A/N: Part two. Little warning for you younglings; this gets a little bit messy, dirty, kinky - pft, whatever. You'll probably be able to guess when it starts, so just stop reading. But, honestly, I don't think any of you will anyway. ;)

Sakura didn't see Itachi for over a month. In fact, she saw hardly anyone within that time, having taken a month's leave from the hospital.

She had begun self-rehabilitation. After being so easily analysed by someone she was so distant from, she had decided to try and see if it were possible to return to the way she had been. The way people expected Sakura Haruno to act. Slowly, as she began to regain her eating ability, regain her curves, regain her personality, she started to look back on herself. Had she been like that? Had she been stoic for all those years? Had she self-pitied herself for that long?

Tsunade had been right. She had needed to look around and see that she was not the only shinobi suffering. Kakashi had a story behind his Sharingan that had brought her tears all those years ago; Sasuke had lost his father in a major battle of the clans, shortly after finding out his mother was pregnant; Naruto had been alone, shunned and pushed because of the nine-tailed fox and had no parents, no clan. Just like her.

She hadn't seen it before. So wrapped up and caught in self-misery. Pathetic.

She inhaled the breezy, cool air in her newly-painted white-walled flat and then let out a deep breath, looking at herself in the mirror. She was confident that she was back to her normal self – if anything she actually seemed to be even slightly more radiant then she had been before. She still trained, albeit a little less and spent more nights sleeping, instead of outstretching her muscle compatibility to the point where she felt like they would tear to shreds. Her lank, dull pink strands now bounced and seemed to shine in the light, her pale, ashen face had colour to it, looking more fresh and alive then it had before. But her eyes stood out more. There was no longer the ghost of her past hiding behind it, threatening to bring her down, to cut her out. She was one.

She smiled at herself, deeply. It wasn't an 'I've-gotten-hot' smile. It was an 'I-actually-believe-in-myself' type of smile.

Soft rapping on her front door caused her to snap out of her momentary lapse in reality and she headed over to it, opening it with bountiful energy. Naruto's mouth dropped open, observing her current outfit and fresh, new look.

"Wow, Sakura. You really did it." For once, he didn't throw her a cheeky, happy grin, or a careless, perverted smile. He threw an arm over her neck and tugged her into him, hugging her tightly to his chest. Sakura felt her eyes welling with tears that she knew wouldn't fall and she delicately rested a hand above his waist.

"Welcome back, Sakura," he whispered, finally allowing a smile to outstretch over his fazed face. Sakura tugged away and smiled weakly back at him, tucking her hair behind her ear and sniffing loudly. She slapped him on the arm.

"Hey, anymore unexpected contact from you and I'll pound you into the ground," her threat was completely forceless and weak and clearly had no impact, thanks to the smile that refused to leave her face. She felt good. She felt like herself again.

Naruto grinned and tucked his hands behind his head as they walked along, loving the attention they received from passing shinobi that nudged each other, not bothering to hide the fact they were talking about Sakura. Sakura Haruno was better. Stronger.

She felt a blush rise to her cheeks – something she didn't even know she was capable of doing – and grasped Naruto's arm, dragging him along faster. He let out a laugh and allowed himself to be pulled by the fiery pink-haired kunoichi.

"Hey, Sakura, don't you want people to stare?"

She felt herself smiling as they passed a nearby group of people, who halted in their bustling conversation to watch intently as the two shinobi passed them, creating more of a scene then they had been previously.

They were quick to arrive at the Uchiha compound. This was it.

Sakura let out a deep breath she was holding and settled the determined frown back onto her face. The frown that, now, when etched into her brow, looked like she was on a mission and not in pain. Like she could conquer the world. She released Naruto and consciously brushed down her outfit. The outfit that she, from now on in, intended to wear.

"Mikoto's feast awaits!" Naruto snickered to himself and bounded up the stairs to the Uchiha main house, banging on the door loudly. Sasuke opened it, frowning in disapproval at Naruto, who shoved past him without even greeting him. Sakura slowly walked up the steps, feeling small and awkward when Sasuke finally stopped glaring at Naruto's back and moved his eyes back around to her. Sakura, who he had been the last person he expected to see.

"Sakura," he actually said it in a tone that showed he was surprised – rare, for a Uchiha – and she smiled brightly up at him, quickening her short, erratic footsteps to enter the house without a word. Sasuke closed the door and stood, on his own, in the hallway for a short moment, tuning out from the bustling in the kitchen. She had looked so healthy, so bright... and was wearing something undeniably familiar.

