A for Assured Animosity

A curled lip. An unprovoked sneer. Narrowed eyes. It was all expected. It had gone on longer than anyone could remember, and was unavoidable now. It was not just inevitable, it was expected. In the street, on the lane, in the shops. It was all about subtlety. No one spoke of it, and in conversation it was generally all smiles and politeness. But the feelings were there; the class divide, ever present in all society. Rich against poor, educated against non-educated, town against hamlet, Lark Rise against Candleford.

There were friends, of course, relations even, like the Postmistress and the Stonemason's wife. Bridges would be made, petty squabbles would be solved. But often, far too often, they would pick up again later.

Because, even though our world changes before our very eyes, it must be kept in mind that nothing really ever changes.

Remember: Nothing ever changes.