Through My Eyes

By: Voice4TheMute

Disclaimer: I do not own the Scott Pilgrim series or any of the characters mentioned in this story. All original characters and lines belong to Bryan Lee O'Malley and other respectable parties. This story is purely for entertainment purposes and not to be sold anywhere.

A/N: Just a little something I wanted to do. I want to give the Scott Pilgrim story a different angle to look at it. In this case, it will be told from the POV another character, along with feelings that COULD be running through their head. Most the lines are taken from the comic while other dialogs is made by me to give the story a little more background. Anyways, enjoy this small segment and tell me if you like the idea or if I'm just wasting my time.

Everyone is looking for 'happily ever after'. Two people meet, there is an instant connection, and then fireworks. Unfortunately only one story will end up like that. The others will end in disaster, tragedy, heartbreak. To the victor go the spoils. For everyone else, the shattered remains of what is left of themselves and their heart. Now do not get me wrong, I'm not pessimistic. I do believe that there is hope and love in the world. Afterall, I would not do what I am doing now if I did not believe that. But what can you do…what can you think when you know your actions will never be repaid? That the battle you are fighting and the sacrifices you made will not bring you any satisfaction. I battle with these thoughts every day as I watch those two. My name is Kimberly Pine…and this is my story.

Guess it all really started two years ago…

Pilgrim 001

"Scott Pilgrim is dating a high schooler!"

"Really? Is she hot?" Stephen Stills asked as we all sat in his kitchen, enjoying what I thought would be an uninteresting morning.

To my right, Stephen Stills. He is 'the talent' in our band, Sex Bob-omb. He plays the guitar, the vocals, and the music writer in the band. As for me? I'm the drummer. I am not good at singing. Never was good.

"I'm not playing your little games"

And that clown? The one with the lame heart shirt with the letters 'SP' stitched into it? He is the bane of my existence. If I were to blame one person for all of my frustrations, anger, resentment, this would be him.

Scott Pilgrim

I glanced over at Stephen, seeing if he wanted to take the lead of what we like to call 'bash on Scott Pilgrim's Life' but after him not saying anything, I decided to take a whack at it.

"So you've been out of high school for like, 13 years and-"

"I'm twenty-three! I'm twenty-three!" Scott yelled as he took his mug and sat down with the rest of us.

"And you're dating a high school girl? Not bad, not bad."

"Dating a-come on, what does that even mean?" I asked him, expecting an half assed answer or one that does not make any sense whatsoever. And the thing about Scott Pilgrim? He never fails to deliver.

"Yeah, like, did you guys 'do it' yet?" The person in front of me asked.

That's Neil…or Young Neil as Scott likes to call him. Out of the four of us, he is the youngest. We are all 23 while Neil is 20. He's not in the band though. He just watches us practice. I guess he has nothing better to do. But when your roommate is holding band practice at the house then it is hard not to watch.

"Well we sort of ride the bus, and she tells me about how yearbook club went, and about her friends. And you know, drama…" Scott rattled off as soon, the conversation became a gigantic fish for information that no one cared about.

"Yeah, okay…have you even kissed her?" Stephen asked.

I don't know what came over me at that second. I suddenly felt anxious to know the answer. But why would I care…the thing between me and that jerk was a long time ago. Maybe it comes with the title of being an 'ex'.

"We almost held hands once, but she got embarrassed."

Like I said…never fails to deliver. "Well don't you seem pleased as punch" I told him, feeling a little bit better about the situation, but not by much.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"So what's her name?"

"Knives Chau. She's Chinese."

A Chinese high schooler Scott? I've seen you make some pretty dumb decisions in life. But this has to be the dumbest by far.

"That's wicked! Where'd you meet her anyways?" Neil asked, leaning over the table like a kid being drawn into the TV.

"I believe I mentioned the bus…?"

So then he proceeded to tell us the story of how he met Knives. Apparently he met her during a bus ride home and her mother was pestering her about meeting boys. She probably seen him as a god sent. Scott probably saw her as a rebound girl. As for me? I like to think she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. But still, come on Scott. Standards. Even if he did not have a girlfriend for over a year.

"…and that's how we met" He said, trying to act cool about it.

"You met her on the bus with her mom?" Stephen asked.

"Is that seriously the end of that story?" I asked, unsure of what I heard was a combination of BS. Hell, if I didn't know any better, I'm sure this 'Knives' girl doesn't exist.


I hate you Scott Pilgrim

"Are you ok Kim?"

I looked up from behind the drum set to see Stephen Stills looking straight at me, hand on his turner.

"Never better." I responded back, looking at my equipment.

My equipment may be old…and half of it was taken from high school…but it's always been reliable. Unlike someone I can think of.

"Are you going to be ok with Scott bringing Knives here?"


"You know, if she's going to be a distraction I'll tell Scott that she can't stay here-"

"I told you I'll be ok." I said, glaring at him.