Sakura walked around the dining table, this time able to fully appreciate the feast stretched in front of her. During her rehabilitation, it had taken a lot of willpower not to come to Mikoto's feast, in fear that she would lose control. Or that she would bump into him.

But now, she felt confident and grinned at Sasuke's mother, scratching the back of her head in a way that mirrored Naruto's regular movements.

"Wow, Mikoto, you've really outdone yourself this time."

Mikoto sat at the table, looking up at Sakura with hidden, sucked-in tears. She was back. Sakura Haruno was back and she looked stronger than ever.

As Sasuke and Naruto engaged into one of their usual spats, Sakura did nothing to stop them. But this time, she stared at them with love, a gleam behind those turquoise, bright eyes. Mikoto, while subconsciously rubbing at her pregnant stomach, smiled. Sakura Haruno was back and not only had she gotten stronger, but also softer.

As they all began to devour their meals, Naruto still sending rude, unimportant comments to Sasuke, the door opened. It was almost exactly like a month ago.

"Brother." Sasuke greeted, kicking Naruto under the table to make him swallow his food before greeting Itachi. Naruto grinned with a mouthful of food.

"Yo, Uchiha."

Then, slowly, gradually, Itachi turned to stare at the rare, unusual presence of Sakura Haruno. The dull, half-dead pink-haired girl. She carefully put down her chopsticks and rice bowl, and then settled her elbow on the table. She rested the back of her head on it and turned as leisurely as she could to stare at the one person whom had forced her into her cure. Pallid eyes remained blank, but inside Itachi Uchiha, something stirred.

She was definitely no longer half-dead. Definitely no longer dull. Everything about her face, her eyes, her hair, her mouth, her expression... it showed change. She was alive again. And, as his eyes subconsciously ran over her appearance, he thought something that he had never, ever been forced to state an opinion on before.

She was beautiful.

And in a near-identical outfit to his.

A short-sleeved, woollen, dark blue top fit to her curves, the large collar framed and hid her slender neck and the mid-thigh length white shorts contrasting with her skin. On top of that, she wore her tall, black boots and dark fingerless gloves. The similarity was there, and only noticed by Mikoto and Sasuke the moment Itachi had entered. Naruto hesitated in lifting a small blob of rice to his lips and looked inquisitively at Sasuke and his mother, wondering why it was they looked so amused, yet worried.

Sakura tilted her head and smiled sarcastically at Itachi. "Hello."

He was keeping a schooled expression, as per usual, but she had noticed his slight wavering of movement, the rigidness of his shoulders, the stiffness of his legs. He walked towards her, pulling out the chair from beside her and settling himself comfortably into it. She didn't miss the fact he pushed it closer to hers.

She picked up her chopsticks with her sturdy hand and mixed around the rice in her bowl, taking a mouthful and waiting. Just waiting.

A soft, warm breath tickled her earlobe.

"What are you playing at?" Itachi's deep, smooth voice didn't just travel into her brain, where it was sending the signals of sound. It travelled down her entire body, immediately blasting her senses into unnecessary overdrive. She cleared her throat and took another mouthful of damp, delicious rice.

"I don't know what you're talking abou-"

She was cut off by her own hiccup of shock and slapped a hand to her mouth in an attempt to hide it. He hadn't just... he didn't...

"Don't play stupid, Haruno. While I am happy you are no longer wallowing in self-pity, I would very much appreciate it if you didn't involve me in your little comeback." Itachi pulled away from her, picking his small, white bowl and filling it with food from the table. Sakura was still slightly trembling and hated herself for it. Had the old, old Sakura ever let someone get away with...

She ate as fast as she could, even shocking Naruto with her sudden outburst of desire for food. After Itachi rose to his feet, ready to depart back to his bedroom, she grabbed his arm and slammed her bowl onto the table, throwing her chopsticks that had been in the same hand, into it with a clang. The stoic man turned to lazily gaze at her. She stood to her feet quickly, pushing the chair back with immense force and ignoring the alarmed gazes from around the table. She pulled on his wrist tighter, ignoring the distracting skin-on-skin contact.

"Fight me." She ordered more than suggested, her voice slightly shaky, but more out of controlled anger and willpower than nervousness. Itachi straightened up and took one, slow step backwards before turning around to face her completely. He scanned her expression. Sakura watched him, refusing to break eye contact with the passive, unwavering Uchiha. She would show him.

