I was waking from sleep when I saw a bat on my bed, staring right at me, I jumped and screamed.

"BAT ON MY BED!" It squeaked looking at me pathetically, it had fangs, which scared me even more, "VAMPIRE BAT EVEN WORSE!" My friend came running in.

"Annabel! Its just a little bat, I'll get the cage and we'll put him in there and call animal control" Animals in our little house was not among the strange events in this building

"WHY WAS IT THERE!" On rare occasions, vampire bats drank human blood I was hoping that he just flew in through my open window on accident. Chase got the cage from his room and returned to my roomholding the door open and to both of our surprises, the bat went right in my jaw dropped that was way too easy.

"Since he likes you so much, he can stay in your room." Chase said laughing. He hung the cage on a hook that was so conveniently placed on the ceiling, the bat turned around in his cage and stared at me, chattering quietly.

"I hate you, so much Chase…" I called after him, my gaze returned to the bat, his beady eyes looking at me.

"Stop it!" I folded my arms over my chest and turned away from him. He chattered loudly at my back, I growled.

"WHAT!" I screamed turning back to him, an almost mad light was in his eyes, Chase came back into my room to see me glaring at the bat and the bat looking at me in return.

"Get ready for work Annabel, its just a bat."

"He was yelling at me!" I told Chase.

"Really, it's a bat, unable to comprehend the human language."

"How do you know that, he could be like a bat from some radio active…THING WHAT EVER YOU CALL IT!" I stomped my foot.

"You are too imaginative for your own good." Chase told me. I got my waitress dress, about to change, I threw a sheet over the cage, the bat chattered angrily.

"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!" I hollered at him, he continued to chatter while I changed, I took the sheet off to see him up on the bars, I squealed and jumped back.

"I really don't like you…" I said, turning off the lamp and walking out to my car.

8 Hours Later

I came home, huffing, not knowing if animal control came and got the bat I was about to turn the doorknob, but it was locked, weird, Chase left it unlocked and he didn't trust the animal control with a key to lock the door back when they left… I took out my key and unlocked the door I stepped through the door looking up I screamed, a man was lying on the floor, dead, the disembodied head staring with a frozen fear, but not a splatter of blood anywhere to be seen, tried to call the police, but a hand enveloped mine I screamed as I looked up to the person's face, a handsome man, with an evil smile plastered on his face, the worst part was, he had fangs.

"Y-y-your th- the b-b-bat-"

"That was in your room this morning, the bat that you demanded to stop staring at you, the one who scared you when you removed the sheet from over the cage, if you're speaking of that one, yes I was." He said, evilly calm, I squeaked, trying to scream. He chuckled darkly, his hand pressed to the small of my back, pressing me close to him, he bent down to the level of my neck, I felt those fangs brush my flesh. My lips parted and a scream was unleashed right before he sank his fangs in my neck. He reared back, his eyes wide, "You're not under my influence?" He asked, I figured rhetorically. He didn't slack his grip on me, my eyes still wide, my mouth slightly agape. He looked me in the eyes, I felt drawn to him, but I was still in control, if I wanted to scream I could have, he knew that.

"Interesting." He said, "At this point, I'm not sure if she's even human." He said, thinking out loud looking away from me, I would have smacked him, but this guy was a freaking vampire, and a powerful one. I stayed froze in his arms.

"Wh-who are you?" I squeaked quietly, he turned his attention back to me.

"Dracula." I all out fainted.

30 minutes Later

I awoke, thinking this was all a dream until Dracula spoke up, " You're awake." I screamed and scooted across the bed to lean against the wall. He towered in my room, over my bed and over me, I trembled in fear. I squeezed my eyes shut, terrorized, I felt his hand on my neck turning my head to face him blindly, I squeaked in terror.

"I'm not going to hurt you."

That's what they all say How was I to trust DRACULA! After he killed animal control. I shivered as the sight of the drained body lying on the floor…

I moved farther away from him, he just moved right beside me, what was he doing, did he want to drink my blood or rape me, I had no clue… All I knew was that there was a legendary vampire that wasn't even a legend on the bed beside me, and that I was terrified about it, of him of what may happen, a tear slid down my face one of fear, I don't know how Dracula registered it, but he wiped it away gently, why did he do that, he was muttering quietly, "Mary was a once in a lifetime thing, no matter how long you live…" He said, who was Mary? His arm wrapped around my stomach and pulled me closer to him either he was going to kill me or rape me.

Lord help me! I cried mentally, Dracula's face was in my mahogany hair, it made me realize that he wasn't going to hurt me, he was just holding me, why, I yelled at him this morning, he just tried to kill me, now…he's showing affection towards me, I shuddered.

"What's wrong, Annabel?" His voice whispered in my ear, my eyes flew open, his voice saying my name, sounded so right…what was I getting myself into?