I just wanted to try my hand at an age bending fic so here we go.

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Unnatural Progression

Lightning march on despite the pain in her feet or the numbness in her legs.

"Oh boy my dogs are killing me!" Sazh said rather to loudly even if he didn't look the slightest bit winded.

"Then how about a nice little rest? Just to get our strength back." Vanille added happily, a bit too happily.

Lightning ground her teeth together as everyone looked at her for the okay. No they were all fine but she was the one who need a rest but she wasn't going to admit that.

"What are you all whining about I can cover three times this distances before needing a rest." Lightning was shocked by how her voice sounded. No longer did her words carry with them the commanding sound of a Sergeant but they now sounded like a boasting child.

Appropriate as Lightning had the body of a fifteen year old girl. Something that had happened just the other day.

Yesterday the group came across a Cie'th stone but it had been damaged somehow. The extent and type of damage was unknown until Lightning, the groups leader, went to interact with it. The Cie'th stone bathed her in some odd magic light. She felt like her body was melting from the inside out. She could hear the others call out to her but then the stone exploded knocking Lightning off her feet and unconsciousness.

Snow's voice was the first thing Lightning heard as she came out of the darkness. "Lightning! My god are you okay! Fang what the hell happened to her!"

"Don't ask me! How the hell should know!" there was just about as much anxiety and fear in Fangs words as there was in Snow's. Now Lightning go worried, Fang was always to cool to ever get rattled like that.

Slowly feeling to make sure that she still had all her parts Lightning pulled herself up. "What are you taking about? What's wrong with me?"

Lightning didn't need an answers as the moment she stood up her belt, gunblade and skirt slide right of her to small waist, luckily her shirt now hung off her like a baggy dress and the hem of her coat now brushed against her knees. "My clothing got bigger?"

Lightning looked to Snow to ask what happened but he was taller then her not and just normally taller then her but like she only just came up to his chest taller then her. Vanille was even an inch or two taller then Lightning was now. It dawned on her that her clothing wasn't the problem, she had gotten smaller.

Sazh pulled out his hand mirror, hey an afro doesn't take care of itself, and gave it to Lightning. She almost screamed at her reflection. Lightning did recognizes herself but from her memories of six years ago. Lightning looked exactly like she did when she was fifteen years old.

"Just take nice slow deep breaths." Vanille said as calmly as she could.

'Right, nice deep breaths.' Lightning thought as she took in a deep soothing lungful of air. The panic that threaded to overwhelm her subsided. Yes this was a problem but freaking out wouldn't help her.

As Lightning took in another deep breath she felt something lose against her skin. It took her a moment to realize it was her bra now far to large to accommodate her small breast. That was the last straw and her mind began to shut down.

Lightning wobbled for a moment and then toppled over. Everyone had been to stunned to move or even get close to her. Once lightning started to fall however Hope was the first one to react. He ran over and managed to catch her before she hit the ground.

Hope was shocked by how light and how slender she was. Then there was the fact then never in a million years did Hope ever believe he would be holding Lightning in his arms like this.

"My breast… … so small." were Lightning's last words before she lapsed into unconsciousness.

Hope swallow the large lump that formed in his thought at Lightning's last words. 'There perfectly fine breast if you ask me.' that thought came to him unbidden but it wasn't untrue. Even as a girl about his age Hope thought Lightning had very nice breast. Hope was trying to stop Lightning from falling but now that he had her his mind quickly filled with other thoughts, that kind that made him blush.

"Would some please take her from me?" Hope asked looking for some help.

That night Vanille tailored Lightning uniform to fit her new frame but she have to do with the shoulder pads. Fang had managed to make a pair of sandals for Lightning as her boots were way to big.

As both Fang and Vanillle tended to Lightning's clothing situation the guys discussed what to do about it. In the end there was nothing that they could do about it but strangely Hope was every quite that whole evening as if his mind was elsewhere.

Their already strange trip just got even stranger.


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