One side of his lip quirked upwards into a humourless, smirk and he tilted his head sideways.

"What would I benefit from it?"

Another chair from the other side of the table scraped hard along the wooden floor.


"Sasuke, sit down."

Sakura sent a cautious gaze over the members of the table, and then let out a deep breath through her nose. She stalked past Itachi, still grasping his wrist like a vice, leaving the building with him behind her.

He pulled his wrist free of her grip the moment they had left the door, his expression no longer amused. Sakura let the wind blow her free, wild bangs around and then placed both hands on her hips, glaring at him like he was a mortal enemy.

"What do you benefit from it? Well, I won't tear your head off for groping me under the table." She gritted her teeth and let out an angry breath through her nostrils. The Uchiha stood in front of her, as blank as a canvas. Nothing crossed over his face.

"It's immature to over exaggerate. I was simply attempting to remind you of what had made me so displeased-"

"BY TOUCHING MY LEG. YEAH, BECAUSE-" She cut herself off as Itachi began to walk towards her quickly, almost as if he was about to kill any enemy. She stumbled backwards as Itachi's arms outstretched past either side of her head. Hard wall pressed against Sakura's back and body warmth encased her front. His hands pressed into the wall. Itachi was close. Too close.

His foot moved so it was in between her long, thin legs and with it, he levered her up, making her eyes widen in surprise. She was unable to say anything. His knee in such an unmentionable place...

Every time she tried to open her mouth, no words came out. Just empty air. Itachi bent down, pressing himself in further. The two of them were hidden in the little open porch that sat outside the Uchiha residence, so all it would take was one passing person to curiously look up and see her between a wall and Itachi.

She was not happy.

"GET OFF-" A hand clamped over her mouth.

"Must you always speak so loudly? You are not a child." She felt rather than heard Itachi's voice as it rumbled through his chest onto hers. Heat flushed to her pale pink cheeks and she slowly raised her own hands up between them to gain a little distance.

"Must you always get so close?" She replied, a mocking tone in her voice. Itachi was far back enough for her to see his face. His flawless, smooth, pale, perfect face.

Her inner self – having returned shortly after her rehabilitation – began to rant about how her current situation was what she had been missing out on for all the past years she had been hidden. Eye candy. Attractive men. Sakura shook her head and swallowed an imaginary lump that had appeared in her throat. Itachi Uchiha was not attractive.

One corner of his lips turned upwards into a half-smile. God, did he have to smile like that when he was within such a close proximity?

"If getting close to you will halt your immature attempts to irritate me, then I will get as close as I like."

Sakura ignored the thrill and non-existent undertone to Itachi's voice and firmly stopped her lips from wobbling, readjusting her position with difficulty when the Uchiha dropped onto his left forearm against the wall and placed his right hand by her waist. She pushed herself as far back into the wall as she could, hoping that somehow her chakra would allow her to become one with it.

"I-I wasn't trying to irritate you," she cursed mentally at the stammer in her voice, the blush on cheeks, the warmth on her neck and the direction her eyes were travelling. Soft, thin, enticing lips that twitched upwards into a flicker of a smile before it was gone again. His silence obviously indicated her to continue. "You got me out of my half-dead state. Wearing these clothes make me feel brave."

He obviously hadn't been expecting that. Although his face didn't register surprise, he stiffened and brought his gray eyes away from her neck to look at her eyes. The green orbs resembled a rabbits in headlights, yet at the same time there was a kind of warmth in them that made him want to get closer.

He was pushing it too far. Why had he been so obliged to act out of character in an attempt to come into contact with that skin that had gone from pasty to smooth? Why had he wanted to rile up the girl in front of him, who was no more than a stranger to him?

He'd helped her without even meaning to. He'd brought this cold, lifeless girl back to reality and now she was in front of him, extremely close.

His left forearm still rested above her head and his right fingers brushed against the bricks on the other side of her waist, still firmly trapping her in.

Sakura's trembling lips parted as she stared down at Itachi's thin, inviting ones, as though she was trying to catch them in the air. Her eyelids were lowered and she felt the battle between her heart and mind going on loudly inside her. Her heart said back away – that she could get hurt. Her mind said 'FUCK IT, KISS THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT HIM, IT'S NOT LIKE IT'S GONNA KILL YOU.' It had helped her to realise that her inner self resided inside her troubled mind and was definitely not helping with the situation. The mental image of her inner slamming onto a part of her brain that said 'pleasure' meant that currently, her mind was overruling her heart.

