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Fiyero found it almost comical that he and his group went to such lengths to break into his own home, but he wasn't really in the mood to laugh. He had only hoped that Elphaba was hidden safely in the castle and hand gotten his note.

His note…the one thing he was relying on. Ironic how that one scrap of paper could determine his and Elphaba's entire future. If there was one ahead of them at all. He had to write it in a hurry, afraid of the others becoming suspicious of him. As much as he despised their company, they were his only shot at getting to her.

At first he was at a loss of how to get it to her, but that all changed when he found a winged Monkey spying on them when Dorothy and the Lion were sleeping. He knew all about them, how Elphaba had been letting them take refuge in the castle with her. He wouldn't be surprised at all if the creatures were incredibly loyal to her.

When he caught the Monkey, the Animal's first instinct was to flee, but he had managed to stop it. He could tell right away that the Monkey had very little, if any, power of speech, but he seemed to understand him to an extent. The Monkey didn't seem to understand anything he was saying until he mentioned her name. Elphaba. The Monkey looked up, recognizing the name immediately, and nodded its head. Fiyero was thrilled, thinking he had made a breakthrough. The Monkey eventually decided to trust him and he took the note before flying off.

At the time he had been thrilled, but now he was starting to feel uneasy about the whole thing. What if the messenger dropped it on the way to the castle? There were countless scenarios in which his plan could have gone wrong, and if Elphaba had not gotten the letter than both of them were in serious trouble. The plan was not full proof, but it was his only hope.

Fiyero clumsily stumbled sideways as the Tin Man hit his shoulder to get his attention.

"What are you daydreaming about?" he asked exasperatedly. The Tin man had constantly been on edge since Dorothy was taken.

"Nothing, just about…finding the witch," Fiyero answered, not completely lying.

"Well you'd better pay attention because we're almost to the castle, we'll make her pay!" he said harshly.

The man made out of straw rolled his eyes. "I liked you better when you were singing to Dorothy," he muttered under his breath.

Trekking through the castle was frustrating, they had all stolen some Sentries uniforms which Fiyero knew was pointless because the Sentries were only crashing in the castle and had no intention of protecting the witch.

The Tin man, or Boq he supposed, was never without the determined and bloodthirsty look in his eye. The Lion was as frightened as ever, whispering comforting words to himself as he trembled and looked behind his shoulder. Both of them were scared to death when Elphaba kidnapped Dorothy, and Fiyero tried hard not to laugh at the situation.

All three of them jumped back as a tiny black dog scurried down the hall they were in and the Lion cowered in fear as they heard shouts echoing through the corridors. Dorothy came into view, her ruby slippers clapping against the stone floor as she ran towards her friends, nearly in tears.

"Come back here!" they all heard a voice screech as more footsteps were heard. Dorothy began to cry as she clutched on to the Lion's shaking body, but Scarecrow paid no attention to her.

She was there. She appeared to be seething with rage, clutching her broomstick in her hand tightly as black strands of hair fell in her face. She opened her mouth to speak when she caught sight of the Scarecrow staring at her. Her grip on her broomstick slackened a bit and they locked eyes for a split second. As the Tin Man and Lion were too busy looking after Dorothy the Witch and the Scarecrow had a silent conversation with their eyes. It would have been almost imperceptible to the others, but the silent nod that Fiyero gave Elphaba was more than enough convincing. The message had gone through.

Elphaba gripped her broom tighter and stood up straighter as her eyes hardened once more and darted to the other trembling bunch. Both of them understood that they had to keep up the act in order for the plan to go through.

"The last to go will watch the three go before her! And her little dog too!" she said menacingly. It was enough to give her lover chills, she could be very convincing.

She looked up at the flickering torch above her and back to the group, lifting her broom up to ignite it with a sickening grin.

"How about a little fire, Scarecrow?" she said slowly, searching the Scarecrow's eyes. Fiyero did his best to look petrified, though he trusted her completely. It was almost a sad sight to see the broom he and her had flown on while escaping to the Great Giliken Forest that fateful night ablaze.

Dorothy began to scream as his sleeve caught fire and she looked around wildly. Fiyero caught a glimpse of remorse on the Witch's face as the flames licked the material of his shirt. Dorothy caught sight of a wooden bucket that was conveniently located right beside her and didn't hesitate to thrust the water onto his sleeve. Fiyero took a moment to breathe a personal sigh of relief that the fire didn't do any damage but that all changed when he heard a blood curdling scream.

He whipped around to see his Elphaba soaking wet, her face apparently contorted with pain.

