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A 30 year old Logan Mitchell lay on the bed in the oncall room of one of Minnesota's busiest hospitals. He had just been working a 24 hour shift and was taking a much deserved break. Being an Emergency Room doctor in one of the most ice infested states meant hectic days and nights full of emergencies with cars and falls alike.

Not that Logan didn't love his job, he did. He just wished it hadn't cost so much. Who knew that following your dreams would break your heart? Logan certainly didn't but that was exactly what happened. This was why he spent so much time at the hospital, sleeping here and eating here. Strangely he dreaded his days off because it meant he would have to go home and if he just turned up on his day off it would be weird.

Home held too many memories, good ones and horrible ones. He didn't have the heart or the will power to remove the pictures that littered the walls of his apartment, like a frame by frame movie of his growning up. They had all been put up the day Logan moved in 9 years ago when everything had been perfect that taking them down would seem like he was loosing it all over again.

Not for the first time in his life, many of those in this room while on a break like this, he asked himself why and how. Closing his eyes he could hear the sounds of the hospital, people running by the doors, the faint beeping of a pager, nurses calling for help or an ambulance pulling up to the hospital. The last one made him moan in frustration.

"Please don't beep, please don't beep" he begged looking at his pager and after a minute it didn't he sighed happily and placed it next to him. He just wanted to rest for now. He knew that tonight would be busy. There was a Minnesota Wilds game in the arena nearby tonight and people tended to get distracted with whether their teams won or lost and forget that they were driving a car and tended to loose control.

Logan loved hockey though he hadn't been to a Wilds game in almost 7 years for obvious reasons. Like Logan, Kendall- his best friend since peewee hockey and the man he loved more than anything- had followed his dream and joined the Wilds at the age of 21, late but as talented as ever and better than most. Logan could still remember the day he came in shouting about it.

9 years ago

"Logie? Where are you?" Kendall called looking in the living room of the apartment. Logan put down what he had been doing, which was making dinner, and walked into the living room to find his very excited looking boyfriend almost bouncing on the spot. Logan didn't think he had ever seen Kendall so...ecstatic.

"You look...happy" Logan smirked but Kendall closed the gap between them in 2 strides and kissed Logan, not that he was complaining. Kissing Kendall came second on his favourite things to do list, the first involved Kendall and a bed, no more needed.

"I am happy!" Kendall said breaking the kiss to speak "You will never guess what happened" he said kissing Logan again who laughed into the kiss.

"Well I wont if you keep cutting me off" placing a hand on Kendall's chest to push him away. "Now tell me" he said, excitement flooding back into Kendall's eyes.

"So after class today I went to the rink to just relax and then Jake, the guy who runs it called me over and guess who was with him, Michael Smith"

"Michael Smith as in the guy who coaches the Minnesota Wilds?" Logan asked shocked. Kendall nodded his head.

"Yea. He had apparently heard that I was going to school here and his daughter was a Big Time Rush fan and while he was around he stopped by to see if I would sign something for her but he saw me playing and he thinks I'm good and !" The last sentence came out in a flurry of words that thanks to years of practice with Carlos and hyperactivity he was able to understand.

"You're going to train with the Wilds? As in the hockey team?" Kendall nodded and Logan threw his arms around Kendall and hugged him. "I can't believe it. My boyfriend is going to play for the Minnesota Wilds!" Kendall laughed but didn't realise Logan from the hug.

"Easy, it's just a training session but he did say if I played as good as I did today it may lead to something more" he said getting giddy again.

"I'm so proud of you!" Logan said pulling back from the hug, though not loosing contact.

"I'm proud of us!" Kendall replied, resting his head to Logan's "When the band stopped last year I really didn't know what I was going to do and now look at us! Our own place, we're both in college, you're going to be the greatest doctor ever and I'm playing hockey again" Kendall sighed happily "This is perfect. I love you Logan"

Logan smiled "I love you too, always! Now..." he said giving Kendall a quick kiss "Go and call James and Carlos and your mother" Kendall laughed before running to the phone, leaving a very amused and happy Logan behind.

Present day

Logan always loved that memory. It seemed like everything was going to be perfect and for awhile they were. Big Time Rush ended when they were 20. It just seemed like time was up on it and though they were sad it was over, none regretted it. Logan was glad he had kept up with his online courses to become a doctor as it was easy enough for him to find a school to go study at. Kendall, of course, was going to go with him where ever he went. 3 years of dating, going on tour and living together meant they rarely were apart and moving together just seemed the obvious choice. Kendall was secretly over the moon when Logan said he decided to go back to Minnesota.

James had decided to stay in L.A. It was his dream to live there and the others backed him. He started a solo career but his first single was never release after he discovered singing alone was not as fun as singing with your friends. Acting on the other hand was right up his street and with a small help from Camille, who too still resided in Hollywood, got into his first movie and as they say the rest was history.

Carlos had stayed in L.A. for a time after the breakup but ultimately returned to Minnesota and like Kendall got back into Hockey. Kendall, being the ever loyal friend he was, brought Carlos to one of the Wilds' training sessions a few weeks after joining. Even though the four worked better as a team, Carlos and Kendall were a pretty powerful force to be reckoned with. Almost 16 years of friendship had put them in tune with one another and Michael jumped at the chance to sign the Latino.

The sound of another ambulance coming in took his brain back to his current situation. He sat up before standing and looking in the mirror behind the door. He hadn't changed much. He was still the same height and his hair was the same, maybe longer. His face had matured more but he could still see his 16 year old self there in his features. The pager beeped and he answered it.

He stretched and grabbed his coat and as he pulled it on before heading out the door.

