This first chapter is pretty short, but I promise they will get longer.

Chapter One- Signs

She should've known. She should've understood the signs.


She rested her head on her desk, feeling extremely tired despite the seven hours of sleep she got. She was dozing off when the bell rang and she felt a warm hand on her shoulder. She blearily looked up at Beck without lifting her head from the desk. "Are you alright, Jade? You seem awfully tired today babe." He was looking at her with concern.

"I'm fine, I just-"

"Ok, class is starting. Beck sit down, Jade wake up." Jade lifted her head from the desk, but felt drained just from doing so. Beck shot her another worried glance before taking his seat.

Despite her best effort, Jade was asleep in class five minutes later.


Later, when she had regained at least some f her energy, Jade made her way up to the local public high school for her evening run. She'd felt fine when she left, but by the time she got there she was already exhausted. Convincing herself she was fine, she took off into a steady jog. Normally she would run 12 laps, 3 miles, easily. However, by the time she'd reached her third lap she was forced to stop and she collapsed onto the soft turf of the football field. She lay there completely spent for at least fifteen minutes before she made herself get up and walk home.

She was asleep the second she dropped down onto her bed.


She was so tired. Her feet felt like they weighed a thousand pounds each as she trudged down the steps towards her locker. She felt so weak. She could barely move her arms and legs as she propelled herself forward on autopilot.

She felt dizzy and her legs gave out underneath her. She fell to the floor. People laughed and before she even knew what had happened Beck and Tori Vega were at her side. She stared up at them, mortified. She pushed herself up off the floor, snapped that she was fine, and with the rest of the energy she had left in her body, walked to the bathroom to be alone.

The next day when she arrived at school, Jade had bruises on her legs, knees, arms, and elbows.


A few hours later Beck met her at her locker. He greeted her with a short peck on the lips and she opened her locker.

"So are you alright?"

"What do you mean?" Jade asked, annoyed.

"I mean after yesterday-"she was violently shoving books in her locker and grabbing things to put in her bag. She suddenly felt a sharp sting on her forearm and she dropped the book she had been clutching with a hiss of pain. "Damn it!" she cried out.

"Here, here let me see!" Beck replied hurriedly. She had scratched her arm open on the metal of her locker, cutting through the long sleeve of her shirt. She let Beck push up her shirtsleeve without thinking about the bruises she had been trying to hide from him. He gasped when he saw her bruised forearm and the scratch oozing blood. "Jade what happened to you! Why are you all bruised up?" he asked pushing up her other sleeve as well.

"It's from when I fell yesterday," she retorted.

"I didn't think you fell that hard," he said in worry.

"Neither did I."

Beck took a Band-Aid out of his backpack (Why was he always prepared for everything?) and placed it over the scratch on her arm. He gave her a quick kiss as a worried look asking if she was ok.

"I'm fine," Jade lied.

Hours later when she went to take off the Band-Aid, she was still bleeding.


During one of the many nights she spent in Beck's RV as opposed to her own house, she thrashed around on the bed next to him. Thinking she was having a nightmare he quickly shook her awake. Her eyes snapped open and they just stared at each other. "Babe, are you alright?" he asked, terrified, while cupping her face. She was breathing hard and she was totally drenched in sweat.

Jade nodded her head vigorously and Beck wrapped his arms around her, burying his face in her hair. She hugged him back and inhaled the smell of him, calming down slightly. They lay back down together and she was asleep again soon after.

She woke up with labored breathing and sweaty twice more that night.


The next morning Beck kept a close eye on her.

He noticed how she was much paler than she usually was, if that was possible. He also noticed the way her clothes hung from her from. They were much looser than they had been just a week before. When he commented, Jade replied quickly, "I haven't had much of an appetite lately." It wasn't untrue at all.

"Jade, you still need to eat," he argued. She said she was fine and he reluctantly let it go.

The next week, her clothes were even bigger.


She should've known. She should've understood the signs.

The fatigue. The bruising and bleeding. The night sweats and the labored breathing. The loss of appetite. All of it.

But, the biggest sign she should've seen was the way Beck looked at Tori and Tori looked at Beck. She should've seen she was losing him…in more ways than one.

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