Jane could feel someone standing over her... hovering. She opened her mouth to cry out a warning but her hoarse voice barely produced a scratchy plea. Jane instinctively threw her arms up in a defensive posture. She felt her limbs connect with another body and was momentarily stunned that she was no longer pinned to the floor. Realizing this was her chance to get free Jane began fighting more vehemently. Despite the adrenaline she felt like her body was moving under water. It took all her strength to raise her arms as she willed her tired body to fight harder. Suddenly she felt her wrists being forced down.

He was going to pin her to the floor again.

She could hear Hoyt taunting her... calling her name.

Her mind flashed to the searing white hot pain of the nails being driven through her flesh. She relived the look of sick satisfaction on Hoyt's face and nearly choked on the fear of his hands on her body again.

Her resolve broken, she heard herself pleading for him to stop.


A panicked voice broke through her pleas. "Open your eyes, Jane."

Jane's mind flashed again and suddenly Hoyt's face was inches from her own.

"I wouldn't want you to miss any of the fun, Jane" Hoyt's voice said sinisterly.

"Jane..." the first voice said again. "Jane, you're safe."

Jane couldn't make out where the voice was coming from. Maybe somewhere behind Hoyt...

Exhausted and weak, Jane stopped fighting Hoyt and squeezed her eyes shut trying to concentrate on the voice instead of what was happening to her.

"You're safe now, Jane" the voice said again. "I promise, Sweetie. No one will hurt you."


Jane recognized the voice. Maura was in the room.

Jane's heart stopped. Hoyt got to Maura too.

"Maura..." Jane croaked.

"Yes!" the voice replied excitedly. "Yes, Jane, it's me. You're safe now, Jane. Please open your eyes."

Hesitantly Jane opened her eyes. This time, instead of Hoyt's dark room, she was met with an excruciatingly bright light which caused her eyes to snap shut immediately.

She felt a hand lightly brush through her hair and she instinctively recoiled with fear. The hand immediately pulled away.

"Oh Jane..."

Maura's voice was so soft and non-threatening that Jane felt her body slowly move back toward it.

"You're in the hospital, Jane." Maura continued. "You're safe."

Safe. Hearing Maura repeat the word over and over made it feel real.

Had she made it out of there alive?

Slowly opening her eyes, Jane let the light in little by little until she was hazily staring up at a familiar silhouette.

"...Maura?..." Jane tried again.

Tears began to slide down Jane's cheeks as Maura's face came into view.

She saw Maura start to reach out her hand but then stop and clasp her hands in front of her.

Jane noticed that Maura's hair and sweater were uncharacteristically disheveled. She also noticed the tears on Maura's cheeks. It didn't seem like Maura knew she was crying.

"...Maura?" Jane asked tentatively. "...Maura, is this real?"

Maura ran her hand through her hair and gave Jane a compassionate look.

"Yah, Sweetie, this is real." Maura said sadly.

Jane shook her head trying to shake the cobwebs out. This was real. She was safe. Maura had said she was safe. Hoyt was gone.


Realizing she didn't know where he was, Jane tried to sit up in a panic and was reward with a sharp pain that nearly knocked the wind of her.

"Hoyt!" Jane gasped. "What about Hoyt? Maura, where's Hoyt?"

Maura held out her hands. "Shhh... Jane take it easy... Don't try to get up.."

"Korsak shot him, Jane." Maura said.

Jane looked intently at Maura. "He..He's dead?"

Maura slowly shook her head regrettably. "Not dead. Injured." Maura said matter-of-factly.

Jane's eyes widened. "Here? ...he's here?"

Jane started to sit up again.

"No!" Maura exclaimed before softening her voice. "No. In a prison ward."

"A heavily guarded prison ward" she added. "He's not getting anywhere near here, Jane. I promise."

Jane let her head fall back against the pillow.

Her body suddenly felt very heavy and the dull pain that she felt throughout her body was beginning to worsen. As the aching turned to throbbing she started to become acutely aware of her injuries. She let her mind wander for a fraction of a second to the cause of that pain before quickly blinking the thoughts away. Suddenly aware that Maura was watching her, she dropped her gaze.

Desperate to take Jane's mind off whatever she was thinking Maura jumped up suddenly and grabbed a Coach bag off the floor.

"I stopped by your place" Maura said while nervously fidgeting inside the bag. "Jane, you haven't done laundry in weeks. I couldn't find anything that even resembled clean lounge wear."

"But don't worry!" she rushed on. "I stopped at Bloomingdales on the way over and bought you some pajamas and matching slippers".

"...I know! I know!" she said forcing out a laugh. "No patterns! But these are stripped see? Everyone looks good in stripes! I promise you, Jane, you're going to-"

"Maura..." Jane whispered.

"And your toothbrush, Jane..." Maura continued. "Those bristles will destroy the enamel on your teeth. I read a study a few years ago that-"

"Maura!" Jane croaked.

Maura jumped at the interruption and nervously looked up at Jane.

"Maura..." Jane started again trying to work through the raspiness in her strained voice. "...can we just... not now okay?... I mean, thank you but..."