Their breaths mingled in the air, creating an air of warmth into the slightly chilly spring air. All it would take was one perilous movement of her head and their lips – which had seemed so far apart, yet were now so close – would brush against each other. Sakura's trembling hand that was flattened against the cool brick slowly began to move forwards subconsciously, reaching out for Itachi's t-shirt to tug him closer.

Suddenly, cold air hit her hard and she almost stumbled when she found her legs were her own again. Her hands were flattened against the wall again, her chest heaving up and down in an attempt to gulp in the oxygen she had lost. She stared at Itachi's back – which he had turned on her – in slight fear and confusion. He looked over his shoulder, his black, dark eyes not daring to look at her face.

Without a word, he stormed back into the residence, leaving her dazzled. Although on the surface, she appeared to look like an innocent girl whose bunny had just been taken away, deep down an anger was surfacing. An anger like she had never felt before.

She was going to kill him.

Itachi stalked past the kitchen, ignoring the questioning glances from his mother and Sasuke, who had obviously been awaiting his return. Instead, he grasped the wooden banister and launched himself up the stairs, entering his room and slamming the door behind him like an angry teenager.

He'd almost lost control. He couldn't – he wouldn't – ever let his mask drop in front of anyone. Since he was a teenager, he had told himself that women would not be allowed. Not when he was still at major risk of leaving them, deserted and alone.

He didn't realise he had been standing in the middle of the room, tense and livid. Suddenly, he stormed over to his desk chair and picked it up, launching it at his wall and watching it scatter around him. He slumped onto the edge of his bed and rested his elbows on his opened knees, his head falling into his hands. He noticed then that he saw his clothing. Blue top, white shorts, bandage around the thigh. Damn it.

He didn't know Sakura. She was his brothers younger teammate who had previously undergone major changes and become a beautiful girl. That was no concern to him.

Or was it? He had left ANBU for a reason, hadn't he? After his father's death, there was nothing holding him back. Nothing stopping him from doing as his father had done – having a family and raising them to be exceptional shinobi.

Itachi straightened up, his arms falling in between his thighs. Was he really thinking of starting a family? Him? Itachi Uchiha? Prodigy of the Uchiha clan? Killing machine?

Was he really thinking of the combination of children with black hair and dangerously familiar green eyes?

Sakura walked back into the bustling kitchen, noticing with relief that Itachi wasn't there. If he had been, it would have meant more mess for Mikoto to clear up.

She pulled back her chair and roughly sat in it, one elbow resting on the back of it and the other shoved into her white, short pockets. She glared at the wooden flooring beneath her, as though doing so would bring Itachi's death closer.

It was then she realised the table was quiet.

She looked up suddenly, noticing that Sasuke, Naruto and Mikoto were watching her with patient eyes. However, the moment she looked up, they all began to eat their food again, as though her entering had not affected them in any way.

Sighing, she pushed her chair back and stood up, bowing casually to Mikoto.

"I'll be going. Thanks for the meal."

And she left quickly, fists clenched in determination and face frozen with a light frown. But anyone who looked into her emerald eyes would notice that she was not happy. Not happy at all.

After she closed the front door to the Uchiha's residence, instead of heading back to her flat, she took a different route. She walked around the outside of the house, the loud crunch of her boots on the dry dirt the only sound she could hear. She reached the place she wanted to be.

As to not alert attention, she picked up a few stones from the dirt and threw them at Itachi's window. She waited. Nothing. Her eyebrow twitched in annoyance and she looked around cautiously, waiting for two people to stroll by before swinging out a kunai and listening to the 'twang' as it bounded off of the pane of glass. Nothing again.

She let out a sigh. It was either jump up onto the rooftop and tap hard on the window with her own hand, risking seeing something she didn't want to see, or continue throwing stones and kunai. With her short-temper, neither option seemed a good idea.

She picked up a stone and threw it at his window. She was sure he would have heard it. She looked around conspicuously, seeing that one person had stopped to stare. Oh well. Let them stare. She'd had enough of him pretending to not hear her.

"ITACHI. OPEN THIS DAMN WINDOW." She glared up at it angrily, maybe thinking that her green eyes would make him magically appear. She didn't care if Sasuke, Naruto and Mikoto heard. No doubt they would have guessed she was angry because of him anyway.

Another couple stopped to stare. She let out an angry huff.

"ITACHI." She used his name one last time with an edge of warning to her voice, before caving in. With skill and confidence, she jumped from wall to wall before settling easily onto the black-tiled, slanted roof that was below Itachi's window. It was open a crack, so she opened it and leapt in niftily.

