Anzu woke up and glanced at the clock to see one a.m. She looked at Atem who was looking at her.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

"A little better but I'm a little woozy from the medication."

"I am glad. Now get some more sleep. The doctors say you need to rest as much as possible."

"I will only if you do something for me." Anzu said.

"What is it, love?" Atem asked.

"Get some sleep, yourself."

"What? I am staying here with you."

"I want you to get some sleep, sweetie."

"Alright but I will come by later before I go to duel." Atem said, reluctantly.

"Oh, Atem, who made it to the next round?"

"Me, Joey, and the two hooded freaks."

"Kaiba lost?" Anzu giggled. "To whom?"

"To the short hooded male. I think Kaiba got lucky since he didn't have his precious Blue Eyes taken away."

"I wish I could have been there to see it." Anzu said. Atem kissed her forehead.

"Have sweet dreams, beautiful." Atem whispered. Giving her a kiss on the lips he left.

Vivian heard the door opened and stick her head out to see Atem. He was walking to his room. She waited a few minutes before gently creeping into Anzu's room. Opening the door she saw Anzu, sleeping.

'Finally, I will get rid of this insect. What better way to get rid of an unwanted insect than to use poison.' Vivian thought as she took out a needle from her pocket.

"Atem?" Anzu said, weakly.

"Say good bye, bitch!" Vivian slapped her across the face. Anzu tried to get up but still felt weak from the medications. Vivian injected the needle into Anzu's left arm.

Her eyes started to roll back, heart stopped beating and skin started to turn cold. Vivian checked and saw that Anzu had a weak pulse. She sneaked out back before anyone came in.

'This is how it ends?' Anzu thought. 'I had dreams to complete. I wanted to become a dancer and have a family with Atem. Atem…I need you, I love you.'

Atem awoke, breathing heavily. 'Something is wrong with Anzu.' He got up and ran to her room.

Reaching her, he felt her pulse. 'Nothing. No she can't…'

Atem ran out of the room. "I need a doctor in here. Now!"

"I am sorry Mr. Mutou but she is died." The doctor said, sadly.

"No! Check again. Anzu has to alive." Atem cried. Joey and Tristan tried to hold back their tears.

"I can't believe she's gone." Joey said. "She was like my little sister." He couldn't hold it in any longer and let the tears flow.

"I know what you mean." Tristan started to cry as well.

"Doc, do you know how she died?" Vivian walked in, dressed in her nightgown.

"I won't know till I perform an autopsy. If I was to give an answer now the cause of death would be poison."

"What?" Atem said. "I wonder how that could have gotten into her system."

"Anzu more than likely saw a bottle of it lying around and thought it was juice. You know how stupid she was." Vivian smirked.

"You bitch! Don't you dare talk about Anzu in that way! She was anything but stupid. Now get out before I hurt you." Atem yelled.

"But Atem…"

"Get out!" Atem pointed to the door.

Vivian decided to leave. 'I did this for your own good Atem and one day we will be together.' She thought.

"Tristan, I think we should give Atem some time alone with her." Joey said, wiping away his tears.

"Yeah." Tristan agreed.

The doctor left followed by Tristan. Joey looked at his friends once more before leaving and closed the door to keep away unwanted visitors.

"Anzu…" Atem sat down beside her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and rested her head on his shoulder. Resting his head on hers, he continued. "I love you so much. If I never carried you here you would still be alive. I wanted to have a future with you. Now…No! I can't accept that you're gone from this world. I know we been together for only a few days, but…" Atem closed his eyes as tears started to come down heavier.

"Atem, Anzu isn't died." A voice said.

Atem's eyes opened and looked to see a translucent image of him and Anzu, wearing Egyptian clothing.

"You're Yami and Tea. How?"

"We have stayed in the puzzle till the day we were needed again." Yami told him.

"How is Anzu alive? I thought she had…" He was too scared to say the word.

"You will see." Tea smiled. She and Yami started to glow.

Tea went into Anzu's body while Yami did the same with Atem. Their souls were fused.


"Where am I?" Anzu asked as she opened her eyes and saw nothing but white.

"You're in a dream, Anzu." Tea appeared.

"You're me?"

"From another life." Tea replied. "Now Anzu, it's time to wake up."

"Wake up?"

"Yes, wake up. Atem needs you, and if you don't wake up evil wins."

"How?" Anzu asked. "With or without me Atem will still defeat the evil Isis had mention a few days back."

"You don't get, do you? You are his heart and without you, he won't have the will to go on. He loves you and I know you love him, so wake up."

End Dream

Anzu opened her eyes to see that she was resting on Atem's shoulder. His arms locked gently around her waist and head resting against hers.

"Atem." She said.

"Anzu?" Atem opened his eyes. "Anzu, you're alive."

"Yeah but what happened? All I remember was Vivian coming into the room and injected something into me."

"Vivian! I am going to kill that little witch!" Atem yelled.

"Atem, calm down. Tell me what happened?"

"You were injected with a poison and everyone thought you were dead."

"Okay. Now I am going to kill that little witch! Where is she?" Anzu got out of the bed.

"Anzu, wait!" Atem got up as well.

"What is it?"

Atem pressed his lips onto hers. He missed this feeling; he never wanted to lose it again. Licking her lips, Anzu opened up and moaned as she and Atem fight for dominance. Moving her hands up his rock hard pecks Anzu hugged his neck while Atem wrapped his arms around her waist. Parting, Atem trailed down to Anzu's neck. Anzu moans became louder.

