I in no way claim any rights or profits to Axis Powers Hetalia. Those belong to Hidekaz Himaruya, and justly so. This was written purely for fun.

The OC Alaska is mine however, based off Himaruya's concept.

He was waiting at the gate looking at the pictures in his wallet again when he heard it: "Paging Ivan Braginsky, I-van Brag-in-sky. Mr. Braginsky please come to the security gate, your party is waiting to meet you there."

Confused, he rose and walked back down to security. Once there, he tapped a uniformed man on the shoulder.

"I'm Ivan Branginsky, I trust there is no problem."

"Ah" said the man, "No sir none at all. There was just someone who needed to see you." The man stepped aside to reveal a tousled Alexandra.

"Aleks –" was all he could manage before he felt her arms go around his chest.

"Vanya you jerk, why did you leave without saying goodbye?"

He looked down at her irritated gaze and smiled. He returned her hug tightly, "Proshchaĭ, moĭ Alyaski podsolnechnika.

"Do svidaniya bratom, ya budu skuchatʹ po tebe."

They separated and he walked back toward his gate smiling. As he turned the corner he hesitated, looked back, and waved.

His little sister smiled and waved back.


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1 Russian for "Goodbye my Alaskan Sunflower."

2 Russian for "Goodbye Brother, I'll miss you."