Alyra Heart

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Alyss looked over, "Oh look there's my cat!" as he briskly walked in.

The Queen looked up, "What cat?"

Alyss looked confused, "Didn't you get him for me?"

The cat began an effortless transformation into Redd's Cat assassin. It was suddenly a frenzy as everyone came to the sudden realization of an on coming attack. In all of the commotion Dodge Anders cry was lost as his father fell to the floor a victim of the Cat. My mother fighting with all her imagination could muster suddenly look at me as she realized that this was it. I looked back into her eyes, "It's happened even sooner than we had anticipated."

She was fighting one sword in each and and two more floating in the air appearing to fight of their own accord, "Thank you for that painfully obvious statement, but what are we going to do?"

I graciously got up from my place at the table and imagined a spear staked into each one of our enemies. At the same time all time seemed to stop; my little sisters whimpers froze in the middle of a shuddered intake of breath, pour Dodge's tears could no longer flow from his eyes, and not one wound was trickling blood at that very moment. "What we had always planned to do in this situation."

My mother, the person not captured by the motionlessness, turned to me. "No. We can not do that to Alyss, she loves you."

"Mom she wont even know I ever was. I will go back and tell you. You must not tell anyone, promis me."

She started to cry, "But everything will be different if you were never born. How will we win this fight?"

"I don't pretend to see the future as it is always in a constant state of change, but I would venture to guess that we would lose... Seeing hows I am not powerful enough to defeat Redd..." A tear slid from my eye, "I'd rather not be around for your death and fathers death and pour little Alyss. But I think it's better this way. She will get the attention that she needs, if only you could see her imagination... It's big and beautiful, she isn't just trying to out do me."

Queen Genevieve's mouth opened, but no sound came out in fact she found that she could not move at all. I walked over to Hatter Madigan and put my hand in his, palm to palm. His hand seemed so large as he came to life and pulled me into a hug. I smiled up at him, "I have to go."

He nodded, "Yes, I know." With his hand under my chin he pulled my face up to meet his in a passionate, but short lived kiss.

I whispered into his ear, "Until we meet again my love. A few moments for me and a twenty five year backtrack for you." I stepped away from him the whole room this time not a single person moving. I imagined myself gone; never having been there at all. I imagined that none in the room would ever remember me, except for the beautiful Queen Genevieve, my mother had to know that I would save Alyss just in time.

I started to walk out of the castle imagining one molecule of me at time breaking away and going back to the past, back to before I was even born. I was outside the gate when the last molecule made it's way back .

* * * * About twenty-five years in the past* * * *

I stood at the now closed gate; I put a hand on the enormous iron bars that made everyone feel safe and secure. Giving a small chuckle the door opened as I had imagined it would. Taking a step inside I thought, "My mothers parents kept this place so much differently... It's almost too dull..." I reached a hand up to touch the ivy vines on the large fortress like stone wall. I couldn't even rightly see the hand coming I just felt the pain. There was a large cut in the hand I had touched to Hatters just moments ago and here I found myself with my had in his again. The difference was the sudden pain.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?" Hatter already had his hat squashed into a thin blade at my throat. I imagined his hat reappearing in it's original for on his head and it did. He was so flabber gast that he dropped my had, but not before I imagined a cut on it and his blood flowed into my open wound.

I looked into his eyes as our bond came back to life not even twenty-five years could tear us apart. "I am your intended in reference to your first question, and the second I think you know I am here to see Princess Genevieve. If that's okay with you." as I said the words a noticeable change came over me, our bond made me younger, twenty-five years younger to make me just as old or rather young as him.

He was frantic watching my body, face, and hair change to his age. "Yes I do think that that may be arranged..."

Taking my arm with a more gentlemanly demeanor, he led me toward the castle, "Thank you." Hatter walked me through a door that lead into a dimly lit conference room. After asking me to please not touch anything and stay right here, he went through a door on the interior side of the room and started to run down the hall.

A few minutes later my mother entered twenty-five years younger than I had last seen her. "Hello my name is Alyra..." She looked at me as if I was insane and put a hand to her stomach, I nodded, "Yes, Alyra... Alyra Heart." She took it surprisingly well.

"I just imagined finding myself pregnant after the wedding." While we sat and talked I found out that my parents were to be married with in the year and on their wedding night I would be conceived. I explained why I was their and what would happen, but I only let her remember some of what I was saying. As the sun was setting it was agreed that I would share a room with Hatter and act as my mothers adviser.

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