disclaimer: no ownership of Pokemon
pairings: Wally/May. Brendan/May.
notes: Practice for Bijouie's Wally character study- request. It's May's POV by the way.


can't take the kid from the fight
(take the fight from the kid.)



There's this boy with green irises that just looks by the window. He wants to go outside but he's pale and sickly and he's sick and tired of being sick and tired and you're sick and tired of just waiting.

You love the boy, you really do, but he's just staring far away probably remembering the places he used to travel, the feeling of breathing fresh air into his lungs. He can't do that anymore, he just sits there on his white bed and just stares with sad sad eyes and you feel like crying.

"Don't cry May," he says and smiles, but you cry anyways.

The next day you hide in your covers as the clock ticks past and you know the boy is waiting for you to come over and tell him stories, but you run.

You run far far away, just so you can't remember the boy with those sad eyes.

But no matter how far you run, you remember him anyways.


You came back today, uneasy with weary smiles and a paper heart, but then your paper heart burns when he looks at you and smiles so brightly that you feel guilty for leaving him for the past few days. You tell him that you went to do some errands for people, which wasn't technically a lie. (You did have that list of errands that your father wanted you to do.)

—but still you never completed the list anyways.—

So you just sit there and talk, smiling at him with your usual brightness, but still his eyes seems so sad. (like an angel.)

With his beautiful green eyes that can turn into the darkest shade of green according to his mood, and his lips that speak of so many things that make her laugh, and laugh.

But lately his eyes have been so aching and his thin lips have curved into a gentle smile.

(you don't like it.)

He stares at you across the room, and you smile at him—pained and he could see the tears marking your rosy cheeks, and hear your voice broken—cracked.

"I'm leaving for Johto, Mom misses the Johto air and both she and Dad want me to go back. Dad's gonna stay here though, with his gym."

You explain, and you can feel tears falling down your face—not because you're upset about moving, but because he keeps smiling that heartbreaking smile saying horrible horrible things like, "I understand." Or, "Don't be upset May, you'll make tons of new friends at Johto."

So you fled and never look back.


You've been staring at the window for the past few days, ignoring your parents' grim looks and worried faces, seeing as you never left your room for the past days since you arrived. This boy has been visiting you, claims to be from Hoenn like you, chatters about life there. And all you can think of is that boy with melancholy in his eyes and kindness in his smile.

(and you just relapse and fall back.)


You received a letter today.

It's a sad one.

—Because your beautiful angel boy is gone, somewhere so high up in the sky, somewhere with butterflies.


Today when you saw that boy again, Brendan, you look at him and smile so bright.

And hug him as you start to cry.