Note- This story starts after season three episode ten which was titled True Night.

As cute as the last scene in that episode was (when he fixed her chair) I really liked the other Morgan and Garcia scenes in that episode too. There was them talking to each other via cell phone when Morgan was on the plane (when he threatens to spank her if she won't stop trying to fix her chair herself) and even better than that, for me at least, was the scene in the beginning of the episode.

In that scene Morgan brings Garcia to her office for the first time since her shooting. She is startled to see Kevin Lynch left it messy but Morgan quickly cleans it up for her. Then he says he wants to stay in town and skip the case to be with her. She tells him that she loves him but he would only drive her crazy so he should go.

In that scene, to my eyes, Morgan seemed like a very smitten man. This story will pick up the day after the case that was solved in True Night. That episode aired the day before Thanksgiving in the United States, originally. That holiday takes place on the last Thursday in November.

The title comes from an Aerosmith song by the same name.

Don't Want To Miss A Thing

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter One

November 2007

"I can help you clean up. Dishes don't weigh five pounds." She wasn't allowed to lift anything that weighed over five pounds because of doctor's orders.

He gave her a stern look as he removed plates from his dining room table. He had invited some friends over for a day of watching football and eating a deep fried turkey to celebrate the holiday.

"Sit your cute behind back down."

When she opened her mouth to argue he made a sound that meant Don't give me any lip and then said "Now." After she sat down he added "Just stay right where you are and supervise."

"If you're not going to let me help, just like you didn't let me cook any of the dinner, then I might as well go home."

He gave her another stern look before he started to load the dishwasher.

Smiling slightly she added "You know, handsome, that I do have to go home some time."

All she got for an answer was a look that clearly said: Not if I have anything to say about it.

He didn't like to let her out of his sight anymore. Honestly Derek Morgan would not mind spending twenty four hours a day just gazing at Penelope Garcia. That way he would know that she was safe and he'd also be able to keep her happy- his two main goals in life ever since she was shot less than a month ago.

But he couldn't be with her every minute of every day.

A little thing called his job in the Behavioral Analyst Unit in the FBI took up a lot of his time and when he was off work Penelope didn't want him spending anymore nights on her couch. Just a few days before she had finally kicked him off after allowing him, for the sake of his sanity, to stay there with her for a couple of weeks after she came home from the hospital.

He could tell he kind of got on her nerves with his overprotectiveness lately but she always let him go ahead with pampering her anyway. Derek had doted on Penelope during her recovery but now she was insisting she was nearly all healed up and things could go back to normal.

The thing was he didn't know how to go backwards in time. Everything changed for him during that week when Penelope was shot. The news she had met a guy who was smoking hot left him stunned and with a weird feeling in him that was worse than jealousy, but partly that too. It was some kind of sixth sense fear that the stranger she was so taken with would bring her only hell. They got in a fight about if she should see him. Derek tried to couch his words in the sweetest way but Penelope flipped on him anyway. Hearing her scream at him and tell him that he would never want her but this stranger did left him feeling completely misunderstood. Hearing that she had been injured left him reeling with pain and worry, and when he heard from her doctor that she would make a full recovery Derek was left filled with relief down to his very bones.

Every second since then she had been consuming his mind. He didn't like to be away from her anymore. He felt like there was so much they still needed to say to each other, still needed to do together, still needed to share with each other. So many memories they could make still and Derek didn't want to miss a single chance.

(I could stay awake just to hear you breathing.

Watch you smile while you are sleeping,

while you're far away and dreaming.

I could spend my life in this sweet surrender.

I could stay lost in this moment forever.

Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure.) (Aerosmith)

Penelope stood up and walked toward Derek, who was loading his dishwasher. Her ignoring his command to stay seated earned her a "You are such a hard head."

Speaking in her cutest tone, that she damn well knew he couldn't resist, she said "You have been so sweetly attentive to me ever since I was hurt but maybe..."

He let out a sigh, as her words drifted off. "I should back off some?"

"Maybe a smidgen." Then she rushed to say "Not that I don't love you and love that you care and love that you want to see to my every little need but what I truly want most is for life to go back to normal and normal is not you treating me like fragile glass. As much as I find it sweet, its past time now to return to life as we knew it so that I know I didn't lose who I was when that bullet entered me and that you didn't lose your image of me as a strong, perfectly capable woman who can slay unsubs with my cyber genius, can open her own doors and make her own meals and can certainly wash dishes and stir gravy."