Itachi's back was to her – just like it had been moments ago – and a deadly aura came from him. She folded her arms defiantly across her chest and parted her legs, as though implanting herself into the room with no intent to leave.

"I wanted to fight, not get sexually harassed." Her sentence started out strong-willed, like an enemy challenging a foe. But as it headed towards the end, her mind began to get bombarded with images. His fingers brushing against her thigh; his face close to hers; his eyes looking into hers so vulnerably... She pulled at the collar of the blue, Uchiha-like top she was wearing, wondering just when it was she got so warm.

"Get out." Itachi ordered her coldly, not even bothering to turn around to acknowledge her. Sakura's mouth fell open and she resisted the urge to snort in disbelief. He was being rude to her now? She took a few steps away from the glass window and kicked it shut with her foot, approaching the Uchiha slowly.

"I just want one fight with you. The other one ended badly and it's been a long time since I've sparred with anyone who wants to go all out." Her voice was firm. She wasn't leaving.

Itachi inclined his head ever so slightly over his small shoulder, his dark hair shadowing his beautiful eyes. "I said get out."

His voice was deadly, chilling and... alluring. She swallowed and bit on her lip, feeling herself not only wanting to get away from him, but also wanting to get closer. As close as they were before...

She shook her head quickly, her pink hair slapping her warm face. No, no, no, no, no. She hardly knew Itachi. What kind of person was she to want to get so close to him? She'd just spar with him, then leave him be. She was fed up of his immature behaviour, his indecisiveness, his refusal. She unfolded her arms and began to storm towards him with every intention of starting a fight in his bedroom.

"Fight me. Stop being so ignorant and-" Itachi turned suddenly and grasped both her wrists firmly in his warm, hot hands, turning her with impressive speed and slamming her into the wall. At the same time, he crushed his lips down onto hers, enveloping them in silky, smooth heaven.

Sakura immediately felt herself heat up, her eyes wide with surprise as Itachi outstretched her arms either side of her, pinning her wrists to the wall. She struggled for about five seconds, before finally giving in, allowing herself to be dragged into a passionate, unforgettable kiss.

Itachi pulled apart moments later, leaving the smallest of gaps between their faces. Their ragged breaths were the only sound in the room.

"I told you to get out." He still sounded angry, but his dark, exposed orbs were focused on her bruised, tender lips. Sakura's were on his.

"I wanted to fight," she replied with a hoarse, husky tone. Itachi's breath was currently dancing around her lips like sleek velvet. The corner of his lips twitched in a humourless reply.

"Past tense?" He enquired, leaning in as though he was about to kiss her again. He stopped himself, a frown as though in pain spreading across his face. He couldn't do it again.

"Itachi, we're heading to Shisui's! Don't break any furniture while we're gone!" Mikoto's voice echoed up the stairs, momentarily breaking the intense moment between the two shinobi. Sakura didn't even bother laughing at her humorous comment, just began to get slightly afraid. She was alone in the house with Itachi, who obviously didn't want to fight.

He tore his intense gaze away from her lips and stared at the floor, loosening his grip in her sore wrists that were outstretched either side of her. He didn't let them go, however.

"This is wrong."

Although Sakura's senses and emotions were very much confused, she still felt a pang of anger at his comment. She was frowning now too, her pale forehead carved in anger.

"No. That was wrong. Once you've stepped over the line, there's no going back." She tilted her head downwards to attempt to catch his gaze. His deep, black eyes looked upwards at her. She finally tore her wrists away from Itachi's grasp, ignoring their soreness, and wrapped them around his neck and into his silken hair; pressing her mouth to his like they had moments ago. She didn't even feel a moment of restraint as he kissed back just as fervently, like he was hungry for her.

He turned so the backs of her knees hit the edge of his quilted bed, allowing her to drop onto the soft blankets. Not once did they stop their ministrations and he clambered on top of her, wrapping a pale arm slowly around her waist and lifting her further up the bed.

Sakura's mind was a constant fuzz, no longer allowing her inner or any rational thoughts to escape. She was on Itachi's bed, being kissed by Itachi and-

"Oh, God." She said breathlessly after Itachi broke the kiss. He had moved to her neck without her knowing, focusing on one point where her pulse was beating erratically. Once there, he had placed his lips over it and sucked hard. She felt dancing fingers brushing over her Uchiha shirt before being pulled upwards. Sakura was having difficulty telling where she began and Itachi ended, her mind so focused on his hot lips on her neck, yet distracting by his moving fingers. He brushed the underside of her bra and that was when he snapped back to reality.

