White Knight: One :With a Killer

Snip. Snip. Snip.

"It's very white today…" The girl's servant mused, walking to the only window in the room. It's size made up for the lacking numbers. The glass spread from the floor to the ceiling, the intricate metal windings made the simple window look extravagant. The servant pressed his hand against the glass. It was cold, and it stung his skin. He watched fog materialize beneath his palm, and smiled.

"And we know how much you love white," He murmured, leaning his forehead against the glass.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

A flurry of fluffy looking snowflakes fluttered around the air, dancing around each other until they collided with their comrades on the ground. The balcony was completely drowned in white. It would hurt most people's eyes, but since the servant was quite accustomed to the sting of white by now, he felt at home with the cold white abyss outside.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

The servant straightened up, turning to face the young girl. Her pale face was void of emotion, blank, blank… snip. Snip. Her cloudy eyes were gazing at her white hands, and her white hands were cutting.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

The servant placed a hand on the girl's shoulder, his usually happy demeanor fading.

Snip. Snip. Sni-

The girl froze, her eyes widening a bit.

"Miss Naminé." The servant said softly, clutching her hands, which held a pair of silver sissors. The pale girl stared at the servant, her mouth opening slightly in shock. "Please stop."

The girl sat in her white chair, in her white room, in the top floor of the largest house in the town. She tilted her head at her servant, mouth still parted slightly. White stuffing surrounded her white chair, in her white room. What was left of a small stuffed bear sat in her lap, disfigured.

The girl's parted lips turned upward, and she giggled. The servant's eyes widened as she dropped her sissors, and the mutilated bear. She never listened to him. She never looked at him. She never spoke to him. The servant was positive she hadn't even acknowledged his existence.

She stood, her pale fingers closing around the servant's wrist. The boy looked down at her, too surprised to speak. She stroked the sensitive skin around his wrist, and smiled.

"What's your name, Mister Servant?" She said sweetly, bringing his hands up to her lips.

The servant stammered, as the girl pressed her lips against his wrist, rubbing the back of his hand to her cheek. "I-it's… Ventus, Miss Naminé." He said quietly, wondering what to do.

He yelped, as she slid her tongue along his wrist. "Mmm…" She giggled, licking her lips. "Mister Ventus, then." She slid her hand up his arm, and along his chest, until she reached his collar. She smiled, and gripped the cotton of his dress shirt. She pulled him down to her size, and bent forward. Her cheek brushed his, and she felt his flesh immediately flare with heat. She pressed her lips to his earlobe, a smile still sitting ghostly upon her face. "I never gave you permission to touch me, Mister Ventus." She whispered eerily. The boy made a small noise of surprise, and backed up. The girl sighed, and released his hands.

The servant boy, Ventus, immediately took five large steps backwards. His face was red, and his eyes were wide. "O-oh. Of course, Miss Naminé. I…" He gave a small laugh, making the girl's eyebrows raise. "I should've realized that. I'm sorry, Miss Naminé."

The girl tilted her head at him once more, and grinned. "Are you here to play with me, Mister Servant Ventus?" She asked, stepping forward. The boy stepped back.

"I'm sorry, Miss Naminé… I don't…" Ventus's eye brows furrowed, making the girl stop. The grin slid of her face.

"You don't want to play with me, Mister Ventus?" She breathed. Ventus could hear the hitch in her voice.

"Oh, no, Miss Naminé! It's not that… it's just… aren't you a little old to be playing games, Miss Naminé?" The boy asked curiously.

Ventus had been serving this girl since he was eleven. Every day he'd come into the room, and find her cutting up something of her sister's. Every day, he'd bring her tea, and cake, and talk to her as if she knew he was there, and smiled, and let her sister barge in and furiously attack the girl, until he realized it was his duty as her servant to prevent this from happening, and stopped the fight.

Why had she finally acknowledged him? It wasn't like he hadn't touched her before. In fact, most of the time, it was he who would tuck her into bed, when she would fall asleep on the balcony.

Why was she suddenly paying attention to him?

The girl frowned, and her soft yellow hair bounced a bit as she floated toward him. "Too old to play?" She murmured, her eyes narrowing. "Nobody's too old to play, Mister Ventus."

She stopped in front of him, and frowned. Ventus looked at her, and actually began to see the teenager in her. She always looked the same to him. Like a broken doll, not speaking, just repeating. Repeating her actions over and over.

She sighed, and turned around. "Bring me some tea, will you, Mister Ventus? And maybe get me another of Xion's stuffies?" She looked over her shoulder at him, and smiled. Ventus's eyes widened.

"O-of course, Miss Naminé… but I don't think I can get past Riku." The boy muttered, walking to the door.

