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Author's Note: I know I know dumb ending but I was watching Stan Helsing and I couldn't think of any other way to end this so I can start something new.

Chapter 19: The End

5 Years Later- What happened to everyone?

Alyssa and Paul: Alyssa and Paul built a bigger house to make room for their new baby who they named Billy after the late chief and made room for Bella and her twins. Paul took over as chief of the tribe and Alyssa took a job at the school as an english teacher. Their twins Chloe and Caleb both grew up to be wolves keeping the race alive, as did their son Billy.

Bella: After Jacob's death Bella moved in with Paul and Alyssa and gave birth to twin boys to which she named Jacob and Charlie after her late husband and father. Jacob grew up to be alpha of the new wolf pack and Charlie another wolf himself. Bella became a lawyer for the people of La Push and is very good at her job.

Emily: Shortly after Sam's death Emily gave birth to little Sam who later grew up to be a wolf just like his father. One night she sent little Sam to stay with Alyssa, Paul and Bella and she, after being depressed for many years, ended her life by hanging herself in the home that she shared with Sam for so long.

Kim: Kim remained close to the others that lost a loved one some time ago but her life was never the same after the death of Jared. She ended up swearing off men all together and met Alice Cullen's non-vampire twin and fell in love with her. They have been happy ever since.

The End

Author's Note: As I said sorry about the sucky ending but I really lost my ideas for this story but I have a million more running through my head for a Jacob story I may post soon that will be longer and hopefully better than this one.