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The soft tread of my feet against the forest floor was barely audible, as I set the traps on the grass. After setting the final trap, I walk to our spot by the fishing lake, and throw down a soft brown picnic blanket on the grass. Pulling two cups and a flask of warm tea out of my backpack, I hear her coming. My heart beated a bit faster, as I clumsily tried to lay out the berries in a plate and a loaf of bread I had traded for earlier with the Baker. How was I supposed to tell her? She seemed to be in love- I snorted- with that Mellark kid.

"What's so funny?" She asked, as I turned around to look at her.

Without meaning to, a smile tugged on my lips, and I got up and hugged her, breathing in her scent. I haven't had any alone time with her at all, since she came back from the The Hunger Games a few weeks ago. The Games that pulled her away from me, and pushed her into the arms of the other boy. Her body was warm and soft against me, and I made some sort of choking sound.

As I pulled away, I whispered in her ear, "I missed you Catnip."

I saw her smile, "I missed you too, Gale," she replied, eyeing the picnic blanket.

I grab her hand and pull her towards the picnic blanket, and seat her across from me. She pulls out two oranges, a small portion of butter, and some roasted walnuts.

I studied her face while she arranged the food on the blanket. Her eyes were soft grey, and focused on her task, her skin faintly tinged with a red blush, and her lips looked a bit swollen. Jealously flared inside of me. Was she kissing that Peeta boy who lived only a few doors down from her now that they both lived in Victors' Village?

"So how's Peeta?" I blurt out before I can stop myself. She looks up, slightly startled. "He's fine. Spends most of his time in his house though. Spends most of his time painting. I think he's still trying to get over the games."

I roll my eyes. Poor Peeta. Trying to get over the Games, when Katniss had saved him from death multiple times. I wish she hadn't saved him from death. He should've died, and then me and Katniss could be together. It was harsh, but it was true.

"What?" she demands, seeing my eye roll.

"Oh nothing. Just thinking about poor Peeta and how terrible everything must have been for innocent little Peeta," I snap, unable to control the anger coming out of my mouth. OK, it's a bit harsh, picking on someone who just had to go into The Hunger Games, but he had to go after my girl too didn't he?

Katniss stares at me, shocked, and she stops pouring the tea from the flask into my mug.

"What's- what's- wrong with you Gale? I went through the same thing as him, and it was terrible! Do you have any idea how it's like to almost starve to death, to not know how to survive?" she sputters out.

"Oh yes, you and Peeta starving together, going through everything together! And as a matter of fact, I do have an idea or two how it's like! Remember?" I shout back at her. She colours as she realises that I, of all people would know that, when at some points in my life my family barely made it by, with enough food for all us kids, after both our Fathers' had died. If it wasn't for the woods, my family and Katniss' wouldn't have made it by.

"It still gives you no right to talk about him like that!" she retorts angrily, standing up from the blanket, and turning away.

"Don't I get a right, or a say, when my best friend decides to go gallivanting off happily to the Capitol with some other guy!" I respond, chasing after her, our picnic long forgotten.

She turns around, her braid whipping past me.

"Oh. Now why do you get a say in who I love? Or who I want to be with?" she replies calmly, her eyes looking dangerous.

Now that hurt. Who she loves? Who she wants to be with?

"Maybe it matters, because I'm in love you!" I shout, my temper rising. And then my eyes widen, as I realise what I've just said.

She opens her mouth, but nothing comes out.

"You, wh-what?" she whispers.

"I love you. You're like family. You know," I say lamely, in attempt to cover up my slip.

"No-o, you didn't say that. You said you were in love with me."

"You must've heard wro-" I start, but I'm cut off as she comes towards me tentivley, and I think she's going to hurt me. Probably a few punches here and there. Katniss doesn't take well to declarations of love.

I back off, but then she wraps her warm arms around me.

"Katniss, you heard me wrong. I am not IN love with you, I just love you like fami-" I start off, but she cuts me off. I don't even know why I'm trying to cover up what I feel anyways.

"I love you too, Gale," she whispered, burying her head in my chest.

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