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Ogre Battle Episode V: March of the Black Queen


So it is the tale of the Zenobian Revolution you seek, is it? A tale of warfare and judgement, of strife and valor? The tale of the hero who united the lands of the south against the evil Empire?

You have come to the wrong old man for such a story.

I jest, of course. Don't get antsy. Plunk your little urchin ass down and I'll tell you what you wish to know of the rebellion. Of course it is impossible to even start without first mentioning its star, the man whom all you young knights these days tell stories of to inspire yourselves through training or long marches. Destin of house Faroda, alias Destin of house Neb, alias Destin the Valiant, alias Destin the Destroyer. There are other names your idol went by as well, but they are not yet relevant and did not exist back in the beginning of those golden months when everything seemed perfect.

I've said too much already.

Forgive an old knight whose only comfort is the peals of the harpist upstairs. I do not seek pity, only state the plain fact that enough battle corrodes the souls and shatters the minds of those unprepared for it. The more of it one faces, the greater the chance of simply snapping or losing all desire to forge onwards. Gods know I've seen enough of my comrades in that state to know what I speak of. Ah, the Gods. The Twenty-Two. Was what we did their will after all, or merely a sideshow designed to make them laugh?

Starting again. Destin Faroda. The great hero of the rebellion, and the warrior who liberated a nation from a tyrannous foe. It sounds perfect on paper or in stories parents read to their children at night, and indeed the poor fool might well deserve praise for what we accomplished back then.

Yes, you all heard me right. I said 'Fool'. None of you ever knew that young firebrand in the years which made him a legend. I did. Yet... Well, perhaps I overreach myself. Simply bear in mind that history is always written by the victors and even then agreements among them are rare. Receive every word of my tale with a grain of salt, for the other survivors of the rebellion might deliver a completely different rendition. Few mortals can be absolutely sure if Destin- and the rebellion he led- were everything they were said to be, and when we are all buried in the earth, so will all reliable memory of it. So it is that I am willing to pass on these tales to you to the best of my diminished ability to recall.

Once upon a time, in the land called Zenobia, these things happened.

The Sage Rashidi, perhaps driven by madness, assassinated his former friend King Gran Zenobia, and joined with Empress Endora, the leader of the northern Highlands, to wage war on four kingdoms. The overpowering military of the Highland legions took but one year to subdue the whole continent and thus Zeteginean Empire was born.

The rule of the Empire was a regime of pure terror, and merciless persecution was directed against the loyal survivors of the old kingdoms and those who would escape tyranny. The hearts of the people were troubled by secrets and betrayals and much blood was spilt upon the land.

Here, on the frontiers of Sharom, the last survivors of the knights of Zenobia were planning the final challenge...

Cast of Characters

Destin Neb, Faroda, Rebel Leader

Captain Lans Hamilton

Warren, Sage of Moon

Governess Deneb Rhodes

Canopus Walf, Wind Rider

Yulia Walf

Governor Gilbert Oblion

Lyon, Beast Lord mercenary

Ashe, Former Zenobian Captain

Deva-General Kaus Debonair

Monk Aisha Forris

Priestess Norn Dias

Princess Rauny Vinzalf

Student Saradin Carm

Crown Prince Fichs Tristoram Zenobia

Angel Yushis

Emily Cashel, Cleric

Bors Figaro, Second-in-Command to Lans Hamilton

Selec Fubuki, Samurai mercenary leader

Liat Nisa, Second-in-Command to Selec Fubuki

Blaine Diwrnach, Doll Magi mercenary leader

Thomas Neralai, Knight

Bernard Rothchild, Knight

Governor Usar ap Ferghus

Student Kapella Radigan

Governor Sirius

Imperial Prince Gares Endora, Black Knight

Mer-Queen Porkyus

Deva-General Rowdain Figaro

Ares, Professional Assassin

Student Albeleo Kaisse

Baron Arwan Apros

Archangel Mizal

Necromancer Omicron

Galf, Archfiend

Gemini Twin Castor

Gemini Twin Polydeuces

High Shogun Prochon

Deva-General Cale Previa

Cardinal Genze Randals

Deva-General Tanaburs Luvalon

Overlord Hikash ap Vinzalf

Empress Valcemia Endora I, The Black Queen

Zenobian Hero Rashidi, Sage of Light

M: Well here we go with a novelization of one of my favorite games and what should be my best story ever- not to brag. Hope to see reviews at some point, just as I hope the cast of characters list isn't too overwhelming at first look. Additionally, I'm divided on whether to Rate this M or T given some of the situations that I have planned later on. I'll start with a T rating, but it may change depending on how things go.