I felt myself relax more when Zack's sobbing decreased and I heard him breathe in a proper way, more calmly. I didn't let him go though, I didn't want to.

"Aerith …" His voice was barely audible, but suddenly I felt his hands over my arms, gently pulling them away from him. He turned around, facing me. "He was …" Tears were filling his eyes again.

"Zack … It's okay …" I cooed and was invited by his eyes to embrace him again. And I did. His face was buried in my shoulder, as his arms were wrapped around me. I could hear him breathe uneasy again, but instead of worrying, stroke my right hand down his spine.

I could hear his heart; it was beating rapidly and fast. It sounded like how I felt my own heart beat. Heat and nervousness fell over me, being so close to him. But I kept telling myself that he needed this; he needed to be comforted.

I looked exactly at him as he loosened his grip to lift up his head, our eyes glued. Sky blue eyes … There was something in them that never was before … Some of his boyish manners gone. He looked mature. And I felt myself smiling at him, a more genuine smile than I used to. What was he doing to me? He just sat there, holding me, me holding him.

His gaze never left mine as he opened his mouth to speak, his lips captivating me as he spoke, "You're … different, Aerith." My smile faded a little, but instead, he smiled, his eyes telling me 'good different'.

"Well …" I mumbled, giggling lightly, looking away. "You're different … too." My giggle disappeared. I looked into his eyes again and they were burning. It made me scared, but yet, not. It made me shiver and the intensity that was radiantly shining through his eyes was the cause.

I never noticed his hand being raised until I felt a gentle tug on my left curl and I looked down, seeing his hand. His covered hand and suddenly, I raised my own two hands, lifting them from his back and took his glove off. His hand looked gentle, but strong.

I looked back into his eyes and he seemed somewhat chocked, but removed his other glove and once again embraced me, lightly. He stopped too quickly, withdrawing a little.

"Aerith … You're … Why do you –" I never let him finish that sentence; I had my finger pressed against his lips. Then he did something I never had imagined him doing, he took away my hand, but raised it against his lips, pressing them against my hand. As his lips touched my skin, all the barriers I had built to keep any boy away crumbled; I wanted to be his.

He released my hand, only to cup my face and I shivered, heat taking over completely, "Zack …" I whispered under my breath and closed my eyes, feeling happy tears burn inside my eyelids as his lips suddenly crashed against mine. His grip on my face tightened and I raised my hands, putting them over his, instantly kissing him back. This was what we both needed.


A rather short one-shot, but still a very cute one.
Zack x Aerith must be my favorite FF couple of all time - they're bittersweet and I love it. Written out of Aerith's point of view.

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core -. The Final Fantasy Series belongs to ©Square Enix (former Squaresoft). This is done for fan-purposes only and for no profit of any kind.