Haroun and the Sea of Stories:

The Sha of Blah

He could bring happiness to a sad, sad world
by the telling of sagas tall and small
of romance or comedy and many more
He was the Ocean of Notions, The Sha of Blah,
who caught up in his story lost track of his home,
until one he find out his wife was long gone.

From that day on, the Ocean of Notions
completely dried up, no more fun, no more words
now the only house in the Sad, Sad city which was
not sad at all, became a lightless home
of two and no more.

But when his son tries to fix it all
trapped they got in a story-like war
of Gup and Chup, Pro and against
Khattam-shud , to save to stories
from a sad, sad end.

And both get caught up in a
princess rescue story, a love tale,
(and as some might say) pointlessness.
for the enemy Khattam-Shud kidnapped
a princess not many cared for.