Don't Want To Miss A Thing

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter Six

December 2007

"Merry Christmas, Reid!" Derek, Penelope, Hotch, Emily and Jack all yelled into the webcam. They were at Derek's house where he had a Christmas party.

He had been to Chicago for his mother's birthday, a trip Penelope couldn't go on since she didn't have time off from work, but he decided he needed to spend this holiday in Virginia. Being near Penelope is what mattered most to him.

They had set up the webcam to chat with Reid, who was off visiting his mother in Las Vegas.

"Did you know it is widely believed by religious scholars that Jesus was actually born in the summer?" Reid asked his friends before launching into a history lesson.

Derek rolled his eyes. He tightened his arms around Penelope, as he held her from behind, and smiled against her throat, nibbling it gently before she whispered, in a teasing tone, "Be good, Hot Stuff."

"Mmmm, I've forgotten how to be good," he whispered back to her.

Jack chimed in with "Oh-oh, you're gonna be in big trouble if you be bad tonight. Santa won't come for you!"

The adults chuckled.


That night after all their friends left Penelope told Derek she was going to take a bath. When she came out he was on the bed, watching sports highlights on the tv. She was wearing a red silk robe.

Her eyes locked on him. She undid the sash on the robe and then opened it, revealing a very sexy red and white sheer baby doll nightie with a matching garter. Derek swallowed hard, his eyes going dark with heat in an instant.

She cooed "Look what Santa brought me."

"You sure that had your name on it? I think it looks more like a gift for me."

"Should I be worried you want to borrow this outfit? I knew you were kinky but really, baby, that's a little much, much, much."

Penelope then burst out in giggles as Derek leaped from the bed, pulled her into his arms, spun her around, brought his mouth to hers and kissed her while also lowering her onto the bed. His mouth moved down her chest as he worshiped the body that she had come to know, with all her heart, he adored completely.

He made her feel more loved than she ever thought was possible. Penelope could hardly believe that five weeks before she had told him he wouldn't cross a crowded room to hit on her. Back then she had been angry and hurt, but a part of her truly did believe her words. Now she knew so much better.

Her breathy moans filled the room as she begged him to make love to her. He flipped her on top and soon she was in complete charge, and he was moaning and panting and saying all the right things to make her feel like a Goddess.

Derek Morgan knew just how to make Penelope Garcia's body, heart, spirit and mind feel cherished.


A week later it was New Year's Day, in the early morning hours, and they were laying together in Penelope's bed after a night of partying with friends and then coming home to make love.

Penelope whispered to Derek "We're starting the new year off just perfectly. I couldn't imagine a better way to begin a new year than being held by you, handsome."

"Do you know how grateful I am to have the chance to be with you like this?"

Moving up the bed she caught his lips in a slow, sweet kiss. "I died, do you know that? During the surgery my heart stopped. But I came back from heaven and it was for moments like this. I didn't really believe I could have this but God knew better."

"This is just the start for us, baby girl."

She smiled at him. "And what a start it is," she cooed before they kissed again.


June 2008

A day after his birthday that year they got married in a beach wedding in Virginia. That night Derek carried Penelope over the threshold of a home he had bought and repaired for them. She had only been there once before, when it was still half way falling apart during construction.

Now it was beautifully refinished. That night they were able to make love in the bed that would be theirs for years to come.

Threading his fingers into his wife's long, curled blonde locks Derek stared deep into her eyes. "A year ago I would have sworn I wasn't ready to settle down but now I can't imagine any other life than being your husband."

The look in her eyes was so steady and filled with love that he knew there was not a doubt left in her heart about if he truly was all hers. She answered him "That's good because I'm never gonna let you get away from me now. You're officially stuck in my clutches."

Derek chuckled. "Silly girl, I love you so very much that I'd gladly stay in your clutches till the day I die."

"No talking about dying." She pouted. "You don't want to remind me how I'm mad at you and you are supposed to be on punishment, do ya?"

A few weeks earlier he had scared her half to death by driving a bomb laden ambulance away from a crowded hospital and to the middle of Central Park so that when it exploded no one was hurt. But Derek had been seconds away from going up with the ambulance, narrowly managing to escape that night with his life.

"Hush about that. I thought we put that officially behind us, huh?"

"Hmmmm. I still think you deserve a spanking."

Derek laughed. "You think you can pin me down you go ahead and try but don't think that being my wife means I'll make it easy on ya."

"I know some tricks," she said, running her hands down his chest.

When she grasped the thick, long length of his manhood he let out a moan. After that he would have agreed to letting her do whatever she wanted to him. When she had him totally distracted, and he was on top of her, Penelope smacked Derek's ass and then giggled sexily.

The sound was beautiful to his ears and the moment one he would never forget. His wife was as sexy as she was sweet, as funny as she was smart, as bold as she could be shy at time. She was his perfect match. A perfect mix of everything he needed in a woman and partner.


August 2010

Derek gave his wife a concerned look when she brought their daughter into the bedroom in the middle of the night. "What's the problem, princess?"

"Her tummy hurts."

The baby was nearly one year old. She reached out her arms for her Daddy. Derek took her. "Hey, angel face, you don't feel too good, huh?"

She was sort of drooling and looking miserable. She rested her head on his bare shoulder and fussed. Derek patted her back. To Penelope he said "Try to sleep, sweetie. We have another case in the morning. I got her."

Penelope kissed his cheek. "I doubt I can sleep with our angel feeling all yucky but I'll try and close my eyes cause if you're leaving town tommorow I will surely have my hands full till her bug passes."

Penelope lay down next to her husband and child. Derek kept comforting their baby. Eventually both his baby and wife fell asleep. He lay the baby between him and Penelope.

Then he cuddled up with them. Propped up on his hand he looked at their little miracle and her mama. He felt incredibly blessed and lucky. He never could have imagined having a life that made him feel so secure, no needed, so adored, cherished and loved. Penelope understood him in every way and she stood by him through any mistakes and struggles. She gave him a daughter and they had another baby on the way. She gave him love and a family of his own.

Derek Morgan thanked God every second of his life for Penelope Garcia Morgan- his God given solace and the only woman who could make him love being a married man. He could spend all night just watching his two girls sleep, thinking about the future he wanted to give them.

Life was short. All too soon his would be over. But for tonight he had this piece of heaven in his bed and he would appreciate it to the very depths of his soul.

(I don't wanna close my eyes.

I don't wanna fall asleep

cause I'd miss you, babe,

and I don't wanna miss a thing.


Cause even when I dream of you

the sweetest dream would never do.

I'd still miss you, babe,

and I don't wanna miss a thing) (Aerosmith)