back now."

Edward shook his head wincing from the pain she was causing him, "I don't think so Jane" she made him fall to the ground in pain "I do think so, just lay there and wait for me. I want to check on Bella." she turned heading for the house so I went with her.

Back in the room, Rosalie, Alice and Esme were softly talking. I knocked on the door "ladies can we come in?" Rosalie opened the door, they saw Jane walk in with me. I walked around the side of the bed and leaned over Bella, she was still sound sleeping, good thing because this is something she didn't need to see tonight" kissing her cheek then leaned back up.

Jane spoke to the ladies a moment then walked over to the bed, "she is sleeping through all of this?"

I nodded, "she hasn't got to sleep in a few days and Carlisle gave her a little something to help her. I think it really knocked her out."

Jane nodded, "well, I'm glad she is okay. I'll take Edward back. He has some other explaining to do and I will also be telling the Voltri what has happened tonight." She sent a smile, "the Cullens are certainly a family who the Voltri highly respects. We will come visit in a few months to see how things are going." She winked then turned dismissing herself from the ladies.

Alice walked over and hugged me, "she will be just fine." Rosalie and Esme joined in too. Esme smiled "well. I hate all of this had to happened tonight, but I'm glad the truth is reveled and nothing worse has happened. Plus you got the girl."

Alice beamed in, "let's all get going. I hear Carlisle and Emmett coming in the front door now. Let's leave Jasper and Bella." In a blink the ladies were gone.

I wanted to get in with her, my eyes looking at my dirty clothes from fighting with Edward, I quickly ran to my room grabbed clothes then went and showered in the bathroom in the room Bella was in.

Later I came out without his shirt and a pair of soft cotton shorts on pulled the cover back and got in wrapping her in my arms. She actually moved snuggling tightly but still sleeping and it felt so good.


The next morning Bella woke up. She felt herself snuggled into Jasper and wondered how he snuck in the bed without her knowing it. "Jasper." her voice was soft and raspy.

He smiled, "Darling. You got some good sleep last night." She kissed his stomach totally forgetting what had happened before she went to sleep. He pulled her back and his lips took hers pushing her back into the bed, his body now hovering over hers kissing from her mouth and to her neck "Jasper" she whispered her arousal emotions in overload taking him to a new level "Bella let me please."

His mouth making it's way down her neck and top on of her skimpy cotton cami top. He lifted her top placing his mouth on the flesh of her stomach where bruises were. She whimpered a little, he pulled back "Oh God Bella. I'm sorry."

He pulled her against him and then it hit her what had happened that night. "Jasper I fell a sleep…. Carlisle?"

Jasper nodded, "he's downstairs. I got Alice to come back, Edward showed up, tables were broking, the rest of the family came in, walls dented, paint chipped, us guys took Edward out while the ladies came in here to keep you safe then Jane appeared coming for Edward for others reasons and she found out what happened tonight so she made him leave with her."

Bella's eyes were wide "and I slept through that?"

Jasper chuckled, "yes you did. Carlisle must have given you something real good to make you sleep."

She smiled "it must have been. I didn't even had any nightmares like I normal do."

He kissed her cheek, "well Darlin, now I have you all to myself."

She giggled softly. "I want to go talk to everyone."

Jasper nodded, "they are downstairs. Go ahead and dress. I'll go tell them." He kissed her once more then he in vampire speed he was out of the room and down stairs.

Bella dressed and opened the bedroom door heading to meet with the family. She was wearing a purple spaghetti strap top showing off the bruises on her arms and shoulders, then a pair of jean shorts with no shoes. She slowly made her way down the stairs, Alice met her at the bottom. Everyone turned watching, noticing what Edward had done to her. Rosalie shook her head at the thought that he did that to her and she was glad he was gone.

"Hey" Bella said softly to Alice. Alice hugged her softly.

Esme stood from where she sat by Carlisle "Bella. We are all so sorry for this. We didn't know what has going on. Please forgive us."

Bella walked up beside Jasper placing a arm around his waist "it's okay. He wouldn't let me say a word. I'm glad it's over with it. I'm sorry for ruining tonight."

Jasper's eyes looking at her bare skin "you didn't ruin anything darling, it's for the best."

Carlisle asked, "so how was your sleep?" Bella giggled, "your light pills knocked me for a loop. I've never taken anything like that before."

He laughed, "well it wasn't really a light sleeping pill. I knew you needed rest more than anything. We wasn't going to let anything happen to you Bells."

Bella nodded, "I see that. Jasper told me what all happened and I can't believe I slept through all of that." She bit her lip. Jasper looked at the rest of the family.

Emmett walked over to her, "let me hug my sister."

Jasper pulled away letting Bella hug Emmett "don't squeeze me hard Em"

He nodded with a huge smile, "I promise. I am just glad you are okay." They hugged, Rosalie joined in, then Esme, then Alice, Carlisle and Jasper. All in one huge group hug.

Emmett chuckled being in the middle "I knew you all loved me."

Bella laughed, "you big goof." Carlisle broke off first, 'alright gang, let's go hunting and leave Jaz and Bella alone for a while. I'm sure they have a lot to discuss without us listening in." He winked at Bella.

She giggled, "first I eat before any more talking. I'm starving."

Rosalie took her arm, "I'll cook it."

Everyone headed to the kitchen, "GUYS! I can do it. You don't have to wait on me."

Esme smiled, "sorry sweetie, we feel horrible about what happened and we want to help until those (her finger pointing to the bruises) are gone.

Carlisle grabbed eggs, milk and bacon from the fridge. Rosalie got the pans out on the stove. Emmett was grabbed bread to make toast. Esme took the food from Carlisle and began getting it ready to cook. Alice pulling a plate and glass from the cabinet.

Jasper walked Bella to the bar stool and sat with her, "I supervise. You guys doing a great job, keep it up."

Bella nudged him with her elbow "Jaz!" He laughed. Rosalie giggled "yeah Jaz. Your doing such a great job sitting there running your mouth." Emmett joined in and now they all were laughing enjoying each others company as they cooked.

Later they left, leaving them alone. "I love you Jasper." She put her arms around his neck.

He smiled, "my Bella, my love, my Darlin. I love you very much! I want you to marry me. I know this is soon. I don't have the perfect ring yet, but I promise you I will have one on your finger soon." He kissed her.

She pulled back, "Forever" he grinned and kissed her again "forever my Bella." Her hands ran through his hair pulling him against her body "then, make love to me." With that he had quickly picked her up and ran from the kitchen to the bedroom laying her down.