Coming Soon! September 1st.

Title: Stroked

Disclaimer: This is the best series out there, bar none. Wished I owned them but I don't, just like to write and have fun.

This story will concern a team member who has to come to terms with a possible disability and the realization of the real definition of friendship.

This story is based on actual medical data and will be as accurate as possible with a little imagination thrown in for good measure.

June 18th, 2010

It was the hottest summer he could remember, the sweat dripped from his forehead as he entered his air conditioned car. He couldn't wait to get home, his air conditioned apartment would be a comfort after such a long hot day.

As he started the engine he was suddenly hit with the hot air from the vents. He rolled down the window but the hot air outside was in comparison just as hot as the air inside. He allowed the engine to run a few minutes until the air seemed to cool down a bit, then rolled up his window. He was about to back out of his parking space when he spotted Ziva running towards his car.

He stopped the car and rolled own the window again to see what his partner was doing, what she wanted.

"Tony! Cut on your phone." her words were sharp, angry.

"My phone is on." he looked down to see that the battery had died. "Oops." he muttered to himself and turned his attention back to Ziva. "Going for a jog?" he tried to humor the now sweaty Mossad officer turned American.

" Gibbs wanted me to catch you before you left. We caught a case." she almost yelled it at the man in the car, feeling rather ticked off that she had been sent to get her partner and not McGee. She too had been affected by the heat, unusual for someone who lived most of her life in a desert, her father would accuse her of becoming a soft westerner.

Tony leaned his head against the head rest and moaned, "Nooooo. I want to go home, isn't it someone else' s turn?" his own whining seemed childish but he was tired and he was hot. It was Friday and he just wanted to go home.

"Gibbs said to hurry, we have a dead petty officer." Ziva didn't seem to be paying attention to his childish moment, but she had had plenty of time over the years to adjust to his tantrums.

"I'll be there in a minute, let me re-park my car." Tony punctuated the words then rolled his window back up, slid his car back into his parking space, cursing under his breath that his time at work was being prolonged. It wasn't like they hadn't done their time in the past few days. A dead staff Sargent had taken taken up a lot of their time, the culprit, as always, was the wife. He would always be suspect of a woman who wanted a large sum of life insurance on him.

He cut off the engine and walked back inside. It was going to be a long weekend.