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Chapter 13:

"So… this is the place."

"Yeah, that's the one…"

Two cloaked strangers lay on their stomachs. They were camouflaged, as it were, and their outfits matching every color and hue of the rocks they hid behind. Both of them each had a small rifle scope up to their eye.

"Ugh, this place is just deplorable. I should've stayed home and enjoyed a nice drink by the fire. And geez, what's with the wind here? It's freezing."

"Oh shut up, Gilder, we didn't come here for vacation. We have work to do, and for the record, I didn't even plan to come out here, but you came along and got me into this job," the man bit back, obviously not in a good mood in the presence of his friend.

"Ergh, touchy aren't you?" Gilder pushed back the hood to reveal his brown wavy hair and his tinted glasses. He expertly raised an eyebrows, something he claims was a hit with the ladies. "Girl problems?"

Gilder's friend didn't and busied himself with the focus of his lens and looked at the target. Finally taking a hint, Gilder resumed back to spying. There were several shaggy-looking guards posted outside, all of them had an uneasy look on their faces. Nevertheless they looked every which way, keeping a lookout for both intruders and themselves.

"Hmph, they don't look the confrontational types. They won't fight unless they're absolutely sure everybody else will back them up. How long do we work undercover?"

"More than a month," Gilder muttered. "We need as much information as possible. Apparently, whatever Team Galactic wants in this place, it's huge."

"Well, yeah I can see how big this place."

"Plus, we need to get some of these guys recruited if we can."

"These people are scared, not idiots, they won't to trust us. And unfortunately, we can't really trust them either." Gilder knew that his friend was right. Giving out information was risky, which was why Nova was extremely secretive with his plan. He didn't trust the people who were working for him. No one knew what the big picture was until he felt ready to share.

"With my charm, I'm pretty sure I can get one of them to talk," Gilder grinned playfully, hoping for a smile of forgiveness. Although, Gilder couldn't see his friend's face, he can feel the guy rolling his eyes in annoyance. "Hey, it'd do you a little to smiled once in a while."

"I don't fake smiles just to make other people feel better." Gilder frowned. His friend had a bitter personality ever since that incident; he really didn't believe in much anything besides the cold, hard truth nowadays.

"You know. Sometimes a beautiful lie is better than an ugly truth," Gilder said smoothly, a he had given this phrase a lot of thought. A deep silence followed and Gilder decided to change the subject.

"We should get going. You ready?"

"Yeah," For the first time during the trip, the guy took off the hood of his cloak. It revealed a lean face with nasty scars that were even worse than Irene's. There was a burn mark on his cheek as well. Just one look was enough for people to know that he wasn't a man who had a good life, nor was someone to mess with. "Let's go."

Back at base…

"What happened?!" Mark gaped as Leo brought in Ashe into the hospital ward. Maya was about to be discharged when the tall Typhlosion PM suddenly barged into the room. All happy thoughts of leavingd evaporated from Maya's mind as she led Ashe to the nearest bed. Even Henry was looking somber at the sight. Aria dropped everything and rushed to the medicine cabinet.

"No, no, not good. Ai, I need you to go to the storage and bring some painkillers." The Glaceon PM nodded and hurried out of the room.

"Hey, everyone," Ashe groaned as though even talking was painful. Mark and Maya, wanting an answer to this situation, looked at Leo.

"A guy named Pain did this," Leo explained as Aria did a quick check on his injuries though he brushed her aside.

"What did he have? Grenades?" It was hard to believe that Ashe could be taken down by a single human.

"Team Galactic aren't the only ones with a psychic," Leo responded darkly. Aria's face turned pale as Leo told the whole story.

"No, that's impossible," she said it in a rather shaky voice.

"Well, you better believe it," a voice called out. Everybody turned and Leo immediately scowled.

"Captain…" The large beefy white hair man with a hook for a left hand strode in. He didn't smile. Then again, he never smiled. Captain was the strongest man with the most influence (after Nova of course) in the Resistance. He had a lot of experience in battle and even his words of wisdom were thought highly of by Nova. Captain was more 'kind' than Nova though. At least Captain was easier to get along with than Nova, which was saying a lot.

"It is nice to see you Captain," Aria said, though in a guarded tone. She had some bandages and was dabbing Ashe's wounds with disinfectant.

"I was going to come in to tell the news but it looks like Leo beat me to the punch." Captain gave a gruff-like bark that sounded like it was a failed attempt of a sarcastic laugh.

