Due to FanFiction's enforcement of their policies, I am currently in process of moving my stories to WordPress. My WordPress ID is Kittyinaz dot WordPress dot com. It is also on my profile.

I chose WordPress because of reading other stories on it and was very impressed. I like the variety that it offers by letting me post as pages my stories with banners or pictures in the chapters, the ability to group stories together as I like them, my personal notes as blogs where my readers can ignore them and get to the story themselves. Not to mention to being able to personally design the site as I wish.

I also love the fact it is set up to be extremely helpful to me by all the help features everywhere plus the weekly emails to teach you any enhancements or themes that are available for your use. It also allows me to post my stories and let my beta come behind me and proof read the chapters and post when she is done, or let me know that some major editing is needed, while saving and backing up everything on their servers so there is no fear of it being lost. There are other features available that I love, but in the interest of getting my stories up over there before anything is erased on FanFiction is making that the priority for me. The links to make it easier to go from chapter to chapter will be added later as well as the other fun things I have found.

As I finish my end of moving stories over, I will be posting this Authors Note to those same stories here in FanFiction. Please remember that my Beta (Who is freaking awesome!) needs to beta the stories and will post them as fast as possible. I will try to post at least the first chapter of each story so you can see the layout.

Also anyone talented to making banners? I would love to be able to post your work. I will give full credit to anyone who wishes to help. No matter if it is a banner for the whole story or for a chapter. Right now I am drugged due to teeth surgery and cannot make a banner if my life depends on it (another reason my Beta is reading after me, it is quite funny the mistakes I have made so far…). In fact the only banner I have ever made, I found out on Google so it seems it wasn't that hard. Instead each chapter has pictures on it, since I am VERY eager to take advantage of that feature. Plus I got to use a picture that has inspired me with the permission of the artist.

I will be going back over my stories and deleting the sex scenes out of them, and leaving a comment that the missing part of the story will be on WordPress unedited. I will warn you, I have set the age limit on the site for over NC-17 only. No need to be worried about the stories being taken down there!

Stories will continue to be updated here, but only after they are posted to WordPress and ok'd by my beta there, with the same limitations. And yes you can follow me there if you have a WordPress account. You will get email updates of my stories.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I will be happy to help anyone out who wishes to go over to WordPress, it is a very friendly site and the options it offers is unbelievable. It is not just a FanFiction site, it also does photos, blogs and anything you can imagine.

As to my past Beta's on Alice and Hatter, thanks for all the help. I had erased the chapters when I made it into the book, and therefore lost all the credits. Becca and Sorena, your help was unbelievably awesome and I thank you for all your work.

Thanks everyone for your comments and I hope to find you on WordPress following me there. If not, I am trying to follow everyone that is going elsewhere. Some sites are not as helpful about the following and it has helped me in the process of picking this one. And hopefully with me rereading all these stories, it will make me eager to write more. I know it is helping me remember all my notes and such! Now hopefully I can remember the stories when the drugs wear off….