Love's Magic

Author: Ng Hai Ha

Chapter 1: Eternal Rivals

There are 2 kingdoms, Fire and Stealing were neighbour to each other for a long time. So, their children had been engaged to be married each other. The queens of the two kingdoms were closed friend since they were little so they both agree about this. But this is responds from their children:

Natsume(prince of Fire kingdom): "Don't say such nonsense things. There's no way I'm gonna marry that Baka girl!"

Mikan(princess of Stealing kingdom): "I know you just want the goods for me but even that, I'm not going to marry that pervert lollicon!"

Both Kaoru(queen of Fire kingdom) and Yuka(queen of Stealing kingdom) are upset when they hear their responds. But they don't give up yet cause' they thought Mikan and Natsume are too small to say such things(they are now 8).

2 years has pass. Yet nothing changes. Mikan this time is force to visit looks at each other like rivals and then turn back. Kaoru and Yuka feels depressed but there's nothing they could do.

While Kaoru and Yuka are arguing, there's suddenly a beautiful girl comes in. She has black long hair, with big green eyes. She wears a long pink prom dress. Kaoru said:

Ah, is that Nakira? Come in!

The girl comes in slowly. She said:

Your majesty, I come here to visit your

Kingdom , you and…- She turns her eyes to Natsume - …and my fiance.

What? - said Yuka in big shock - Natsume has other fiancee? Why didn't you tell me about this, Kaoru?

Oh my, I forgot! - Kaoru said – Well then, actually, Natsume has to choose .But I think he needs more times.

Then, let's wait until they're all 15- Yuka said- After that you could ask them. Somehow I think I do know who he will choose.

~ End of Chap 1 ~