"How did you know?" Leo demanded. Surely Justin or Donovan didn't already go to Nova.

"Assassin," the man responded in a deep voice, "She just gave Nova a report of the man you kids call 'Pain'." Captain gave a snort of disbelief; clearly believing the name was ridiculous. Leo frowned. He was furious Assassin had reported in already. Now Justin's and Leo's complaints would not have the importance they wanted to address to that lying scumbag. "Anyways, everybody needs to be notified and some new rules are going to be applied."

"New rules?" Maya said warily. Mark looked slightly scared. New rules were never good.

"Well, this Pain guy may not be the only psychic Galactic has, so we decided to beef up our defenses. Psychic PMs are required to get into the fray now or at least any of them with some sort of psychic power. We can't have another fiasco like today, which is why I need Henry." Captain gave a nod in Henry's direction. The whole time the Haunter PM seemed to be dazed and slightly puzzled when he heard his name.

"Henry?" Aria stopped what she was doing and looked blankly back at the Captain.

Mark gaped in shock and Maya looked as though she didn't know if she should laugh or not. Even with all the irrational things Henry had said before, Captain certainly sounded crazier.

"You can't be serious," Mark finally said, breaking the stunned silence.

"Since when am I not?" Captain's cold eyes stared directly at the Wingull PM.

"But Henry is not fit for battle! Have you ever heard him talk?"

"I'm having tea with Fozy," Henry spoke up as though proving Mark's point.

"Which is why I'm going to train him for battle," Captain explained with a hint of impatience now, "I know our psychic PMs always turn out… problematic. But Henry is by far the sanest of the lot. At least, he'll be able to do the job."

"You can't!" This time it was Maya who spoke. "The last time Henry tried to fight, Nova almost…" Maya's voice faltered and she looked frightened. The once strong and stubborn Ninetails PM looked close to tears. Leo was silent throughout this whole ordeal.

"Captain," Aria spoke up finally, "Psychic PMs are dangerous and rare in numbers because not only does the person have to be compatible with the Pokémon's DNA, but they also need a strong mind. Psychic powers are too overwhelming and they need mental strength so those powers couldn't themselves or anyone else. I mean, look at Ray. He lost his memories after he tried to exert his own powers and he can't even express emotions anymore. And Henry… well, he isn't someone who should fight."

"Then he has no reason to be in the Resistance," Captain said, no hint of sympathy in his eyes. "If he can't fight, he's nothing but dead weight."

"Captain!" Aria said sharply. "Henry is not dead weight!"

"Then he will fight," Captain said angrily. "He has the ability to stop someone like 'Pain'. That ability is a great service to our cause."

"Fighting is not the answer! But of course that is what all humans think, isn't it? That's the only answer progression. For once, couldn't you just try to understand us, rather than treat us like weapons?"

Captain's eyes glared furiously at Aria, but he didn't say anything for the longest time. Mark looked terrified as he eyed the menacing hook. He knew if this was Nova, he would have physically hurt Aria and she wouldn't be able to fight back. On the other hand, Captain had a code of honor. He would never hurt a fellow member because of a disagreement. Still, Mark could feel his blood pumping as though he was in another intense battlefield.

"If Henry doesn't fight," Captain finally said quietly, "others will have to take his place. They will not have his power and their blood will be on your hands as you allowed this to happen. Either you get him ready for training by tomorrow or Nova will have to decide what to do with him." With that, Captain left. The room was filled with an ugly silence that was only broken by Henry's cheerful yet haunting humming.

Thirty minutes later…

Lucas was exhausted. He had been dragged around with Yuma to look at so many different places. She gave him the full tour though with all of the dark passages and twists and turns, Lucas highly doubted that he would be able to find his way around here without a guide.

"And this is the gym," Yuma continued, showing a rather musty old looking room where there were several agents working out, "This is where we'll have our ninja throwing skill training." She pointed to a side of the room where there were crudely drawn targets and quite a few small indentations scattered around on the wall like somebody got a sharp pencil and started stabbing the wall.

"But I don't know how to," Lucas protested. The idea of throwing sharp objects around frightened him.

"Don't worry," Yuma explained. "All you have to do is stand still."

"Huh?" The clueless Lucas didn't notice the evil smirk on Yuma's face.

"Oh no, not you again." Lucas and Yuma turned to the sound and saw a blond hair teenager coming toward them. Lucas noticed that one of his arms was in a sling while the other arm was lifting weights. He had strange ears poking out of his head and a long tail that shaped into a lightning bolt at the end.

