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Being Sakura Haruno was one of the hardest things in life.

I was the youngest triplet. Not to mention being the only girl.

Sasori was born first. Then Gaara. Lastly me.

"Sakura, wake up, we're going to be late for school." Gaara moaned.

"Ugh... Go away..." I mumbled.

"If you dont wake up and get ready, I swear I'm going to get Sasori's puppets and place them in front of you at night, when you're asleep." He threatened.

"Waah!" I cried, as I shot up.

Ugh. School. We were all 16 and now attending Konoha High. We recently just moved here over the Summer, but I still miss all my friends back at Sand Village.

Konoha isn't bad, but I stayed indoors all summer, not bothering to make friends.

I quickly took a shower, got dressed and ate breakfast - all done withing 10 minutes.


We arrived at the front entrance. Sasori didn't show any emotion, but after living with him for 16 years, I could tell he was nervous. Same with Gaara, he put on his poker face but we all knew that he was worried.

"Sasori-kun, Gaara-kun, aren't we meant to find the Head teacher?" I asked.

"Hn." Came the reply from both, as we wondered around uselessly in the building.

"We're lost!" I complained.

"Sakura, stop moaning, it wont help." Gaara sighed.

"Hey - you," Sasori called to a boy with blond hair and blue eyes - the one who was known to grin madly around the streets of Konoha. "Where's the head teacher's room?"

"OOOH, NEW STUDENTS!" He shouted, making everyone stop to stare at us. "Well, follow me - c'mon!"

"He's loud." I comented.

Neither brothers bothered replying, as the Orange boy walked ahead of us, blabbering constantly.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki by the way, the future Hokage! Believe it!" Naruto said.

"Hello Naruto! We're all triplets. I'm Sakura Haruno. This is Sasori and Gaara." I said, pointing at my siblings individually, looking grim as ever.

"Triplets? COOL!"

"Ehh. yeah, well- we need to go, thanks for showing the office!" I rushed.

"Ya, bye!" The boy called, running to his friends.


"Ah, so you're the Haruno's." The head teacher said. "I am the head, and my name is Kakashi Hatake, but you can call me Kakashi-sensei,"

"Here are your schedules. The bell will ring in a couple of minutes, so I suggest you guys should get going." Kakashi said, pulling out an orange book... I could just make out the words which seemed to be 'Icha Icha Paradise'. Ew.

"Hai, Kakashi-sensei." We said in unison.

"What have you got first?" I asked as soon as we were outside the room. "I got English..."

"English as well." Sasori and Gaara replied.

"Ugh... Classes with my brothers... This is torture." I complained, once again, out loud.

"Sakura, it really should be us complaining. We dont want a pink haired girl ruining our rep." Gaara sneered.

"It's not your rep that's going to be ruined, it would be mine. I have the most depressing sibling ever!" I cried.


"Uhm... Sorry to break it to you guys, but I think we're late." Sasori said.

There were no replies as we sprinted to our first lesson - English.


"You're late!" A dark haired woman said.

"We got lost." Gaara said bluntly.

"Very well. Since you're new, I'll let you off. And you should introduce yourselves." The woman said, pointing at the front of the class.

Sasori went first; "My name is Sasori Haruno, I dont mind being friends as long as you respect me and my siblings."

A few girls in the class giggled and 'Awwed'.

"I'm Gaara."

At this point, most of the girls stared dreamily at my two brothers.

"I am Sakura Haruno, the youngest triplet. I hope we can be friends and please be nice to me." I blushed.

Now, it was the boys' turn to wolf whistle and shout out cheesy stuff.

Sasori and Gaara glared one by one at the boys who shouted until the classroom was silent.

"Great, my name is Kurenai. You may call me Kurenai-sensei. Well, now we got introduction out of the way, there's seats here... Im sorry, but I might have to split you up... Sasori, go sit next to Ino Yamanaka - Ino, raise your hand. Gaara, sit next to Naruto; put your hand up Naruto," Gaara sighed and plopped next to the blond boy, who was eager to start a conversation. "Sakura...There's an empty space next to Sasuke Uchiha - Sasuke, raise your hand."

