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After Jade had kicked open Beck's RV door breaking in fuming, (he knew his girlfriend was tough, but this was impressive), and after he got over the fact that Jade could probably break into anywhere she pleases, Beck couldn't wait for his neighbor to come pick up her puppy to see the look on Jade's face. Don't get him wrong, he thought her possessiveness was sexy, the way she never let anything get in the way in their relationship; But sometimes it got a little bit out of hand, and Beck enjoyed the few times that he got to teach Jade a lesson.

Beck got up and closed the door to his RV after it had been rudely abused by Jade's Doc Marten boot and took his seat back in front of the laptop, with Sparkles in his lap. It took everything in him not to laugh when that fateful moment finally rolled around, however. After Andre had to exit his video chat pretty much by force thanks to his grandma who went bananas, it was just Tori, Beck, and Jade tapping her foot impatiently in the background left. Their project was obviously doomed to flop, but Beck and Tori decided to keep trying to finish their seemingly more and more crappy script, that was until a few knocks sounded at the door.

"Come in!" Beck called towards the door as he turned around with a smile. Time to meet my cheerleader neighbor, Jade.

"Yeah, COME IN!" Jade snapped, eager to meet this cheerleader that had been mooching off of her Beck, getting him to watch her puppy. Sickening. Her veins pulsed with jealousy and rage as she waited for this slut to make her appearance; She was going to make sure she never went anywhere near him again. She cracked her knuckles, but stopped abruptly, soon becoming shocked at the sight in front of her. The door opened as a cute, small girl walked in who looked about nine or ten, leaving Jade dumbfounded. She walked over to Beck cheerfully; her pigtails bouncing as Jade gaped. Beck just sat there smirking, enjoying his girlfriend's realization. You got some serious competition Jade, that's for sure, he thought to himself grinning.

"Hi Beck!"

"Hey, Allie."

"How was Sparkles?" she asked as Beck handed her back her little yorkie.

"Perfect. Jade, this is Allie. Allie, this is my girlfriend Jade." Beck introduced, smiling

"Hi." Allie said to Jade, offering her a little wave. Jade shook her head, putting herself back together and cleared her throat.

"Hi, Allie…" she responded with a small, tight smile and wave in return. Boy, did she feel stupid. But at least Allie wasn't some slut. That made her humiliation only slightly less bad. Her anger slowly started seeping back as she clenched her fists after seeing Tori laughing on Beck's laptop; nobody laughs at Jade. She seriously wanted to hurt her right about now.

"Thanks for watching her." Allie said sweetly, petting Sparkles and smiling at Beck.

"No problem." Beck responded.

"Your girlfriend's pretty." Allie whispered to him.

"I know." He whispered back, peeking at Jade from the corner of his eye.

He caught her gaze and winked, still sporting that damn smirk, as she looked down right after, still feeling embarrassed. That was… sweet. She couldn't help but be flattered when Beck surprised her with even the smallest sign of affection. School was different, however. She made herself seem indifferent at school, to not look like a pansy like those stupid girly girls. Not blushing at school was certainly a struggle, especially when Beck purposely displayed PDAs to see her reaction and push her buttons.

But back to the situation at hand, she knew she wasn't gonna hear the end of it from Beck from what she could tell. Next time I decide to go psycho on his ass, I should do my research, she thought to herself as Beck and Allie said goodbye, leaving just the two of them. Tori's laughter, which grew louder, brought Jade out of her train of thoughts. Make that the three of us, she thought bitterly. As the RV door closed shut again, Jade sprang up from her seat and plopped down next to Beck on the couch, prepared to question him and defend herself from her childlike assumptions. Before she could open her mouth, Vega interrupted them as usual.

"Wow Jade, you got some serious competition!" Tori mocked her as Jade felt the strongest urge to just snap Beck's laptop in two. But that meant that no harm would come to Tori, so she decided against it. Instead she growled, ignoring the immature beast, and pounced on Beck ready to hound him with questions.

"Why didn't you tell me she was nine?" Jade demanded furiously, throwing her hands in the air dramatically as Beck just threw his head back and laughed, partly from Tori thinking the exact same thing he was moments before and partly from Jade and her overreaction.

"It never came up!" was Beck's witty response as he just looked at her happily, with that smug expression that annoyed her as well as dazzled her momentarily. Why was he so annoyingly gorgeous? He was just so—stop it Jade. You're angry at him. Back to hounding him. The next few moments were simply filled with Beck and Jade going back and forth, completely forgetting the fact that a now irritated Tori sat 30,000 feet above the air watching their banter, wishing that the project would just be done with.

"Guys—" Tori tried but to no avail. "Guys I think—"

"SHUT UP!" Jade snapped angrily at Tori as she slammed the keyboard, causing the video chat to die.

Beck stared at Jade, shocked, as he started to wait patiently for her to cool down. He put his hand on her leg and rubbed it soothingly, as Jade visibly relaxed, taking deep breaths to control her anger. From dating the gorgeous but at times threatening beauty for more than two years, he learned an important thing about her. If Jade is angry, especially at you, wait until she's past her violent phase to try and talk to her or communicate in any way. Unless you want to break a bone or bleed internally, stay clear of her until that livid glint is gone from her eyes. Seriously. Most wonder why Beck is still with Jade after she supposedly never does anything nice for him, is possessive as hell, and has trouble getting along with pretty much anybody. The whole truth was, nobody understood Jade quite like Beck could. They told each other everything, and were completely comfortable with one another.

The reason she "never did anything nice for him", was because she already gave him the most precious thing she could ever give. Her heart. The reason she was possessive? She was afraid of loosing him; even though he tells her countless times that he loves her and wouldn't leave her for anything, and always will take her back after a stupid one-day breakup. And nobody and nothing could change that. The reason she didn't get along with anybody? Simple. She didn't like letting people in. Nobody knew it about Jade, but since she's had family problems at home basically her whole life, Beck is her only safe haven. She comes to his RV most nights when things get too bad or when she just wants to be with him, (He never minds one bit. Spending time with the real Jade is what he looks forward to every day.) And spends the night with him. She keeps extra clothes in his spare closet, and he drives her to school. This is how it's been for the last half of their relationship, and truthfully, Beck wouldn't want it any other way.

After a few minutes, when Jade's fury seemed to die down, Beck leaned over and closed his laptop. It shut with a click as he leaned back, pushing some pillows out of the way and tilting Jade's chin up so he could meet her eyes. He searched her eyes, looking for any signs of anger he missed, and smiled when he didn't see any. Knowing exactly what he was doing, Jade smirked in return and swatted his hand away playfully as she scooted closer to him. Beck slung his arm around her and kissed her neck, then buried his face in her hair, breathing in her scent. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his waist as they both enjoyed the silence and warmth of each other. Beck felt guilty for ditching Tori and leaving her to work on their project alone with a crazy Trina, but hopefully either Cat would get over Tori's harsh insult or Andre would get a new laptop in the meantime… both were pretty unlikely, but honestly, Beck had more important things to attend to at the moment.


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