"Akira!" Yuma said brightly, "How is your arm?" The teenager boy scowled in response.

"You're not supposed to be here. You got banned for almost killing everybody here with throwing knives last week, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah," Yuma shrugged her shoulders, "But I'm only banned until next week. After that, I'm thinking about bobby trapping this gym with some bombs. OH! And maybe an electric field with some lasers."

"And that's why there were no reservations next weekend," the guy grumbled. He then noticed the bewildered looking boy behind Yuma. "Who's this runt?" Lucas immediately looked down at his feet as Akira continued to inspect him.

"Oh, that's right; you weren't at the hospital when he came to visit. Akira, this is Lucas. He's new!"

"I see," Akira scowled, acting as if he believed having a weak member joining the Resistance was pitiful. Lucas gave a futile grin and felt like he was getting smaller and smaller.

"H-hi there. I'm Lucas."

"Hmph, at least he has manners, unlike you, Yuma."

"What?!" Yuma sounded enraged, "I got plenty of manners. I just choose not to use any of them!

"Wait, now that I think about it, what are you doing here? Don't tell me you've been working out."

"What else can I do?" Akira frowned. "Because of this stupid arm, I've been laid off from missions for a while, so I've been bored all day."

"But Aria said not to do any strenuous labor because of your injury."

"Since when do I care about what she says?" Akira seemed to be in a bad mood, well, at least more than usual. His tail swung back and forth like a restless Ekans. Even Yuma understood something was up.

"What's wrong?"



"That guy that works closely with Nova." Akira remembered that day when Nat almost hurt Aria when she refused to let Ray leave the hospital without proper treatment. He could still see that guy's furious, disgusted eyes as they lay on her face.

Akira could remember the first day he met Nat. It was a couple of months after Akira had joined the Resistance. Nat had been specifically recruited after showing exemplary skills assisting a recon mission. The Raichu PM could his cold eyes and his sick interest in violence, and the way he kissed up to Nova made Akira dislike him even more. Anybody who can get along with Nova's twisted mindset was an enemy in Akira's book. But there was something about Nat that Akira couldn't quite place. Ever since their first meeting, Akira kept having this nagging feeling about him.

"What about him?" Yuma asked, not sure exactly who Nat was, but knew the deal – anyone working with Nova was bad news for PMs.

"Nothing," Akira sighed, not wanting to be pestered anymore with questions. "I'll see you later."

"Hey! Don't just leave me hanging!" Yuma was annoyed that Akira never finished his story. "Sheesh, I hate it when he acts like that." The ninja girl looked around, contemplating on what to do next.

"There you are." Lucas turned around and saw a lonely familiar face.

"Oh, hi Leo!" Lucas grinned as he looked up to the tall guy but immediately looked startled as he noticed the injuries. "Oh no! Are you okay?" Lucas pointed to the bruise on Leo's lip and the blood on his shirt.

"LEO!" Yuma grinned and hugged the Typhlosion PM who now looked awkward as he tried to remove the Aipom girl off of him.

"It's nothing," Leo answered Lucas' question while wrestling Yuma off, "Just a few scratches." Leo didn't say anything else about how he got his injuries. The poor boy will probably bawl into tears before the story ended. Leo looked rather uncomfortable, like he was gauging the best way to approach the kid. Lucas was too naïve and innocent, he looked like he couldn't even attack a fly.

Leo could hear the words coming from Captain's mouth. Lucas was like Henry in a way; they weren't meant to battle. What would Nova do to him when he realized that? Should Lucas learn how to fight… and to kill?

"Leo? What's wrong?"

"Come on," Leo forced himself to sound pleasant for Lucas' sake, "let's get something to eat."

"Okay!" Lucas said brightly.

"Yes! I'm starving!" Yuma grinned.

"I wasn't talking to you," Leo said harshly, but Yuma merely stuck out her tongue and dragged Lucas along with her.

"Come on!" Yuma said excitedly, "Maybe Justin will join us as well."

Ray was going through ever last bit of information in the computer. Despite the increase in workload, he didn't falter a single bit at the daunting task. The Porygon 2 PM had moved out of the original workspace to update the other computers and had been moved to Nova's debrief room for the moment. There was a 'ping' sound, notifying him that a visitor was at the door. Ray gave a quick glance as the person swiped his card and after realizing that the person wasn't a threat, continued on with his work.

"Hey there, Ray." Ray didn't react to the sound of his name as the door closed behind him. "How have you been?" Still no response.