What's up Stephen all of a sudden? Why would he care of I get distracted by Knives. If anything, he should be worried about Scott being distracted. His bird brain can't handle playing the bass and remembering to look good for his girlfriend.

I felt a pain in my chest.

Urg…his girlfriend. This has to be some kind of sick joke. What kind of man would make a high schooler his girlfriend.

"Hey Kim, this is Knives…" Scott's voice suddenly filled the room as I looked over at Knives and Scott.

So this is Knives Chau. He certainly can do better. For one…she's not that good of a dresser.

"Hi, sorry. What was your name?"

"Kim Pine"

"You play the drums?"


I don't know what is happening to me but I'm starting to feel anxious again. Maybe not anxious…but something else. It couldn't possibly be jealously. I mean, who can be jealous of a 17 year old Chinese girl named Knives? I need to play…I need to play the drums. Playing is my only form of escape from this hectic deathtrap that is life. Are they even ready? Screw it, I don't care. I'll just play something.


"I'm cooooold!" Scott whined as we walked down the street, heading to a party hosted by our friend Julie. Well, I guess our ex-friend Julie. She dated Stephen but then they broke up so we're not sure what to make of her…I mean, she's kind of a bitch.

"Whatever. It's like spring out." I reminded him as we continued to walk. It silenced him for a minute, but then he opened his big mouth again.

"Where are we goooing?"

"I told you like fifty time!" Stephen said to him.

"Well, I forgot, ok?"

"Like it's my fault you're stupid?"

I sighed. Never fails to deliver…

"So where-"

"I'm seriously not even telling you now." Said a very annoyed Stephen. I knew that wouldn't pacify Scott, so I decided to fill him in.

"We're going to that party, retard."

"At Julie's." Neil added as Scott groaned

"Aw man…"

One thing I never understood about parties is the quantity of people that come to them. Take for example Julie's party. These all cannot be Julie's friends. Maybe friends of friends…maybe even passing strangers. And yet here they are, eating her food, drinking all of her liquor, talking within their respective groups. How is this the icon of social gatherings when everyone here doesn't even know anyone at the party…aside from Comeau, he knows everyone.

"Are you ok?"

I looked over to see Stephen standing next to me, arm extending towards me with a bottle of locally brewed beer in his hand. Accepting his offer, I took the beer and took a swing, exhaling rather bitterly as I try to expel the taste out of my mouth.

"The local breweries here know how to brew top quality pond scum." I said as I looked at the label. Just one more beer not to give a second chance. But beer is beer. "So what do you want Stephen?"

"I just wanted to see how you were doing with the whole Scott-Knives thing."

"I told you already that I'm ok…." I took another swing at the beer but found myself not liking the bitterness of the beer. "I don't care who Scott dates or pretends to date or even imagines to date."

"Ok…I get it." He said as he stood right next to me, watching the party goers socialize. "I know that you and he once had a thing. And that was a LONG time ago. But you know, those feelings never disappear without a trace." He said as I saw him glance over at his ex-girlfriend Julie. "All I'm saying is…If you need to talk about it, I'm-"

"I get it. Thank you Stephen." I said quickly, taking another sip of my beer. For some reason, it didn't taste bitter that time around. Stephen left and I was lefty by myself again.

Those words keep echoing in my head. 'Those feeling never disappear without a trace'. How can Stephen know? He's not a psychic or a shrink. What Scott and I have…what Scott and I had…was something simple, something nice, something…something I missed.

"This is unbelievable" I said aloud as I walked around the house, trying to kill time and escape those thoughts of the past. Suddenly I see Scott and it looks like he's hiding from someone. "What in the world…? Hey, Young Neil. Why is Scott acting like a dumbass again?" I asked him as I pointed at Scott, who was busy hiding behind a group of guys.

"Probably hiding from that girl."


"…uh…that girl." Neil said, pointing at the girl with a ridiculously colored hair. My eyes drooped as I saw Scott's pitiful attempt to stalk her.

"I don't know what's worse. The fact that he's stalking her or that his actually trying to get close enough to talk to another girl after all this time." I shrugged it off though. It wasn't my business to care what Scott does at a party. I just want to sit and drink my beer.

But you do care about him

No I don't

So you're ok with him talking to other girls?

It's not like he's going to do anything

And if he does?

He's Scott Pilgrim

Exactly…he's Scott Pilgrim

I took another swing of the bitter beer and exhaled loudly enough for the people around me to scoot away. Maybe If I keep drinking, my conscious would stay silent.

You can't escape how you feel about him you know…

I know

So why deny your feelings?

Because it will never work out. It didn't before and it will never happen again. Besides, he's seeing another girl so…

So you do have feelings for him?

"What do you think…" I said quietly to myself as I finished the rest of the beer.

To Be Continued…