"Riku?" Naminé repeated, aimlessly following Ventus to the door. "Isn't he the Master's son?"

Ventus swallowed, and looked at her. She had her chin cupped in her right hand, her eyes distant, and foggy. Her blonde hair curled along her face delicately, following her every movement. She really was quite pretty, Ventus realized. Like Aqua, maybe?

"Yes, he is." Ventus said, nodding at the girl. He had to be friendly- he had been around her for almost four years. It was about time she started speaking to him.

Her frown deepened. "He doesn't seem very much like the Master." She said quietly.

Ventus glanced at the doorknob in his grasp, and shrugged. "Yeah, I know. I think he got his mother's personality."

"His mother?" Naminé repeated. She was staring at her feet now. How rapidly her mood changed!

"Yeah. She died when he was younger apparently." Ventus said frowning. "Conveniently." He added under his breath. The girl looked up, and grinned.

"Well, he's really no match for me, is he?" She giggled, ducking under Ventus's arm as he opened the door. Ventus sighed. This really was new to him.

"Miss Naminé, I don't think you should-" But the girl was already halfway down the hall, spinning, and humming as she went.

Ventus ran a hand through unusually spiky hair, shaking his head. He certainly had a story to tell Terra when he got to the kitchen.

"Oh, Terra~!" The whole kitchen seemed to freeze as the sound of Ventus's voice filled the room.

Terra winced, looking up from his cake. "Shit." He dropped his fork, and slid out of his chair. One of the cooks, and young lady, looked down at him curiously.

"Master Terra-" She started, but stopped when he pressed a finger to his lips, and bent down onto the floor.

"I'm not here, alright?" He winked, slipping under the table cloth. He caught sight of the girl blushing, before returning to whatever she was cooking.

Terra always sat at the small round table in the corner, and ate a piece of cake before he went out on another mission. He liked this routine, because he usually got into the kitchen around the time Aqua came around. And he always enjoyed talking to the young blue-haired maid. Though she never wore her dress around him. She always changed right before going to the kitchen, because she believed that Terra was an unbelievable pervert. Which he was, when he was around her. He couldn't help it. The girl was so easy to tease.

He heard Ventus enter the kitchen, and greet the staff. His footsteps got louder, as he walked toward his table. They stopped, and Terra watched the boy sit down. Surprised, Terra wondered if he was actually safe.

The table cloth lifted a bit, and Ventus's leaned over to grin at Terra.

"Howdy, Terra!" He chirped, as the dark haired boy grumbled, and crawled out from under the table. "Can I eat the rest of your cake?"

"No." Terra growled, grabbing the plate out from under the fork Ventus had picked up. The blond whined as Terra took the fork from him, and sat down in the seat opposite him.

Ventus was quiet for a few minutes, watching Terra eat the rest of his cake, before collapsing into a hunch in his chair.

"Miss Naminé talked to me today." He sighed burying his face in his arms.

Terra raised his head at this news. "What?" He put down his fork. "Naminé? Are you sure?"

Ventus scoffed, looking up at his friend with a scowl. "Of course I am! I've been serving her for years! I'm not an idiot, I can tell if that girl talks to me or not."

"Could've fooled me." Terra grinned wolfishly. Ventus's scowl deepened.

"What? Shut up!" He said defensively. Terra chuckled, and drummed his fork against the side of his plate.

"It is intriguing, though, I have to admit…" Terra murmured, tapping the utensil against his lips. "Naminé only really speaks to Aqua. And Xion, of course, when she gets caught destroying Xion's toys."

Ventus sighed, and set his chin in his palm. "Tell me about it. I didn't even think she knew I existed."

Terra rolled his eyes. "She knew, alright." He muttered, placing his fork down. "But she was ignoring you. See, Naminé has this system- Her, scissors, art, Xion, Aqua. Nothing else matters. She didn't understand you being there all the time, so she ignored you, and pretended you weren't in her ultimate picture. But she must've realized that you have become a major part of her life, and welcomed you into her little circle of insanity." His mouth transformed from a doubting frown to a cheeky grin. "Congrats, I think she likes you."

Ventus gave Terra a blank stare for a minute, cocking his head to the side. "Whaaat?"

"Okay," Terra sighed, placing his hands on the table. "I'll simplify it. Naminé. Has. A. Crush. On. You."

Ventus's eyebrows shot up to his hairline. "Really?" He blinked. "Oh. That would explain a few things…"

Terra leaned forward, and smirked. "A few things?"

Ventus nodded. "Yeah… see…"

"Oh, both of you are here today?"