"Hey Mitchell" Dylan Howard, another doctor at the hospital greeted. He was Logan's age. They had both started working at the hospital the same year and was a good friend of Logan's. "How long have you been on for?" he inquired. Logan checked his watch.

"24 hours" Logan replied, walking on. Dylan followed. He usually worked ER on busy nights so Logan wasn't surprised.

"Do you ever go home?" he joked and Logan smiled.

"I was home yesterday" Logan defended, Dylan shooting him a look.

"For how long?"

"A few hours...ok 4 hours" he stated when Dylan gave him the 'THE TRUTH' look.

"You really need to get out more. I have a friend..." but Logan cut him off. He was always trying to set him up with some girl or other. Logan didn't think that he was an obvious gay but at the same time he knew most of the hospital staff suspected it considering he wasn't horrible looking and yet he never showed an interest in the opposite sex. Dylan though remained oblivious.

"Stop right there. No thank you I am perfectly fine on my own" they were almost at the emergency room.

"Dude, you're 30 years old. How long have we worked here? 6 years? In those 6 years how many dates have you been on?"

"None" Logan said without laughing or frowning just staing the fact. He didn't care.

"Seriously? None, in 6 years? That's sad bro" Logan shot him an amused look as they entered the ER.

"Actually I haven't been on a date since I was 16" he said. He heard his name, grabbed a chart and made his way to the bed that was on his nearest left, leaving a very shocked Dylan behind.

"What have we got?" he asked, ignoring the chart.

"2 car collision. Male, late 20's, early 30's. This was the driver of the 2nd car. Hit by the other when it ran a red light and hit black ice. Possible lung damage, 2 broken ribs that are known of. Broken left leg and a severe head wound" the EMT reeled off. Logan done a quick check of the vitals.

"Ok, lets get him stabilised and get him up for a head CT and then cast his leg. We will need to check for internal bleeding too" a nurse nearby nodded before going to the phone and ordering everything. Logan took a moment to look at the man in the bed. The head injury had made quite a mess of his face which was covered in blood. Logan got the feeling he was familiar but shook it. It wasn't the first time. Doctoring in the area you grew up in meant you saw a lot of familiar faces. He had already seem 3 former schoolmates die in the years he worked here.

"Ok so if you're good I'm going to go and help over there. Page when he's finished. Was there someone in the car with him?"

"A girl, mid 20's" the EMT said running past Logan "I have to go" Logan nodded before running of to another bed to assist. 2 hours and a death later Logan was in the locker room, changing his now bloodied coat. The other driver who had ran the light had died of his injuries. He made his way to the cafeteria to get a coffee. The current time was 11.30p.m. and he had now been working 26 and a half hours. He sat down and drank in silence.

He was almost finished when his pager went off. He then realised he didn't even know the man he had treated's name. Well, whoever he was he was out of surgery and his family was there. Normally the surgeon would talk to the family but apparently he was needed. Sighing he stood from his seat, tossing the empty cup in the trash making his way to the ward the man was on.

"Hey Becky" he said tiredly as he approached. Becky was a woman in her mid 30's and was the head nurse at the hospital. She was also the only member of staff that knew Logan was THELogan Mitchell from BTR. He usually went by his surname and only a few knew his first name.

"Hey sweetie, long day?"

"Too long" he replied

"How long have you been here? Have you slept in the last 2 days?" Logan had to chuckle. Becky was like the hospital mother, always looking out for you.

"I am doing just fine! Thanks for the concern" he said. "Um are the charts here for the guy who was in the car crash 3 hours ago" she nodded, pulling up the chart. He heard his name and turned to see Carl Mathews, the resident surgeon coming towards him. They had worked together too many times to count. Although Mathews was a great surgoen, Logan was a better people person and they would usually do this where Logan would take over the patient after surgery. They greeted eachother.

"Mitchell, I need you to take over the crash victim. I have another surgery in 10 minutes and the family don't know yet"

Logan nodded. Of course he would do it. "How is he?" he asked taking out a pen to scribble the facts down on the chart.

"Poor guy. He has a broken left leg but I managed to fix it. He also a small internal bleed but we stopped it. We taped up his 3 broken ribs too"

"His head?" Logan inquired, remembering the blood.

"He hit his head pretty hard. We thought it might be a concussion but since he's slipped into a coma. He had swelling on the brain and we had to relieve it" Logan nodded writing it all down.

"Who's the family?" Logan asked.

"The girl in the car with him was his sister apparently, she's waiting downstairs...I have to go. He's in Room 293. Thanks Mitchell" Carl said patting his shoulder before taking off. Logan said goodbye to Becky before heading down to the waiting room.

He stopped at the main desk when he heard someone call his name "Logan?"

He turned to look at the girl in her mid 20's, smaller than him though not by much. She had shoulder length hair with a reddish tinge and big brown eyes. Her arm was in a sling and she had numerous cuts on her face. She must be the sister, he thought though it didn't explain how she knew his name. When he didn't answer she spoke again.

"Logan, Logan Mitchell?" Oh dear, a fan. He had had these before. But the girl was familiar, so he humored her.

"Yes that me. You are..." she jumped at him and hugged him, causing him to step back in surprise as she mumbled into his shoulder.

"I can't believe it's you! Oh Logan, the crash and then this..." Logan placed to hands on her shoulder's prying her away. She looked up with confused eyes and reality hit her.

"You don't know who I am do you?" she asked. He shook his head.

"It's me, Katie" it took all of a nano second for Logan to realise and then time slowed drastically. If this was Katie, then she was in the crash. And if she was the sister of the victim then...

He ignored Katie and opened the chart to see the name: KENDALL KNIGHT.