Lucifer's Angel

Part 11: The End

by: Yaya

Summary: Fly away, fly away, from the torch of blame. They hunt you, Lucifer's angel. Never lived, you never died, your life has been denied. They call you Lucifer's angel.

"Dad's gone Jo." Dean had his eyes glued to his father's back, anger slowly rising from his fists, hot blood pumping through his veins so fast it made him dizzy. "He's gone."


There's a moment in life where you decide, whether to push forward or take a few steps back. A choice between living and existing. The pain and suffering your mind and body endure can be a powerful incentive. Your eyes roam the sky in search of an answer. Perhaps if you stare just a little bit harder, believe just a little more, you'll find what your heart has been seeking. ... Peace.

Peace, that everything you fought for will come to flourish and bloom. Peace, that all the pain you endured will finally end in calm and rest. Peace, that all the hate you were holding in will dissipate, leaving you feeling happy and content.

There's a moment in life where your decisions and choices are all you have to keep you pushing forward.


Dean and Jo drove on in silence, it has been over five hours since they last saw their father, five hours since they left Oregon and headed as far away from civilization as possible. They hadn't stopped, Dean refused to pull over, hell bent on getting away and forgetting what had unfolded in front of his eyes. He didn't know how much Jo had seen, and he prayed that she hadn't seen any of it. She's going to ask questions you know, there's no hiding it. But Dean would stave them off for as long as he could, or at least until he was satisfied that they were far enough away. Huh, we should probably head to Sweden.

"Dean? I need the bathroom, pull over." Jo's tone is emotionless, the last of her tears leaving an empty void in his sister. His eyes glance towards her and his fists instinctively tighten around the Impala's steering wheel. "We'll get them Jo," He promises through gritted teeth. "We just need-" But he's abruptly cut off, "I said I need the bathroom, pull over."

At the next diner Dean pulls over, the sound of the passenger door opening and closing echoing through the silence. "I guess I'll buy us some dinner." Dean drags himself out of the Impala and heads toward the diner.

Both siblings slip back into the car in mutual silence. The rustling of bags the only noise throughout the rest of the drive as Dean and Jo dig in for their meal of the night. I should say something – but one glance at his sister changes Dean's mind instantly - Maybe later. For now, they would just try and get through this night.


"Oh my God!" Sam gasped in wonderment. "You're the archangel!" He couldn't help the smile that broke out on his face, "finally!" Sam stared at the angel's wings with such endearment it threw Michael off for a moment.


Sam wouldn't stop staring at Michael. Finally, my prayers have been answered.

"Yes, I've heard every single one of them. And here I am. Tell me something Sam, how is it that Lucifer's son prays to a God and his angels? Surely, you were told about us, and no doubt taught to hate our very existence."

Sam wasn't at all surprised at the angel being able to get into his mind, and hear what he was thinking. It was a testament to how powerful the angel was. - This is a test.

"I've been taught many things by my father, and yes hating you was lesson one."

"Yet, you pray to us. Why is that?"

Sam shrugs his answer, his eyes slowly roaming John's body trying to seek out anything that looked remotely like an angel. "Why are you in John Winchester's body? You're too magnificent to be inside that." Sam frowns in disgust at the vessel.

"Such arrogance. You know that was your father's downfall; the reason he was cast out of heaven, and thrown down to earth to live amongst the humans."

"Huh." Sam tilts his head to the side as he continues to scrutinize the angel. "He told it to me differently." - Angels don't lie … do they?

Michael smiles politely, "I'm sure he did."

"Um, excuse me! But what the hell Sam?! Why aren't you destroying this prick?" Ruby stepped up to the angel, a scowl marring her usually pretty features. "And why the hell are you in John Winchester?! What happened to Dean?!"

"What I really want to know is where the hell Lucifer is." Meg joined Ruby in the front line. "This wasn't our deal!" She spat out.

Sam looked at Michael questioningly.

Michael smiled superciliously, "well, he's in hell of course. Did you really think I would let him best me in the battle of the century? You were sorely mistaken."

"Wait. You put my father in hell, because he was going to defeat you?" Sam narrowed his eyes at Michael, "Isn't that cheating?" - Angels don't cheat … do they?

"News flash Sam. He's an angel!" Brady turned black eyes on Michael, "What did you think, that they were cuddly-fluffy creatures with halos over their heads?!"

Sam could feel his blood boiling, his emotions taking over and enhancing his inner powers. - He's an Archangel, no, there has to be a logical explanation for this.

"I wouldn't say I cheated. Just leveling out the playing field." Michael said matter of fact-ly.

Wake up Sam, what is anything about this situation logical?! When has anything regarding your life ever been 'logical'?

"Yeah right. You were just afraid Sam here was gonna kick your ass to hell!" Brady stepped forward and was now face to face with Michael. "You knew that Lucifer in Sam would end you, and this world. Couldn't stand losing to a lesser being? ... You're a coward."

Before Ruby and Meg could warn their hot-headed friend, they were being sprayed with his blood and bones.

Ruby and Meg turned their horrified eyes towards Sam, he could see that they wanted him to step in. - I never liked the guy anyway. "What?! He should've known better not to challenge an Archangel! … But then again, Brady was always an idiot." - But then again, he was your friend too.

Sam turned red eyes at the angel, "my turn."