"You stirred the gravy anyway."

"I had to sneak. I shouldn't have to creep around to do anything." She gave him a cute smile that only proved to disarm him even more.

"You're right. I will give you more breathing room." He handed her a plate and motioned at the dishwasher. "Go for it."

Penelope chuckled. She placed the dish inside and then she reached up, put her hand on Morgan's cheek and then kissed his other cheek. "I should get home now." Turning she headed out of the room. "Thank you uber much for the lovely Turkey Day. You should host this every year. It was a great time. I'm glad Hotch could make it. It must be hard to have his first holiday spent away from Haley and Jack."

"I'm just glad we didn't get called into work."


They made it to the door and gave each other a long hug. Derek then helped Penelope put her coat on. Then he slid her scarf on her. She was facing him when he adjusted her scarf around her neck, lifting her hair to do so. "Thank you so very much for coming over here today."

"First time you ever had us all over for a holiday. What inspired you, or do I already know?"

"I can't help it, baby girl. I can't pretend I feel the same as I did about anything last month."

"I don't want you to pretend anything," she said, in a very patient tone, "but I need you to start to get over this, just like I am."

He would never get over the fact that some unsub put a bullet in her chest. He'd just get farther away from the day it happened and hopefully fill his days with better memories to cloud out somewhat that one. But it would always be part of the fabric of this man.

He told her "Don't feel you have to rush to get over anything. You take all the time you need."

"I intend to but every moment I give to thinking about it is just another moment where he matters in my life and he does not matter anymore. He mattered for a few days when he took over all I thought and did but no more. Now what matters is everything else in my life. Getting back to my routine. Shopping for Christmas presents. Decorating my apartment-"

"We should go shopping for a tree. What's on your agenda tommorow?"

"Don't you have something better to do with your time? I feel bad stealing all your time these last few weeks."

"Hush with that. There is nothing better to do with my time than to spend it hanging around you." He gave her a sweet smile as he leaned closer to her, wagging his head to drive his point home.

He was rewarded with a tender smile in return from her. "Okay," she said in a sweet tone, as she patted his chest. "You may escort me to find a Christmas tree. I suppose you will loosen your grip when you are good and ready and there's no use fighting you on it, especially when I do love the fringe benefits of your overprotectiveness. Namely all the bonus time with you. But it can't last forever. Try to remember that, okay? Life must return to some kind of normalcy at some point. We have to get on with things, sooner or later. I guess though it won't hurt anything for later to come in its own sweet time."

She was so strong that she was getting over her shooting faster than him. Derek didn't want to do things that reminded Penelope she had been hurt and yet he didn't know how to stop pampering her now. He would have to find a way because she was feeling crowded by him, which was the last thing he wanted.

"I'm going to stop treating you like fragile glass. Cross my heart."

Penelope gave Derek another smile, as she pulled open his door, "I don't think I buy it, Hot Stuff, but you give it the old college try. I must warn you though that if this goes on much longer I may have to throw you down and ravish you just to prove that I am back in top physical form."

He chuckled. "Silly girl," Derek murmured, before looking past her outside. "Its snowing," he said in a way that meant: You can't drive home in this weather.

"I'll be fine. Good night, you gorgeous Nubian noir hero."

Derek grabbed his jacket and held it over his and Penelope's head as he walked her to the car. "Baby girl," he whined "this looks kinda ugly. Maybe you better just crash here tonight."

"If you want me to crash here I suggest you buy a gallon of chocolate sauce and invite me over to lick it off you. Until then I'll be crashing at home. Don't worry, Esther and I have grown quite used to driving in winter's wicked weather over the last three years."

He opened her car door and she slid inside.

"Drive careful," Derek told her, with a worried look still in his eyes over her leaving.

"Just for you, mon cher," she promised sweetly. "Call me tommorow about our tree chopping trip."

"Chopping?" He thought they could go to a lot to buy a pre-cut tree but obviously Penelope had something else in mind.

She giggled. "I wouldn't want to make it too easy on you, my hero." With that said Penelope started her car.

Derek was left to stand there, while the snow rapidly fell on him, and watch the woman who now the center of his world drive away. He didn't like that feeling one bit. Every moment away from her now felt like another moment of his life that he was wasting.

(I don't want to close my eyes.

I don't want to fall asleep

cause I'd miss you, babe,

and I don't wanna miss a thing.


Cause even when I dream of you

the sweetest dream would never do.

I'd still miss you, babe,

and I don't wanna miss a thing.)