Atem kissed Anzu's forehead before drifting off to sleep. Anzu moved closer to Atem as his hands hugged her waist.

The puzzle started to glow brighter, engulfing the room.


"Atem, I am so happy you brought me here. This is the place where we had our first date." Anzu smiled.

"Happy twentieth anniversary my beautiful wife." Atem moved closer to her. Leaning down his lips pressed against hers.

"Oh, Atem," Anzu moaned.

"How disgusting!" A voice came from behind them. They parted and looked to see Vivian.

"Who are you?" Anzu asked. The face looked familiar but the name escaped her.

"She looks familiar to me." Atem hugged Anzu's waist.

"Atem, don't you remember? It's me Vivian, you're girlfriend!"

"Vivian? Vivian, you're the bitch that almost killed Anzu." Atem yelled.

Vivian moved closer, "Darling, I knew you would remember me. You're the only person I been thinking of for the past twenty years. Now we can finally be together."

Anzu laughed, "You stupid witch! If you haven't noticed I am his wife, and the mother of his four children. There is no way Atem will leave me for anybody much especially for a bitch like you.'

"Atem, you are married to this trash? How can someone as rich and successful as you be with a wannabe?" Vivian started to move back.

"Now if you will excuse us, we have a dinner to attend." Atem stated. Walking away Vivian grabbed Atem's shoulder.

"You belong with me! Not her…not that…that bitch!" Vivian cried.

Anzu punched her in the face, "If I ever see you anywhere near my family, I will make sure you go back to jail!"

Vivian backed away. Jail wasn't a pretty place to be. After two decades of been beat up and raped she wasn't in any mood to go back.

"Clam down, Anzuko." Atem hugged her from behind.

"I am clam."

Good, now let's go. After we are through with dinner, I have even more surprises waiting for you. Atem said, though their link.

And I have a surprise for you too when we reach home. Anzu enjoyed the feeling of Atem's arms around her.

Sharing a kiss, they walked inside, leaving Vivian, crying.

End Dream

"That is my future with Atem; I just have to work harder to make sure that future happens."Anzu yawned. Opening her eyes she saw the sun shining through her window.

"You and I will work together in order to see that future." Atem said.

"You had the same dream as me?" Anzu looked up, she saw Atem gazing at her.

"Yes, I did." Atem yawned as well.

"Tried?" Anzu asked.

"Yes, we were up half the night."

"Too bad we have school today or we could just sleep in." Anzu sat up and saddle her boyfriend. Kissing his neck, Atem moaned.

"If you continue we will be late." Atem placed his hands on Anzu's hips.

"Fine," Anzu pouted. Parting from his neck she prepared to get up until Atem stopped her.

Atem got up and rested Anzu on the bed. Holding her legs, Atem came between them and whispered, "I guess we can be a little late."

One Year Later

"Bye guys. I will miss you so much." Anzu said.

"We will miss you too." Serenity tried to hold back the tears.

"Anzu, call us when you reach." Tristan gave her a farewell hug. "Good bye."

"Tristan, this isn't good bye." Anzu reminded him. "I will be back in four years. Plus, I will save enough money to come visit during the hoildays."

Parting from the hug, Joey moved from front of her. "I will see you soon." He hugged her. "Knock them died at that college."

"Thanks Joey." Anzu smiled. Taking a deep breath, she took up her suitcases and walked through the gate.

It's been a year since Zorc was defeated. Since then Joey finally gave Tristan the go ahead to date Serenity. His relationship with Mai has been going steady, so far. Atem and Anzu got married a year ago much to the dislike of Atem's fan girls. It was a private ceremony with only their family and close friends in attentions.

'Atem, I miss you. I wish you were here to see me off.' Anzu thought. Atem had left yesterday for a tournament, and she didn't get a chance to say bye. By the time she awoke he was gone. It felt strange not see him when she would wake up, since they have been living together for a year and a couple days.

Atem sat on one of the airport's seats, waiting for Anzu. He had to leave so he could finish up everything before Anzu arrived.

Atem had told her that he was going to a tournament. What he didn't tell her was that he got accepted into the same college as her. It was hard to keep it a secret from her especially the day he left.


The alarm set off and Atem woke up to shut it off. Seeing the time to be five a.m. he looked to see that Anzu was still asleep.

Getting out of bed he gave her a peck on the cheek before taking up his clothes. He yawned softly, before walking to the bathroom.

Last night made him very sore. He and Anzu wanted that moment to last since they would be apart for a few days.

A few minutes later Atem walked out of the bathroom, fully dressed. Looking at Anzu once more, he walked over and gave her one last kiss before using the sheet to cover her.

"I love you, Anzu. I will see you in tomorrow." He whispered. Taking up his suitcase he left.

End Flashback

Even after a day he was still sore but it didn't bother him.

Seeing people walking though the gate, Atem smirked as he got up. When he finally spotted Anzu, Atem waited for her to take up her suitcase till he walked towards her before hugging her waist.

"Hey!" Anzu looked round to see Atem. "Atem!" Wrapping her arms around him, Anzu smiled. She missed his touch, his scent and voice.

He called her but nothing beats talking to someone you love face to face.

"I got into the same college as you and rented an apartment for us." Hugging Anzu tighter, Atem rested his forehead onto hers. They started to rock from side to side as she asked,

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Do you know how upset I am?" Anzu pouted.

"I am sorry, my sweet, but I think I have been punished enough. It was hard going to bed without you. I missed you so much." Atem nibbled her ear.

Atem, I am still sore. Anzu said, through their link.

I am too. Atem stopped. Parting from her, he asked, "Are you ready to go home?"

"Home? I like the sound of that." Anzu nodded. Atem took up her suitcase and walked through the door, to start the new chapter of their lives.