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Summery: What happens if McGee wasn't the only writer?

Author's Note: The St. Bernard shifter story is not about my story Loyal St. Bernard.

The Writer

Tony DiNozzo sat at his computer putting the finishing touches on his latest book. He wondered what McGee would think if he found out that he was also a writer? That he didn't need to write about his teammates to be on the bestseller list.

His first two stories were children's books. The first one was called Puppy Tales and the next one was called Kitty Tales. It was about the adventures the puppies and kittens and their parents. The next one were adult one's, One was called The Blue Dragon and it was about a man who had thought that he was the only one of his kind. The next that he had just written was called The Golden Dragon and it was about a woman who thought that she was the only one of his kind. The one that he had written before Blue Dragon was called The Dog Shifter and it was about a man who could shift into a St. Bernard.

He typed some more and finally printed the last page to his story. He put the papers into an envelope and sent it to his editor. Nobody knew that he was the writer of these books because like McGee he didn't put his real name on these books.

He made his way to the post office and stood in line and then mailed the package. He would go back to his apartment and get ready to go on his date he had with his current girlfriend. He had been seeing Rebecca for a week.

Monday finally was here and he got ready for work. He locked his door and made his way towards his car and got inside. He made his way to the headquarters and stepped into the elevator. He went into the bullpen and sat down.

He sat down at the computer and read through his emails. He had even read through the email from his personal account that he had set up. There were no new messages and so he logged off and went about his work.

The weeks went by and finally his book had come out. People were buying the books and the reviews were good. They had just gotten back into the bullpen after a day of collecting evidence and taking pictures. Ziva took the evidence and pictures down to Abby.

McGee, Gibbs and Tony made their way up to the bullpen and saw Sarah, McGee's sister sitting in Tim's chair reading a book.

"What do you have there?" McGee asked his sister.

"It's a new book that just came out. I'm halfway through and it's good. It's called The Golden Dragon. It's about a woman who is a shifter and can turn into a golden dragon. The first one was called Blue Dragon and this one is a sequel. The first one was great. This guy had a book out called The Dog Shifter. The man in this story could shift into a St. Bernard."

"Let me see, Sarah." Sarah handed him the book and looked at the cover. There was no picture of the man.

"Who is this guy?"

"I don't know, Tim. He never had a picture with his books. Nobody knows who this guy is. My friend and I want to know because we would like to have his autograph. He's really good."

"What are you doing here, Sarah?"

"I wanted to see how my big brother was doing and wanted to know if I could spend the night."

"What happened?"

"Nothing, I just want to spend time with my big brother."

"Okay, Sarah. You can stay over."

"Thank you, Tim."

McGee sat down and got back to work. He would have to see if he could find out anything more about this author. He too wanted to know who the author was. He would have to see what his other books were about and ask his sister about them more.

The End