It is exactly the same as before except i'm not leaving the ending as a cliffhanger because i am leaving the story as it is. I aplogize for not continuing as promised but i felt it had to be done. Thank you so much for the great feedback though, i truly appreciate it and i will write more stories in the future.



2:13 AM

Jade laid curled up in a ball in Beck's bed against the wall of the RV, squeezing her eyes shut and trying to get to sleep while blocking out the light and annoying noise coming from Beck's laptop. And by annoying noise, she meant Tori Vega's voice. She pulled the covers up under her chin while trying to get comfortable, knowing that Tori was just stalling Beck from going to sleep so she could talk to him longer. Jade wasn't entirely sure if Tori had heard her quite random declaration of love for her boyfriend a mere fifteen minutes ago, and even though part of her wanted her to so Tori would be jealous, a bigger part knew that moment was private. After a hasty and rather bad excuse Beck had offered Tori for randomly running off to make out with his girlfriend and shower her with love, he continued to work on the script with a kind-of uncomfortable Tori.

While he was off doing that, Jade, while still feeling giddy from fifteen minutes ago, was also irritated for many reasons: 1) She was getting absolutely no sleep tonight and knows she might actually kill someone tomorrow if they even look at her the wrong way. 2) Tori trying to steal her man was not one of her favorite daily encounters, And 3) It was cold as hell in the RV and Jade wanted Beck to just be done already so she could cuddle with him. I'm being such a pansy… Oh well. I might be tough, but I'm still a girl.

"Beck. Seriously, you done yet? Do you want to be a zombie tomorrow?" Jade asked tiredly while sitting up, clutching the covers around her for warmth.

"No worries babe, Tori says there's just half a page left, but I think if—" Beck started but before he could finish his sentence, Jade crawled out of bed, walked over to the table and simply shut his laptop. She stood in front of him with her arms crossed and eyebrows raised, while Beck just sort of gaped at her.

"Bed." She stated.

"But i—"

"Nooo." Jade said drawing out the word and shaking her head, as if he was a child. Beck sighed and stood up and raised his arms above his head to stretch while Jade took a quick step forward and wrapped her arms around his torso tightly.

"What are you doing?" He asked, surprised by the random embrace, chuckling lightly and placed his arms around her in return, one hand lightly stroking her hair.

"I'm so cold." Jade mumbled into his shirt and tightened her arms around Beck as he, understanding, did the same around her and started rubbing her back gently. Jade hummed contently, breathing in his cologne and the smell of just pure him. After a few minutes Beck pulled away and kissed Jade's forehead.

"Head back to bed. I'll be there in a minute." He said softly as Jade nodded and hurried back under the covers back into her ball while Beck smiled at how adorable she could be.

He walked over to the coffee table in front of his couch and closed his notebook, placing it back in his bag, and then walked into the bathroom. He came out a little while later, walking over to his closet while taking his shirt off and tossing it in, and then unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down so he was just in boxers. Beck leaned over to turn off his AC, then walked over to the RV door and left it slightly ajar for fresh air. He walked over the bed and pulled the covers up to climb in, scooting close to a now freezing Jade. She smiled and snuggled close to him, their legs tangling under the sheets and his arms winding around her tightly for warmth.

"Better?" Beck whispered, his sweet breath fanning over Jade's face.

"Much." She responded, leaning her head in and tilting it slightly to kiss him. He responded eagerly, nibbling her bottom lip as she gave him access. It turned heated fast, and soon she was lying on top of Beck, her hands in his hair and his on her waist under her t-shirt.

"Its… it's um… uh, really late… we can't tonight…" Jade pointed out, out of breath and disoriented as Beck started kissing her neck. He flipped them over so now he hovered above her, her arms loosely snaking around his neck as they kissed passionately once more. Beck kissed her hungrily as she moaned, which instantly turned him on.

"Have I convinced you yet?" He asked with a smirk as she gave in with a sigh, but was happy nevertheless.

"Sacrificing sleep for sex. The things I do for you."

7:00 AM

"Shut up… No… SHUT UP!" Jade muttered angrily when the ear-splitting ringtone indicating that it was time to get up sounded throughout the RV.

She felt around sleepily over the bed and under the pillows, finally realizing that the phone was on the ground as she reached over a sleeping Beck to grab his Pear Phone. She fumbled with the touch screen, finally putting an end to the obnoxious wake up call. After tossing the phone back onto the ground lightly, she leaned back, stretching. Damn, I'm so sore… I don't even remember how long we went at it last night. Or rather… this morning. But it was so great… Oh, oh ow. Yeah, that hurts. Jade complained internally as she moaned lightly at the soreness of her abs. An abrupt snore from Beck reminded her that he needed to wake up.

"Beck," Jade tried, shoving his arm gently, "Wake up. DUDE!"

She tried again but to no avail, since Beck just grumbled and rolled over to his stomach, continuing to sleep. Jade rolled her eyes and crawled over him, out of bed. Locating her undergarments on the floor and changing into some fresh black skinny jeans, her red Doc Marten boots, and a plaid shirt, she began getting ready for school. After applying her makeup, cleaning her piercings, and brushing through her hair giving it some loose waves, she put two blonde extensions in and walked over to the bed once more.

"You're gonna wake up, and you're gonna like it." She muttered to herself while tapping her foot, thinking of the perfect way to wake up her sleepy-head boyfriend. Just as Jade started leaning over him to yell in his ear, suddenly Beck twisted around and scared her senseless, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her down onto the bed. Jade screamed, startled, as Beck just cracked up.

"That was… perfect…" Beck gasped between laughs, clearly amused as Jade tried to be angry at him, but couldn't help but let out a small smile and chuckle of her own.

"Alright, ha-ha, you got me good. Faking asleep to scare the crap out of me. Great way to start the morning. Way to kill my hair, too." She replied with a smirk, running her hands over her hair that was now disheveled. Beck just grinned smugly, leaning over to run his hands through it and brush a few stray strands out of the way. He then kissed her hairline and leaned his forehead against hers.

"Nope. It's perfect." He assured smiling, as he threw the covers back and got dressed. Jade leaned against the wall, waiting patiently so she could go get her coffee already. Ugh, along with my four or less hours of sleep, Vega's gonna make an appearance in my life, like any other day. Insert grumble here.

"Oh, good morning, by the way." Beck said over his shoulder with a grin as he was sifting through some papers in his bag. Jade threw him a sarcastic smile, as to say, cute, making him chuckle in response. Beck then threw his bag over his shoulder, grabbing hers on the way out and headed out the door with Jade following behind. Stepping out into the chilly morning air of Hollywood, the two teens stumbled over to Beck's truck and climbed in to begin their voyage to school.

But of course, stopping for coffee on the way there. Because come on, having it any other way would just be inhumane.



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