There was a very good reason Mozzie hated the system.

First off, his father had taught him since he was barely a toddler to "never trust a Fed". This in itself was caused b the man's own bitterness of his wife being killed by a police officer in a bank robbery.

But little Mozzie never knew that. He just knew that when the police, the Feds, or the system in general was involved, bad things happened. Really, in his young mind it was only logical to connect the two things.

Mozzie didn't know his father was involved with the mob until he was older, maybe five or six. Then he started to be taught to tools of the conning trade. How to successfully find and fool a mark, picking locks, hot wiring cars… All the essential skills, really.

He was eight when his dad died. He didn't know exactly how it happened, but Mozzie knew it was a Fed that shot his father, and he knew he was going into foster care because of a lack of family that could take care of him. Legally, anyway, but the system didn't exactly go for allowing crosses in the thin blue line.

So Mozzie got shuttles off from home to home by the accursed system, never staying for more than six or so months. He was a "problem child" after all. A "troublemaker" (if you could count continuing what his father taught him that), "quiet and reclusive", and overall a "bad influence" to the other children that were often in whatever foster home he ended up in. Any one of these traits was enough to get him moved around as much as he had, let alone all three.

Just another reason to hate the system. They didn't understand, nor did they try.

By the time he was eighteen and finally out of the system, Mozzie was a master criminal with several aliases stocked up and a large distrust of "Big Brother".

Yes, there was a very good reason Mozzie hated the system.