He stiffened above her and drew himself away. Looking underneath him, he saw Sakura's flushed face, a newly developing love bite and her flat, toned, perfect stomach revealed to him. What was he doing?

Sakura noticed he had stopped and her slightly lust-filled gaze glared at him in frustration. Letting out a mental growl of anger, she let her primal instincts – otherwise known as her inner – take over. She raised herself onto her knees, Itachi following suite until they were both on their knees, staring at each other as though having an unheard conversation. She swooped in close, as though about to kiss him once again, before drawing out and taking the top she was wearing off with one, clean sweep.

Itachi's eyes were instantly distracted, his hormonal side overriding his sense. A clean, fresh, white bra held up perfectly round breasts that looked so... beautiful. Heat rushed to his face, his neck, his stomach – everywhere. Sakura attentively moved her own hands to the bottom of Itachi's similar shirt, hoping that he wouldn't notice when she removed it. She wanted to see what he looked like.

When she lifted it from him, it was as though he didn't even realise it had been discarded.

He'd had enough.

His lips slammed hard into hers again and she tumbled backwards onto the bed, returning his passion equally. The bra came off and, without even bothering to admire her immense beauty, he attached silky lips to her pink, pert bud. She arched and let out a strangled breath, like she was being choked with the pleasure. Her spidery fingers wrapped themselves into his dark hair.

Itachi placed a warm hand onto the side of her ribs, gliding his fingers up her stomach until they reached her other nipple. He closed his thumb and index finger over it. Sakura's eyes tightly closed and she let out a breathless gasp, confused yet so filled with lust. She couldn't understand what she was feeling, so hot yet so cold and an aching pain in her gut. An aching pleasurable pain.

Itachi lifted her up off of the bed so they were sitting up, her straddling his waist and her arms around his neck. Her eyes snapped open when something hard came into contact with the place that was aching so badly. She brought her eyes down to stare at him in shock. He was...

His eyes were dark and tantalising, filled with sparkling lust. He placed a kiss to her collarbone, nuzzling it with his smooth nose shortly afterwards.

"You see what you did?" He whispered, his lips brushing against her pale skin. She readjusted herself on his waist, wanting to feel the incredible pleasure she had felt moments ago. Whiteness blinded her vision as Itachi thrust his hips upwards into her covered core. Her forehead collided with his and they both sat there for a moment, their eyes shut while they revelled in the clothed contact.

"Itachi..." She whispered, so immensely dazzled that she was unsure whether she had said it in her mind, or through her lips. There was no reply, but she felt his hands brushing against the rims of her shorts. They jumped all the way along until they reached the back of them, where she felt them tighten for a second.

A rip echoed around the room and her eyes snapped open. She lifted her hot forehead off of Itachi's and stared at the slight twitch his lips did. Her eyes travelled down between them. She was no longer wearing her white shorts, meaning her fresh, white underwear was now on show. Her cheeks turned crimson and she snapped her head up to glare at the Uchiha in front of her.

"What the-" Her eyes widened and her jaw snapped shut, like she had seen a ghost. His fingers were close. They were so close to the pleasurable ache. Her wide eyes moved down to Itachi, who threw her one smirk before leaning in to the same pulse spot her had been attacking moments ago. The same moment his lips came into contact with it, his fingers pressed hard into her covered dampness. Sakura's head fell forwards onto his shoulder, where she let out what seemed like a small cough, but was really a loud groan, bit back to keep herself quiet.

His fingers continued to brush along the fabric, teasing, pleasuring her. She found her hips moving on their own accord into them and she let out another strangled groan into Itachi's ear.

"I-Itachi... what-"

A quiet rip was heard in the silence after she cut herself off. She didn't want to look down at herself. She knew, if she did, she would see Itachi's bare, beautiful chest pressed against hers and clothing, no longer on her. Itachi wrapped a hand around her back and slowly moved her so she was lying on his bed - her still in temporary shock that she was no longer clothed.

He pressed his lips to hers in a desperate manner and at the same time, his fingers moved along her wet, silky opening. Sakura's vision went black momentarily as she let out a guttural groan into Itachi's lips, feeling her hips arching into him.

She didn't think it were possible to feel such pleasure.

Itachi broke away and his hands tore themselves away from her throbbing, tender nether lips. Immediately, Sakura felt cold, empty and absolutely crazy. She struggled to get her breaths out at a normal rate.

