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Sunday dawned bright, early, and… full of repeated impacts. Kyon's mind struggled to make sense of this through the warm, familiar obfuscation of sleep. A few scattered thoughts drew possibilities from some of his stranger dreams, none of which could be easily ruled out so long as Haruhi and whatever strange power she subconsciously wielded continued to exist. Even the thought that the whole world had been transmuted into rubber of various types and the impacts were the feeling of a collapsed roof bouncing after falling upon him was plausible until proven otherwise. A single rational thought broke through the veil of sleepiness to deliver the important message that Kyon could find out the answer simply by opening his eyes.

Nothing as fantastic as his sleep-addled brain had wrought greeted Kyon as he opened his eyes; the mundane sight of his sister using his body as a trampoline instead welcoming him to the waking world. Whilst it answered the question of why his body felt like it was being turned into a fine past, it was still extremely confusing. It was Sunday and Kyon certainly hadn't told his sister about the brigade meeting that day, leaving her no reason to jump up and down on him at six in the morning.

"Why are you up this early and why did you have to wake me up?" Kyon demanded, displaying saint-like patience despite the bruises he was sure to get and the lost sleep. Not that all saints were likely to have acted in a saintly manner, instead being turned into saints for the horrible methods in which they had died or some strange events surrounding them. Saint Kevin, for instance, lived up a tree, had a blackbird lay an egg in his hand and let it stay there until it hatched, protected a man-eating monster that hadn't hurt him from hunters, and pushed a woman into lake before living to one hundred and twenty.

"The phone was ringing and I was the only person who was woken up. It was Haru-nyan and she told me to make sure you reach Tsuruya-chan's house on time for once." Was Kyon's sister's explanation, though it didn't explain why she had chosen to wake her brother so early in the morning. When he indicated as much she continued her explanation. "Haru-nyan said I should wake you up as soon as possible to make sure that you got up."

If not for the now-still body pinning Kyon's arms to the bed, he would have facepalmed. As it was, he was restricted to sighing. It shouldn't have come as a surprise to learn of Haruhi's involvement in his being woken up but it had. It was a distressing signal that he had grown too complacent in the months of peace following Haruhi's last major bout of activity. Maybe the band was the universe's way of punishing him? It was certainly looking like it, requiring skills Kyon didn't have and dedication he would rather not provide.

"Can I come with you?" The girl asked optimistically, not seeming too upset after her request was denied and she was thrown out of the room. The period of silence after her dismissal was full of the sound of her brother making an important decision: whether to stay awake and attempt to be the first to arrive at Tsuruya's house or whether to go back to sleep and risk being late. To the surprise of absolutely no-one who knew a thing about him, Kyon chose to go back to sleep.

"Kyon, you're late! Penalty!" A frowning Haruhi complained when the youth finally found his way to the correct room. "Even though you're not the last one here, I made sure to help you get up on time. Therefore, you're still the one being penalised!"

He didn't protest the penalty, suspecting that he would have received one for needing help to be on time even if he had been the first to arrive. Instead, Kyon looked around the bare room to see who had yet to arrive, expecting Mikuru or possibly Koizumi to be the absentee. That couldn't be the case, however, as they were sat behind Haruhi playing Monopoly and talking. Their host was also present and leaning on her arms as she read a manga which contained, for some reason, what looked like a whole army of Nazi vampires. Whatever the reason, Nagato – the most reliable member of the brigade, in Kyon's opinion – was the only person still absent half an hour after the appointed time and that didn't seem right.

"I am sorry that Nagato-san is late but it took longer than expected to find some clothes other than her school uniform that were the right size." Someone said, their voice familiarly doom-laden and upbeat. Kyon turned with morbid fascination, every muscle in his body poised to run as Asakura Ryouko pushed Nagato through the door. This proved two things: that Nagato's computer program had actually worked and that Haruhi found the sight of Nagato dressed in a Gothic Lolita outfit worth hugging.

"How was Canada?" The cynic asked conversationally when the blue-haired girl approached him but before she started a conversation. He got the feeling that any conversation she started would begin with an apology for trying to kill him and the opinion that the interface-turned-human still clung to the belief that killing him at that point was the right thing to do.