A raven haired boy raised his hand.

I took the seat next to him, while girls glared at me and boys glared at him (including both of my brothers).

The lesson started, and the boy didn't bother to start a conversation. Anti-social much?

"So..." I began. "You're Sasuke, right?"

"Hn." He said.

"Then you are related to Itachi. He and my brother are really close." I told him.


"Well, he's been round our house lots of times. You moved here a couple of months ago, didn't you?"


"I moved here at the start of summer. It's quite scary here, but I think I might get used to it."


"How come those girls glaring at me?" Looking at a group of girls around the class, scowling at me.


"I hate it when people glare at me, it makes me uncomfortable."


"Huh? Do you know any other words?"

"You. Are. So. Annoying." He hissed.

"You know, that's rude right?" I tried to remain calm, but being in a triplet with two most annoying brothers, I could barely restrain myself.

"And you just won't shut up."

"I'm trying to be friendly." I snarled.

"You're just another fan girl. Sort your forehead out, that would keep you busy for a long time. And hope that would SHUT YOU UP!"

That's it. You crossed the line, buddy. I stood up abruptly and with all the chakra I could gather, I punched the Uchiha boy and sent him flying across the room, hit though a wall and landed in the next room. It was quiet for a moment, until...


"Haha, he got what he deserved." Someone shouted.


I looked around the classroom and all the boys were grinning ear to ear; but at least half the girls gave me the evils.

"SAKURA HARUNO!" Kurenai shouted. "Tsunade-sama taught you - didn't she?"

The fifth taught me during the summer. I managed to surpass her in that tiny amount of time, which shocked even Sasori and Gaara. Haha, suckers.

"Yeah, she did." I said.

"Wow! I believe I remember her saying that her new apprentice surpassed her... Was that you?" Kurenai asked; her eyes blazing in excitement. I thought she was going to scold me off after what I just did. But instead, she appreciated my work of art.

"I don't think so." Being modest I was. "Sensei also taught Shizune."

Suddenly, the jerk I punched, groaned in pain- which then triggered the fangirls to screamed at me. Must he groan loudly? Jeez, suck it up.

"Sakura, I think you should take him to the nurse. Off you go." Kurenai said.

UGHH! Why ME? Why can't those fangirls do it - they'll enjoy it more than I will...!

That's unlucky? Girl, he's a H.O.T guy! How could you not grasp this moment?



I fumed as I dragged Uchiha out of the classroom. I didn't care if he was hurt - he called me annoying and insulted my FOREHEAD!

"Dont... Carry... Me like... That." He growled.

"What - do you want me to throw you to the nurses' office?" I hissed, equally annoyed as him.


Even though he's a JERK-A-SAURUS, he is stil HOOOTTTTTT!

I agree to the first part.

Good! Now let's shove his head down the toilet! He still deserve it.

Sorry Inner, as tempting as that sounds - I can't... I'll get in trouble! On my first day as well...

No one will know! Just say that he wanted a drink and you kindly shoved his head down the nearest water supply! Oh yeah - high five sister!

Uhh... That's quite a bad plan, Inner... No offence though...

Hmph! We may think it might be bad - but it'll turn out good, trust me.

Whatever, Inner. I'm doing what's right-ish...

Still dragging the emo, I knocked on the nurses' door and it slowly creaked open revealing Shizune.

"Shizune-chan! You work here to?" I asked.

"Yes, Sakura-chan. Now, what happened to him?"

"Well... I, er... Accidently punched him..." I saw her expression and immedietly felt guilty. "I'm so sorry Shizune-chan, it wont happen again!"

"Sakura-chan... You mastered the chakra control?" Shizune gaped.

"Y-yeah..." I mumbled. Phew, got away AGAIN!

"Amazing..." She breathed. "Anyway, let's get him fixed."

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