Ventus jumped, and turned his head. Aqua had apparently entered the kitchen, because she was walking over to their table with a very happy smile on her face. It fell a bit when she caught Terra's eye, but she quickly reacquired it.

"AQUA!" Ventus shouted, jumping up to hug her. Aqua laughed, catching him in the hug before she fell.

"Ven!" She giggled, ruffling his hair a bit.

"Aqua, Aqua!" Ven wailed into her arm. "Miss Naminé sexually harassed me today!"

"WHAT?" Boomed Terra, obviously not expecting this.

Aqua looked equally surprised, her eyes widening. "Naminé… what?" She uttered quietly, staring down at Ven with surprise.

A few staff members looked at them with surprise, before quickly turning back to their appointed food when they saw Terra's glare.

Ven took a deep breath. "Okay, so I was talking to Miss Naminé, pretending like she was listening, you know? So she was cutting up something of Miss Xion's, and I took her hands to stop, and then she went all psycho and licked my wrist, and pretty much molested me. Then she started having a completely normal conversation with me, acting like she hadn't just molested me." He finished, panting.

"She licked your wrist?" Terra asked, his tone a mixture of revulsion and awe.


Aqua still seemed a little shocked. "Molested…?" She murmured.


"I think she loves you, Ven." Terra hooted suddenly, throwing his head back.



Ven's face became very, very red, and he swatted Terra's head. "Shut up! She does not!"

Terra's face was also red. His uncontrollable laughter seemed to be cutting off his air supply.

Aqua managed to choke out a small giggled, making Ven turn on hair.

"Aqua!" Ven yelped, "you're supposed to defend me! You know Miss Naminé better than anyone! Why are you laughing? You should be defending her."

Aqua's small giggles turned into full on laughs, and she shook her head, waving at Ven to tell him she didn't mean it. It didn't stop the blond from collapsing back into his seat in frustration.

Aqua calmed down, leaving Terra to suffocate from the lack of air.

Ven froze, suddenly remembering why he had come to the kitchen in the first place.

"GAH!" He bolted out of his chair, and rushed over to the kitchen staff. As quietly as he could, and took a tray of tea, and headed toward the door. Aqua raised an eyebrow as Ven gestured for her to open the door for him. She did so, and he quickly rushed out of the room, careful not to drop any tea.

Aqua sighed, and looked at Terra, who had stopped laughing, and was grinning at her. He raised an eyebrow. She wasn't looking at him now. His grin faltered.

"Hey, what's up?" He asked, leaning forward.

She backed away, and rubbed her arms, as if she were cold. There was no draft in the room, but it was very much winter outside. Terra hesitated, before sitting up straight. "Aqua…?"

She sighed, plopping down into the seat Ven had just left. She avoided eye contact, and folded her hands in her lap. Terra began to feel uncomfortable. The bustling of the kitchen made it less awkward, because the noise drowned out a lot of thought, but Terra was still fidgeting in his seat.

"Hey, Aqua, what-"

"There's blood on your arm." She cut off impassively, though she didn't look up. Terra froze. Then he swore.

"Did Ven see?" He asked, trying to brush it off his flesh.

"Don't do that in the kitchen, Terra." Aqua said coolly. "Go take a shower, or something."

"Aqua, look-"

"You don't have to explain." She sighed, standing up. "I understand. I really do."

"No, let me just-" Terra stood up as well.

"I don't really want to hear about it." Aqua muttered, striding toward the door.

"I wasn't going to talk about it it, Aqua, but please, just-"

Aqua paused to open the door. "Just stop, Terra." She whispered, stepping out of the kitchen, making Terra curse mildly.

Terra swallowed, watching her leave. He had another mission, and he could feel Aqua's spell work it's way up his legs. He cursed a bit more foully. Making the girl from earlier turn to look at him.

He tried to wash the panic from his face, and grin at her. Though he knew how much trouble both he and Aqua would be in if anyone realized she had cast a spell on him. Accidental or not.

"Aqua." He hissed through his teeth, begging Aqua was just outside the door. Of course she wasn't.

"Aqua!" He called, louder, and more forcefully. He waited, and attempted to call her name again, when she stormed into the room, looking like a hurricane.

"What?" She snapped.

Terra leaned back and forth, glancing at the girl he had been flirting with, who was looking curiously at them.

He gestured to his legs, and gave her a sheepish grin. Aqua looked at his legs, then up at him. Her eyes widened a bit, and she uttered a quick "release" before anything fatal could occur. Fatal, as in, someone realizing Aqua could do magic.

He step forward, testing his legs, before walking up to Aqua. "Please just listen to me?" He whispered.

She glared at him, and turned to walk out of the room. "I have no business with killers." She said coldly, before the door slammed in his face.

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