"Itachi, I-I don't want you to-"

Hot hands pressed themselves into her bent thighs, pushing them slowly, slowly apart. Sakura noticed that Itachi was now moving slower down her body, brushing his intense, dark gaze among every feature of her beautiful body. Looking down at him like a child seeing Santa, her eyes widened when she noticed him stop above her opening. Her mouth opened in protest.

"Don't. Itachi, I'm serious, if you dare go anywhere..." She trailed off, his head having completely disappeared amongst her thighs. He wouldn't. He was just teasing her. That was what boys did, right? They teased the girl until she was so desperate, she wouldn't want to hold back.

She twitched when a chilly, yet warm breath blew over her dampness underneath her triangle of pink curls. He must be so close. So close to her...

"Stop it now. Don't. Get a- AH." Her breath caught in her throat, her heart stopped beating and a pleasure she didn't even know could exist sprang around her entire body, causing her arch and twitch. She waited for it to stop, but it didn't. She continued to twitch.

A warm, burning tongue was circling her aching opening, brushing against her throbbing nub. It was unbearable pleasure.

"I-Itachi," one hand entwined into his hair, pressing his lips and tongue closer to her. It was so intense, so- She let out a scream when he sucked hard on her clit, at the same time as pushing a finger inside her. It was getting to be too much. There was a spiral inside her, a coil, and she felt it slowly stretching out, slowly loosening.

His finger pumped in and out of her, his blistering lips, tongue and hot breath assaulting her parcel of bliss.

"A-ah. I-I-Itachi," she tried to warn him that she felt like she was about to explode. But the words wouldn't leave her lips. She just continued to squirm, continued to pant breathlessly, moan, groan. Too much. It was too much.

With one, heartfelt scream, her eyes slammed shut and her back arched, an excruciating pleasure tearing through every muscle and bone in her body. Slowly, she came back down to Earth, her breath gone and her heartbeat erratic. When her emerald eyes opened to reveal the real world again, she was looking into Itachi's eyes. Dark, grey orbs looked at her with so much lust, she felt herself feeling small, weak, vulnerable. What had she done?

She opened her mouth to say something, but instead of words, she let out a moan. Itachi had pressed hardness into her leaking core, brushing against the still-pulsing lips and aching bud. She had squeezed her eyes shut and she waited. And waited.

She felt Itachi move down so his lips were by her ear.

"I told you to get out," he repeated as though ordering her, but this time with more humour. She let out a breathless laugh and turned her head so she could bite his neck gently. He stiffened.

"Never," she whispered, her lips dragging the words on. Itachi moved his head to the left, so he could connect his eyes with hers. He leant forwards slowly and pressed a shockingly tender kiss to her lips. She was surprised. As he parted her lips gently with his own, her heart thumped. She was dizzy.

So much feeling. There was so much feeling, words, thoughts behind the gentle kiss she momentarily forgot the activities Itachi had just pulled on her. How was it possible for bland, passive Uchiha to be able to kiss with such... emotion.

Suddenly, pain coursed through her and she tore away from the kiss, letting out a gasp as her eyes began to sting with tears, as a gut reaction from the sting. Itachi resting his head against her shoulder, brow creased it what seemed to be pain, but was pleasurable restraint.

He knew this was her first time. As her arms wrapped around the back of his neck, tugging him closer to her shoulder and pressing her hot forehead into his sweaty neck, he had decided.

He would be her first, and her last.

He shuffled a little about while inside her, hoping it would make her get accustomed to him quicker. He felt her stiffen and her breath grow erratic.

"God," she choked out, her fingernails nicking into the back of his neck. Her chest was moving up and down so quick, he thought for a moment she was having a panic attack. Her breathlessness was explained when she whispered enticingly into his ear.

"M-move again. Please."

He did as she said, this time pulling out a little before gently, slowly easing himself back in. The tightness around him was incredible and it took a lot of control to hold himself back. He looked as though in pain, but really, he had never felt anything like it. She was beguiling in every way. Her scent, her reactions, her aggressiveness, her willpower. This was not the same girl he had sparred with those months ago.

At the sound of her loud, breathless groans, he pulled out and thrust back inside her harder, quicker. She let out a loud moan and pushed her hips into his, urging him to continue without words. He began to go slow, teasing her, then he let loose. He thrust in and out, hard and fast, sweat prickling on his back and his teeth grinding against each other. He pressed his hands into the cushions either side of Sakura's head and lifted his front off of her, so he could gaze down at her contorted face. Her arms were sprawled above her head and every time he thrust into her, her chin would rise into the air and her jaw would clench. She looked like an angel.