"Atem…as…" Anzu tried to fight her desire. "…as much as I want to make love to you, we need to find her."

Atem knew she was right and it took everything they had to part.

"We will finish this tonight." He whispered in Anzu's ear.

"I am looking forward to it." Anzu gave him another kiss before leaving.

'Oh no. How can that Anzu still be alive? I thought I had killed her? If they find me I'm dead.' Vivian thought.

It was now a few minutes to six and everyone expect Marik, his henchman and Bakura was on the lookout for Vivian.

The island was very small so there weren't many places she could have hid.

Creeping onto the pier Vivian saw a speed boat and was about to jump into it, if Tristan never grabbed her.

"I knew she would come here." Tristan grinned.

"Great, Mr. Genius. We all knew she would come here since it's the only place with a boat." Joey said.

"Like you could have done any better." Tristan muttered.

"Guys, clam down. The most important thing is that we found her and I can do this." Anzu stood in front of Vivian and punched her in the face. "You're lucky I wouldn't kill you."

"You're lucky I am not pressing charges on you." Vivian spat.

"You charge me? You idiot! You're going to jail for attempted murder. I will make sure that you are put away for a long time."

"No way! A pretty girl like me can't live in jail." Vivian screamed.

"Maybe you such have thought of that before you hurt Anzu." Atem said.

"Don't worry Vivian. In prison if you keep acting stupid and stay pretty you can be somebody's bitch." Anzu laughed.

Two of Kaiba's guards came towards the gang and handcuffed Vivian.

"You can't do this to me. I did nothing wrong!" Vivian yelled.

"Can you put duct tape her mouth?" Joey asked. "I am sick of her voice."

The guards threw her into a helicopter and flew off to the Domino Prison.

"Anzu, how are you feeling?" Joey asked.

"Better now. That sicko is away and I have my best friends with me." Anzu smiled.

"Glad to hear. Now let's get back before Kaiba starts the semi finals without us." Joey said as he and Tristan walked away.

Anzu started to walk to till she saw Atem wasn't moving.

"Atem, what's wrong?" She asked, walking up to him. She hugged his neck while Atem hugged her waist.

"I almost lost you today and I don't know what I would have done if that happened."

"Atem, I had a dream about Tea. She saved me somehow."

"Yes, she and Yami appeared and saved you. They appeared and fused with us or something like that. Now their memories are ours and we know what to do in order to defeat Zorc."

"This time he will be gone for good." Anzu leaned up to kiss his lips.

Atem gladly returned the kiss, overjoyed to have Anzu in his arms alive and well.

As their lips parted Atem moved and got down on one knee. "I wanted to do this at the finals but after what happened earlier it doesn't matter when or where I do this. Anzu, I love you more than anything and I want you as my wife. Marry me?"

He took out a blue box and opened it to reveal a diamond engagement ring.

Tears of joy escaped her eyes. "Of course my answer will be yes. You are the only person I want to be with."

Atem smiled as he slid the ring on Anzu's left middle finger.

"Master Marik, I have failed you." Odion said as he fell to his knees.

It was now the second semi finals and Atem had gone up against Odion.

"You idiot! Now I have lost another god card!" Marik yelled through their mind link. Marik had given Odion, Obelisk, to go against Slifer but that plan back fired.

"I will have that card." Atem said to Odion.

"Here!" He threw Obelisk to Atem. "I must warn you that even with two god cards you are no match against the most powerful, Ra!"

"Atem, you did great." Joey said as he, Tristan and Anzu ran towards him.

"Thank you and I really wanted to face you in the finals instead of Marik." Atem sighed.

"It's okay pal. There will be other chances but right now just beat Marik."

'It seems like Marik has lost another god card. It doesn't matter because soon I will have his and Atem's millennium items.' Bakura thought. He was watching the match from a distance. 'Soon Zorc will return to this world and be the supreme ruler!'

Bakura took out the millennium eye. 'I will add another two to my collection and as soon as I can locate the other three my job will soon be completed.'

"Good night guys. See yah in the morning." Joey yawned.

Tristan said good night before going to his room.

Mai ran up to them and said, "Hey Joey."

"Hi Mai, what's up?"

"Remember, we had plans tonight?"

"Oh, yeah." Joey grinned. He hugged Mai's waist and thought, 'Atem and Anzu aren't the only ones getting lucky tonight,'

"Looks like Joey found a girlfriend. I didn't think he was the type to go out with older women through." Anzu said.

"That's Joey for you. At least it isn't Vivian." Atem chuckled.

"If I never hear or see that wicked witch again I will be happy." Anzu said.

"I will try my best to protect you next time." Atem kissed her cheek.

"Atem, do you think that Zorc is Marik?" She asked.

"No, I don't. Looking through Yami's memories I can tell that Zorc lives within whoever bares the most hate towards mankind. From what I can tell Marik doesn't hate mankind. He is just confused."

"Well whoever it is must be on the island or Isis wouldn't have told you to come here."

"Anzu. As long as I have you and my friends we will find a way to defeat this creature." Atem reassured her.

Anzu smiled. "I will stay in my room tonight so you won't have any distraction."

"You are never a distraction to me. Anzu like I told you before I never want to go to sleep without you beside me." Atem took her hand and carried her into their room.

Closing the door, Anzu clashed her lips onto Atem's.

Atem removed the last of Anzu's clothes. Throwing it to the floor he said, "You look so beautiful."

"So do you." Anzu said.

Parting her legs Atem and Anzu became one.

'Atem, you are my heart.' Anzu said through their link.

'And you are mine,' He replied.