"Would it kill you to talk?" Larry sighed as he walked toward the guy and gave a soft pat on his shoulder. Ray stiffened for a moment before relaxing again.

"Hey kiddo, can you do me a favor?" Larry sighed as he laid his only arm on the table. He was hesitant to ask Ray for help but now that Nova knew that there was a spy on the loose, drastic measures needed to be taken. He leaned over and whispered something quietly into Ray's ears.

Lucas had run back to his room, searching frantically around and under his bed. After finding out that he lost his ID card, which made him unable to go to the dining room, Lucas panicked as he looked around to find it. He was trying hard to retrace his steps, but he couldn't remember the last time he had it. This was bad; first day and he already lost such an important item.

Yuma was no help as she already went to go get Justin. Leo went searching in the other direction and told Lucas to meet up back at the cafeteria in thirty minutes even if he still couldn't find it. Lucas had to try really hard to recall where his room was as he was getting lost. With the help of Leo's good sense of direction, Lucas managed to find his room again. Though throughout the ordeal, it never occurred to Lucas that not once had he came to his room after he got his ID card.

It was dark and cold in the room, but Lucas wasted no time scourging in nooks and crannies to find the item. Even without any light, Lucas only took five minutes to search – there wasn't really much there to begin with. Lucas sighed dejectedly. Where was it?

"Looking for something?"

Lucas flinched. He didn't realize there was anybody in the room. He turned around and saw someone in the shadows and leaning against the wall. The stranger got up and walked toward him, revealing his blond hair matted with headphones. He looked strangely familiar.

"Oh sorry! I didn't see you there… sir!" Lucas instantly flashed him an embarrassed grin. The guy stared and slowly shook his head.

"Just like him…"

"Huh?" Lucas responded, a puzzled look on his face. "Did you say something, mister?"

"No, nothing." The man looked sheepish, not knowing what to say now. Nevertheless, Lucas waited patiently until the man finally said something.

"We met before."


"Yes, my name is Fuuta. We met earlier with Yuma, remember?"

"Oh, that's right." Lucas recalled the strange guy who was gaping at him. "Nice to meet you… again," Lucas bowed in reply. Fuuta didn't say anything and merely continued to stare at the boy. This time it was Lucas who broke the silence.

"Umm, is there something you need?"

"Yes. I wanted to return this." Fuuta held out a piece of rectangular plastic and Lucas recognized it immediately.

"Oh! My ID! Thanks mister!" Lucas gave a happy grin but it seemed to make Fuuta a bit more uneasy, "I've been looking for this everywhere!"

"It's Fuuta."


"Don't call me 'mister'. Call me Fuuta."

"Oh, okay. Thank you Fuuta."

"Yeah," Fuuta said softly before continuing. "How are you?" Lucas looked up puzzled. He starts to realize that this was the first time someone actually asked him that since his time here, so it sounded kind of weird. Usually, people just kept telling him to do something.

"I'm fine."

"Everybody treating you okay?"

"Yes," Lucas bobbed his head up and down like an excited kid on his first day of school. "I made a lot of new friends. It's like a family here. Oh, my friend and I are going to get something to eat. Want to come?" Fuuta was silent and didn't seem to react to Lucas' talking.

"No, I'm kind of busy right now, but I came here for an important reason."

"Reason?" Lucas looked bewildered.

"I have something important to say."

"Oh?" Fuuta faltered, feeling slightly scared now.

Come on, Spiritomb said, Don't chicken out now.

But what if he hates me.

Are you kidding, he's exactly like Daniel! He needs to hear it anyway, sooner or later. You owe Daniel that much. Knowing that his Pokémon was right, Fuuta took a deep breath before continuing his explanation.

"I… am going to teach you."

"Teach me?" Lucas asked, sounding wary now. The last time someone wanted to 'teach him a lesson' had in Lucas plunged headfirst into the business end of a toilet bowl.

"Yeah," Fuuta said, with a determined look on his face. "I'm a psychic." Fuuta's eyes suddenly glowed blue and the ID in Lucas's hand suddenly moved out of his hand and started to float in the air. Lucas's eyes were wide with amazement.


"Thanks, but psychic powers aren't something you learn immediately. Talent comes into play here along with a lot of learning." The glowing blue in Fuuta's eyes faded out and the plastic card slowly landed back into the palm of Lucas's open hand.


"Which is why I'm going to be teaching you how to defend yourself from psychic powers."

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