Title: Best Friends Forever

Summary: You saw a different side of me that nobody saw before. You accepted me for who I am and I thank you for that. I wanted to let you know that your my best friend in this entire world...

People: Amu H. and Rima M.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything and everything belongs to its rightful owner.



I remember how everything began.

I remember how I wasn't the nicest person around.

I remember how you saw through my act and didn't give up.

You accepted me for who I was.

Even if I had another side of me that nobody knew of.

My secret side that I keep to myself.

Yet despite that, I am glad that everything worked out.

I never knew that having friends would be this fun.

Amu, you taught me that.

You taught me that being myself is fine.

If people didn't like it, then so what?

It doesn't matter if your popular or not.

What matters is that your being yourself.

Thank you.

It was you who brought many more people into my life.




Even Nagihiko.

You even broke the settling mood between my parents.

The grief and sadness overwhelmed me at first but it changed.

I was able to stand up to my parents.

I was able to speak my mind.

I was able to see the world that I wanted to see.

So in return, this is what I say.

Thank you once again.

For always being there with me and everyone else.

Your my best friend in this entire world.

Nobody can ever change that.


It was short but it explained alot. This was in Rima's POV by the way. Reviews are nice. :)