"It was… cold and… lonely despite the amount of… people." Asakura hesitantly replied, presumably referring to wherever she had actually been rather than Canada; unless that was Canada, which was always a possibility. "I also feel that I must apologise for my actions before I… had to leave. Nevertheless, I believe that it was the right course of action at that moment in time and I would not hesitate to do the same thing if put in that situation once more."

Kyon didn't know whether to be pleased that he had predicted the girl's actions or irritated that she had mentioned something that would cause nothing but problems if Haruhi was paying attention. A small part of his mind found the hesitation in her voice an intriguingly human addition, if not surprising, but it was drowned out by the SOS Brigade's leader and founder's looking away from, if not releasing, Nagato and asking what Asakura had done. Thinking fast, Kyon drew from Asakura's attitude towards Nagato in that other world to weave what he hoped would be a believable explanation.

"Asakura-san thought that I might be Nagato's closest friend and wanted to ask me whether I thought that she should confess her love before transferring or keep it a secret. Nagato misheard part of the conversation and thought that it was a confession for me, which was awkward." Kyon lied, praying that Haruhi would accept it as the truth – even if that meant, according to one school of thought, that he was praying to Haruhi that she would accept a lie. He hadn't counted on Asakura's blushing, though that helped his story, or the silence that followed his words.

"R-Really? That's brilliant! Ryouko-chan, you have my full permission to date Yuki!" Haruhi replied excitedly, pushing Nagato towards the other girl, who moved out of the way and hastily left the room before anyone could ask why she had dressed Nagato up and accompanied her to Tsuruya's house in the first place. "That was strange…"

"How is a girl running away after having her crush on another girl revealed strange? Your reaction just made it worse." Kyon argued, finally sitting down.

"You're right. For revealing embarrassing secrets and hurting a girl's feelings you've earned another penalty, Kyon!" Haruhi announced, ignoring the boy's second sentence in typical Haruhi-esque fashion.

"Anyway, you're probably wondering why we are meeting here. The reason is that Tsuruya-san has kindly decided to let us use her house to store our instruments and practice. Before we get around to that, we need a good name for a band." The girl said, once more coming up with strange priorities.

"What about the SOS Brigade?" Koizumi suggested.

"That's a good suggestion, Koizumi-kun, but it's a good name for a club, not a band." Haruhi replied.

Mikuru was the next person to offer a suggestion. "Umm… m-maybe we could use our initials, Suzumiya-san?"

"We could do that but I would feel like we're copying ENOZ."

"Why don'ts you pick random words from an English dictionary, Haru-nyan? I broughts one just in case." Tsuruya suggested, her speaking up once more causing Kyon to wonder what sort of girl had the money to fund a band all by themselves and the influence in their own house to allow said band's instruments to be stored as well as reserve a large room for practicing.

"That's a great idea, Tsuruya-san. You should pick the words since you're the one with the dictionary." Haruhi gleefully said. It was anyone's guess whether she was agreeing with Tsuruya because she genuinely thought that it was a good idea or because of gratitude for the green-haired girl's investment.

"Hmm… Lyrical Realities." Tsuruya announced a minute later, somehow managing to have picked a dictionary where every word was given a separate listing even if it was a simple plural. "It's got somethings to do with music and poetry, as well."

"Any objections? No? Good." Haruhi asked, giving no-one time to object. "Can you write that name down somewhere, Tsuruya-san? I'm going to go show Kyon where everything's stored so he can bring it here. When everything is set up we can start practicing."

"Why do I have to carry everything here?" Kyon asked, wondering what personality-warping effect had caused Haruhi to tell people her full plans for once.

"You have two penalties to work off, Kyon!" Haruhi asserted, forcefully dragging the boy after her before stopping outside of a doorway which looked the same as so many others in the house. When opened, it revealed a room about the same size as Kyon's bedroom full of every piece of musical equipment he could name and several that he couldn't as well as the instruments that he had been expecting to see there. Just how much had Haruhi bought?

And how was he meant to carry it all?

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