"YOU CURSED BRAT! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" she shrieked as smoke began to billow around the hem of her dress, beginning to engulf her. She began to cry out in pain in a manner so convincing it was all Fiyero could do not to run over to her.

He continued to remind himself that it wasn't real, she wasn't in any danger. He should have been relieved that the plan was working, but why did she have to be so convincing? The look of agony etched on her face was a little too much for him to handle so the Scarecrow turned his head to stare at the stone wall. The others were transfixed at the spectacle, relief and wonder glowing on their faces.

Damn them.

He wished it didn't have to be this way, why had there been so many obstacles? From the moment he grabbed her hand in the clearing, the path to winning her had been arduous. Here he stood, nothing more than a bundle of straw and material, and there she was, quite literally melting to the ground to avoid being hunted. But they still had each other, and somehow, he knew it would always be enough.

"She's dead!" he heard the happy shouts echo throughout the halls. He carefully looked back over to the spot she had been standing but saw nothing but her robes and a pointed black hat sitting on top.

As he and the others departed the hall in celebration, Fiyero could have sworn he heard something. Had he actually heard Elphaba's name being called out in a soft, weak voice or had he imagined it?

Well he knew one thing for sure; things weren't always what they seemed.

Straw legs carrying him as quickly as possible, Fiyero Tiggular dashed through the empty hallways of the castle. He could hear the sounds of cheerful celebrations even from the tall tower and it made him sick. It was all he could do to keep a straight face as he saw Dorothy off and pretended that he too was joyous about the latest "good news". The Witch of the West was dead.

That didn't mean Elphaba was.

He came to a screeching halt when he finally reached the tower and was met with a haunting silence. He could still hear her screams penetrate the air of this room and he had to shake his head to clear his mind of such thoughts. It was growing darker and the light was almost gone from the room, but he managed to find what he was looking for. The trap door.

He tried to bang on the flat wood of the door but it made very little sound.

"It worked!" he called out in a clear, loud voice.

The door flew open at once and she emerged from the darkness.

"Fiyero!" Elphaba said, unable to hide the relief and joy in her voice.

Fiyero said nothing, his overwhelming relief rendering him speechless. He immediately grasped her hands as tightly as he could with limp hands.

"Fiyero, I thought you'd never get here," she said, softer this time, looking up at him. Her face fell instantly as she finally really noticed his face and he could see the guilt already growing in her eyes. She hesitantly lifted her hand up but drew it back, unsure.

"Go ahead touch, I don't mind," the Scarecrow said quietly. She took the invitation and warily lifted her hand to caress the rough material that had replaced his skin. Her eyes hardened and she averted her gaze from his eyes, ashamed.

"You did the best you could," he said quickly, desperately not wanting her to push him away. "You saved my life."

She seemed to be struggling with what to say next, clearly still remorseful.

"Well you're still beautiful," she said, a faint smile gracing her face.

"You don't have to lie to me."

She paused before responding. "It's not lying…it's looking at things another way."

Fiyero stood and offered her his hand, helping her out of the trap door, both not speaking. The moment both of her feet were firmly planted on the ground he didn't hesitate to wrap his flimsy arms around her and pull her close to him. He felt her rest her chin on his shoulder and he heard her let out a deep sigh.

The two of them stayed like this until the sun had completely set in the west, both thankful that they more or less had each other again without the prying eyes of the world upon them.

Elphaba was the first to pull out of the embrace, giving the Scarecrow a sad look.

"We can never come back to Oz, can we?" she said, knowing the answer.

"No," he answered. She nodded, though it was difficult for her to accept.

"I just wish…"


"I wish Glinda could know…that we're alive-"

Fiyero shook his head firmly. "She can't."

He knew how much pain this would cause her, to leave her best friend behind. It was rather difficult for him to leave Glinda behind as well, but he knew that she was strong and that she wouldn't need either of them to fix Oz. It was he and Elphaba that depended on each other, or rather, he depended on her. He wasn't taking any chances anymore, not with Elphaba.

"Not if we want to be safe. No one can ever know."

He looked over to the hat resting on the floor and he went to retrieve it. He studied his Elphaba's face, now bathed in moonlight, as he gently placed it upon her head and offered her his arm.

"Come," he whispered. She took one last longing glance out the window, looking out upon Oz as she listened to the faraway cheers echo through the darkness.

"A celebration throughout Oz," she whispered to herself. Fiyero briefly wondered what she had meant by that as she took his arm.

They both knew that difficult times were ahead of both of them, but they didn't let it bother them too much. Even if it was just for this moment, the two of them could breathe at last.