Maura dropped the bag and took a few slow steps to the bed.

"No, Jane." she said holding up her hands and shaking her head. "It's okay. I'm sorry."

Maura ran a hand through her hair before offering it, palm up, to Jane.

Jane slowly placed one of her bandaged hands on top of Maura's.

"I just want to help, Jane." Maura said softly rubbing her thumb over the tips of Jane's fingers. "Tell me what I can do..."

"Maura?" Jane said softly. "How long..." Jane looked up at Maura before quickly looking away. "How long did he have me?"

Maura tilted her head to the side and studied Jane's features while she briefly worried that Jane might have suffered some type of memory loss.

"Three days, Sweetheart" Maura replied gently. "You were gone for three days."

Jane took a jagged breath seeming to will her tears to stay at bay and nodded a few too many times.

"I wasn't sure" Jane said distantly. "I thought... it was hard to..."

Jane shook her head as if to shake the cobwebs out again.

"I lost consciousness a few times..." Jane continued. "I didn't know how long..."

"I was worried when you didn't come to work Monday morning" Maura replied sadly. "I went to your apartment at lunch but you weren't there. ...I sent Frost and Korsak everywhere looking for you."

Jane pulled her hand away and lifted her head suddenly.

"Frost and Korsak!..." Jane breathed before looking up at Maura.

"They're here? Do they... do they... know what happened?" she said desperately.

Maura scooted closer and calmly recaptured Jane's hand.

"They're in the waiting room" Maura replied calmly. Seeing the look on Jane's face she hurried on. "They know Hoyt abducted you. ...they don't know the details though..."

Somewhat relieved Jane eased back against the pillows.

"Jane..." Maura continued hesitantly. "Jane... I don't know the details..."

Jane looked away and shook her head absently. "Maura... I... I can't, Maura..."

"Jane.." Maura began carefully. "I know you think I'm... awkward and not good around people but..."

Maura lowered her head until she was making eye contact. "You can tell me anything..." she said softly. "You know that right?"

Maura's heart fell as Jane swallowed hard and then pulled away to the far side of the bed. Maura was beginning to curse herself for pushing too hard when she heard Jane speak.

"He broke into my apartment while I was sleeping..." Jane said softly. "I don't know how much of it was a dream and how much was real..."

Maura sat silently patiently waiting for Jane to continue.

"I think he drugged me with something... on a rag... I... I don't remember..." Jane trailed off.

"It could've been any number of Trihalomethane's-" Maura interrupted. Realizing she wasn't being helpful she forced herself to not dive into a diatribe on anesthetic compounds. "If you were exposed to the vapors while you were sleeping there's no way you could've known he was there..." she said instead.

Jane picked at the blanket in front of her not seeming to hear Maura's statement.

"I woke up in a room..." Jane said softly; barely loud enough for Maura to hear. "There was... a... a... mattress..."

Maura's heart broke.

Jane shook her head not making eye contact. "Nothing else..." she whispered.

"My... my wrists were... my wrists were chained to a... a radiator" she continued distantly.

"I heard him coming... so I... I pretended to be asleep...I waited until I could... feel his... his breath on my cheek" she said disgustedly.

"Then I... I kicked him... as hard as I could." she said firmly as though trying to convince herself.

"I know you did..." Maura whispered re-reassuringly.

"But I was..." Jane was shaking her head again. "I was trapped." she said defeatedly. "He started... started kicking me... over and over... I... I covered my head with my... my arms and I just... prayed that he would stop..."

Jane sniffed and quickly wiped the tears from her eyes.

"I guess I passed out" Jane shrugged. "I don't know how long I was unconscious. When I woke up I was alone again..."

Maura reached out wanting to comfort Jane but pulled back when she saw Jane lean further away.

"That must have been awful for you." Maura said softly.

"When I woke up I... I knew I had to escape, Maura..." Jane said looking up at Maura for the first time. "But I... I could barely move..." Jane looked away again ashamed.

"The excess fluid in the tissue surrounding the joints from the beating would've made that very painful." Maura assured her.

"I... I... tried to move, Maura..." Jane said as her shoulders began to shake. "I tried to get away..."

Jane covered her face as she dissolved into tears. Maura debated her next move for half a second before gently and cautiously climbing onto the bed next to Jane and enveloping her friend in her arms. Instead of pulling away again Jane turned into Maura's embrace and sobbed into her shoulder.

Not knowing what else to do, Maura ran her hand over Jane's scalp comfortingly and then kissed the top of her head.

"It's okay, Jane" she whispered. "You're safe now... shhh... I've got you..."

As Jane's sobs subsided she tried to pull away but Maura gently pulled her back in.

"Jane..." Maura said softly. "Tell me what happened next, Sweetie..."

Maura's heart pounded as she waited for Jane to continue. Maybe she had misread the chart. Maybe Jane's bruises were from the beating and this is where Jane would tell her that she escaped...

But Maura knew Jane hadn't escaped. Maura had been there to see her friend nailed to a floor in a pool of her own blood.