When the oils begin to burn, and the ice caps melt, people start praying. They all knew this day would come, where mountains would crumble away like dust, and lightning would split the skies in two. There was no escaping the end of the world, there was no shelter from the Apocalypse. Praying always brought on a sense of solace and hope, though.


"Jo, we should talk." Dean finally said, breaking the silence that was plaguing the siblings for the past two hours.

"Dean, I don't -"

"What the ..." Dean cut in. He stopped the Impala, turned off her engine and stepped out into the street. "Holy mother ..." He gasped as his eyes surveyed the wreckage and mayhem around him.

People were screaming and crying their lungs out, dirty faces praying to the skies that they be spared. Vehicles were on fire, buildings were collapsing and glass shards rained down on the chaos. Dean looked up towards the skies, and gasped as his eyes burned with the red hot heat.

"Oh my God!" Jo cried out as she too took in the horrific scene in front of her. "Dean?"

"Get back in the car Jo. Now!" He didn't wait for another minute, his feet hit the pedal and they hightailed it out of there.

"Where are we gonna go? Dean, what are we gonna do? What is this? … Oh my God! The sky is on fire!" Jo screeched, and Dean knew it would only be a matter of time before she started hyperventilating.

"We're going back." Was all Dean would say – back to kill that sonofabitch!


There's a split moment when your life flashes before your eyes, a moment where all you can hear is the sound of your own breathing and your heart beating a steady 'thump thump thump'. Many would say you were experiencing an out of body moment, and if you were lucky enough your soul would know to get back into your body. Your eyes would open to life, and you would smile because you will live another day.


For Sam Campbell, death was a welcome surprise. Lucifer had told him stories about a scary man in a black cloak carrying a scythe. How Death would come and take his soul and do horrible things to it if he didn't obey his father's orders.

Sam, however, embraced Death with open arms and a warm smile. Funny how a man in a smart suit, and a sharp tongue can have an enamoring effect on people.

"You know who I am?" Death approached Sam, making sure to evade the dead bodies around him.

Sam shook his head in the negative, his smile bloody and sinister. "But no doubt you'll tell me."

"I'm Death."

"Huh." - Daddy lied again.

"You killed Michael, I see." Death stared Sam straight in the eyes as he spoke, never breaking contact.

"Yeah. So." Sam's eyes reflected the blood-fire that surrounded them. "He cheated."

"And you needed to set things right. A man of principle. I respect that." Death showed his teeth in a faux smile.

Sam shrugged, but didn't break eye contact with the man. "Amongst many other things."

"I should say congratulations," Death swept his walking stick over the fallen bodies in front of Sam.

"Not really, but whatever floats your boat." Sam looked down at Ruby and Meg, and a moment of sadness filled his red eyes. "Michael was a worthy opponent."

"Yes, he was a very magnificent being. But that's not why I'm here." Death turned his eyes away from Sam and looked out into the distance towards the chaos unfolding.

"You have done it, you have killed Michael and started your Apocalypse. You have done what every being in the heavens and in hell was trying to prevent, yet prayed would happen. … The world is your own to do with as you please."

He makes it sound very glamorous.

"But..." Sam waited for the man to continue.

"Well, there is a matter of your father still."

"What about him," - he could rot in hell for all I care.

"I have the power to pull him out of hell and bring him to your feet." Death said.

"Why would you do that?" Sam asked, taken aback by the offer.

"You are the king now, Lucifer no longer reigns over us. … Unless of course you wish him to remain-"

"No," Sam interrupted, "I don't wish him to remain anything, but dead. Let him rot in hell."

"Cold." Death said.

"Yeah, well … I learned from the best. Daddy's little angel."

Death approached Sam, leaned in so he was just a breath away from his face and whispered. "The souls are mine to do with as I please." He waited for Sam to try and challenge otherwise.

Sam stared Death in the face and leered, "knock yourself out."


When Dean and Jo finally arrived back at the site where they had left their father, it was abandoned. There was no sign of Sam Campbell or his minions.

"Dean!" Jo's shrill cry had him sprinting towards her. He fell to his knees next to Jo, "Oh no." He whispered in anguish. "Dad."

The Winchester siblings mourned over their father's corpse, angry tears falling from their eyes as they held on to each other for support. "That sonofabitch is going to die. I promise you dad. Sam Campbell will pay!" Dean's promise echoed through the empty field, swallowed up by the sounds of the Apocalypse, a promise he would keep till his last breath.

John Winchester lay in the arms of his beloved children, his lifeless eyes cast towards the heavens. His soul floated up, hovering in lonely sadness, as he watched his children mourn.

"Don't worry love, they will both be alright."

John smiled as the soft, gentle voice of his beloved Ellen caressed his spirit.

"Angels are watching over them."


Destiny is like an unattainable dream. For some, however, it is a prison barred with blood and fear. But you smile to yourself for even though destiny has one, you are finally at peace.

Sam Campbell stepped into the abandoned rose garden. As chaos continued to unfold around him he couldn't help the sense of peace wash over his very soul. I'm no longer your prisoner, my mind is now my own. No more nightmares, no more suffering, no more you. I win.

"So, I win."


On your own I know you can make it. Truth or bone, I know you can shake it. Survive alone, I know you can take it. … They call you, Lucifer's angel.

The End