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The Catalyst:

It was the end of the world.

Sinnoh region was clouded with dark clouds overhead as though it was about to face judgment. Thunder could be heard and shook the region as though it was quaking from fear. Lightning flashed across the sky every once in a while. Below, hundreds of people were fleeing in terror. Screams and cries were heard everywhere.

In the mist of the chaos, Daniel Diamond stared with horror as he looked through the window at Mt. Coronet, which seemed to look more dismal and gloomy than usual in the distance. Just a couple of years ago, a great burst of white light appeared from the top like a signal beam, reaching past the clouds and toward the heaven. It was a beautiful sight, but then something went wrong. The light spread over the region like a half of a sphere. Multi colors of red, green, and blue spread across like a kaleidoscope.

From what Daniel had heard, Team Galactic had organized and summoned legendary Pokemon to control the entire region. Since then, everything became worse. Sinnoh's champion and gym leaders became prisoners of war, lowering the morals of people. Team Galactic had become a full throttle force of power to create an empire.

It was an all out war. Many, like Daniel, tried to fight back but it was hopeless. Daniel remembered how he came back here from Johto for a bit of peace and to settle down. Now, that dream was impossible. He was in an abandoned factory, looking out through the broken windows. The army was about to storm in any minute and there was nothing he could do…

"Daniel…" Daniel looked down to see his wife in his arms. Her soft gray eyes stared dully back at him – the sparkle in her eyes was slowly dimmed out. The wound in her stomach left red blood against her blue short-sleeve dress. Her flowing red hair lay limp against her cheeks. She was a long slender woman in her mid twenties. Her face was pale and white from the lost of blood. She wore a blue short-sleeve dress that was ripped where the wound entry was. A blood trail could be seen from the broken door to where Daniel had dragged his wife to. With no medical treatment, Daniel couldn't do anything except spend the last remaining minutes of her life with her.

"Hang in there," Daniel said, trying to hold back his tears. "You're going to make it. You're going to make it." He had been saying this line over and over again, trying so hard to believe it. A tall mid twenty year old guy, Daniel was a person you couldn't hate at all. He was lax and easily made friends with everyone. His short black hair emphasized his round face to give him the look of a young child. He wore a black jacket, slightly large, with a white shirt (now soaked with blood) underneath along with dark black slacks. His soft brown eyes were like a child – innocent and carefree. Now, however, they were filled with pain as he watched the person he loved lay dying in front of him.

If only he had moved faster… if only he didn't falter to say goodbye to...

"Daniel," Shiki gave a weak smile which only pained Daniel even more. "You're such an idiot. But that's what I love about you."

"I'm so sorry," Daniel said, his tears finally flowing out, "If only… if only I didn't hesitate…" Through the mist of panic in the city, those people found them and opened fire. Although the two managed to escape, Shiki was not so very lucky.

"It's okay," Shiki said softly, "You are a father. It was natural you wouldn't want to. But you had to let your son go. It was the only way for his survival. My only regret is that I won't see my son grow up to be just like his father." Shiki smiled again and closed her eyes as though she was in another world, seeing her son and his father together.

There were muffle sounds coming from outside and getting closer, but Daniel didn't pay attention. Safety was the last thing on his mind.

"You'll have that! You'll be able to hear his first words, see when he takes his first steps, when he cries; you'll be there for him. Every day, he'll smile and say 'I love you'!" Shiki continued to close her eyes as though she was seeing the things Daniel was describing.

"My son… my son, Lucas," Shiki muttered, tears running down her cheeks. She took a shuddering and painful breath and lay motionlessly in Daniel's arms, never to wake up again. Daniel's tears splashed to the ground as he watched his wife. She looked so peaceful, as though she was sleeping.

Finally, the door smashed open and hundreds of high-tech soldiers were there. They wore expensive spacesuit uniforms with a large yellow 'G' symbol in the front. All of them had Pokemon and were ready to attack. Daniel ignored the sight and hugged Shiki tightly to his chest. He wasn't ready to let her go.

"So Daniel," a young woman voice cried out as she stepped forward in front of the army line. She had short red hair – red as Shiki's. Her eyes, however, had nothing but malice in them. She noticed the blood trial that led to Shiki's body. "Are you planning to surrender yet or die fighting like your wife?" Daniel slowly got up and stared back with nothing but pain in his eyes. He knew that he, too, would never see his son again.

It was the end of the world and this was his last fight.

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