He slowed down, wanting to see her reaction. Her eyes snapped open and she noticed his black eyes filled with lust looking down at her. She breathed in the air like she was hungry for it. He smiled at her.

She stared up at him in confusion, her eyes wide and her lips bruised and parted, panting fast. His smile did nothing to help her breathlessness and aching for him to move. She bit her lip to stop herself snapping at him to continue moving.

Itachi, as slow as he could, pulled out of her nearly all the way. Her mouth opened into a silent 'o' and she arched, frowning hard. He pushed himself slowly back in, her tightness encasing him. Her breath was held, unable to escape – like the pleasure had stopped it – and then became unlocked when he was back inside her. She wanted more.

"More," she whispered, plunging her hips into his. He hissed, no longer able finding her pleasure amusing when a sharp pain of it span through his own body. He'd had enough of playing games.

He sat up on his knees, placing his hands on her thighs to part them. He looked down to where they were connected, amazed at the sight. Seeing himself covered in her juices and her red, swollen flower begging for more... he couldn't take it anymore.

He thrust into her, hitting a completely new spot thanks to the new position. Instead of just a breathless moan, Sakura screamed.

"AH, ITACHI." She yelled, squirming around beneath him. He gritted his teeth and continued to pummel into her, throwing his own head back and closing his eyes, only relishing in their connected body parts and the bliss he got. His spiral was slowly unfolding inside him and judging by Sakura's high pitched moans, she was nearing her edge. He'd make her never forget her first time.

He released one of her thighs, then began to massage her bundle of nerves with his thumb, moving his other hand to squeeze her nipple tightly.

"A-a-aah... I-Itachi... I-I.. I can't-" She cut herself off, feeling the coil inside her unwind and snap. She arched, feeling her entire body tremble and shake with the immense pleasure that ran through her, etching itself into her bones, making her head throb and sting with pressure.

Itachi let out a low, throaty growl and released himself inside her, remembering to throw himself to her side and pulling out afterwards, so he could lay beside her and catch his breath. A trickle of sweat tickled the side of his face.

It was a while before either of them spoke.

"Itachi," He heard Sakura whisper from beside him, not noticing that she had shuffled forwards so she was close and by his ear. He turned his face left and noticed that her pea green orbs were very close to his. She placed a hand on his arm and he felt a shiver of electricity travel through it.

"Can we spar tomorrow?"

Itachi stared at her in incredulity, then let out a low, quiet snort of laughter. He raised an arm and wrapped it around her neck, pulling her tightly into him. She stiffened in surprise beneath him.

He placed a hand underneath his head and looked up at the ceiling, his other arm still trapping Sakura who was half-sprawled across his chest.

"No, Sakura."

She snapped her head around to glare at him, but the moment her eyes examined his face, examined his smile, examined his emotion-filled eyes. She swallowed, her face turning into one of almost sadness.

She found her heart reaching out to him, wanting to entwine itself with him so that he could never leave her side.

Itachi Uchiha, the passive, renowned ANBU, was staring down at her. Itachi Uchiha, whom she had barely known a month, yet had planted himself into her mind like a incurable infection.

She was in his bed, completely naked.

She'd just had sex with him.

Sakura Haruno, renowned killer, known to be the most fearsome medic in Konoha, lying in bed with someone with as scary reputation as hers. It was almost funny.

She let out a light laugh, surprising the Uchiha. Then she smiled and rested her head onto his bare chest, brushing circles on his abs in fascination. Could anyone else's skin be smooth?

He was perfect. Perfect in every single little way.

Neither of them knew that the other had been in their sights – in their minds – until they had been pushed to limit, become too close, had too much contact. Both as stubborn as each other, feelings, love and infatuation had gone unnoticed. Their meaningless conversations had hidden messages, hidden feelings. She hadn't known that. And neither had he.

But, being in love could make you do stupid things, had made them do stupid things. Like having sex without noticing the window had flung open. Like letting all of Itachi's nearby neighbours hear their antics. Like not hearing Sasuke and Mikoto struggling to drag Naruto out of the house after returning and hearing clearly what Itachi and Sakura were up to.

When you're in love, you do stupid things. But if you're two, scary, threatening, lethal shinobi... well, 'stupid' might just be the last word you'll ever say.

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