"Katniss?" a soft voice asks, and I turn around to see Gale emerging from the shadows of our house. It was a modestly sized house- just on the outskirts of the district, but not completely away from our friends and family.

I can probably imagine what I look like. My eyes dark, bags under my eyes, wrapped in a large blanket, and my fingers clutching a cold cup of tea.

He starts walking towards me, almost hesitantly, as if I'd lash out at him and have another one of my moments. My moments meaning me having flashbacks of the games and going mental. Gale sits down next to me on the couch, and envelopes me into his warm hands. A sob retches up my throat. It was never going to end. Even if the games were over. The nightmares were never going to stop. None of the other tributes were going to come back.

But atleast I had Gale. He had asked me to marry him when I came back from the games. Saying something about not wanting to lose me anymore. I don't exactly remember because I was in shock of what he was asking me. We had the traditional Seam style wedding, despite my mothers' protests of wanting a full blown wedding, now that we had the money. But the idea of having enough money for a huge wedding reminded me of how I had obtained the money. By killing.

"Let me show you something," he whispered, pulling me of the worn couch, and upstairs to our bedroom. The blanket pooled around my feet, and I tripped slightly as he pulled me up the wooden stairs.

The steps creaked, and I barely moved. Gale gave me a slight smile, and scooped me up into his arms and carried me up the rest of the way. My arms automatically went around his neck, and he planted a soft kiss near my brow. A smile lit up my face, and my stomach started fluttering. I can't believe this still happened each time he would come close to me, after being granted the opportunity to do this whenever I wanted for the past six months.

He kicked open the door an empty bedroom next to ours, and my nose was suddenly filled with the scent of flowers, and chemicals. An odd mix, that was for sure.

I gasped. What in the world? My hands trembled. Anger, fury, shock and surprise, so many different emotions clouded my judgement. I slowly extracted myself from Gale's arms and stood on my own two, slightly shaking feet.

"What the he'll is this, Gale?" my voice quivers and cracks, as my eyes take in the pale yellow walls, a soft brown wooden crib, the small stuffed toys, a rocking chair, and a changing station.

"I talked to Hazelle and your mother... They think you may be... ah... well, because of your sickness and moods, you may be..." Gale trailed off, looking down at his worn black boots nervously. We both knew what he was talking about. My gaze automatically fell down to my stomach, and I noticed something I hadn't noticed. A small bump- not noticeable, unless you knew what you were looking for- was protruding from my belly. No.

This wasn't possible. No. It can't... How could this happen?

I heard Gale shout my name, and his arms grab me before I blacked out.

I woke up to a pair of soft lip touching my forehead. My eyes opened drowsily to see Gales smoky gray eyes staring down at me, his dark hair falling into his eyes.

"Oh god Catnip. I'm sorry. I didn't think that would happen, I thought you would be happy, if we were having a kid," he whispered, pulling me up. His eyes, which used to be unreadable looked hurt and confused. Probably about me not wanting his kid.

Something churned in my stomach, and I wrestled myself out of his warm embrace and sprinted towards the washroom, and promptly emptied my stomach into the sink.

As I was leaning my head against the cool tiled walls, I heard Gale shuffle in.

"Gale?" I whisper.
"Catnip?" he replied, his tone slightly mocking. A smile tugged at my lips.
"I think I'm pregnant." His chin was on my head, his arms wrapped around my waist.
"Really? And with whose child would it be?" he murmurs into my ear.
"Yours," I whisper back, a flame starting to burn inside me, causing me to become slightly giddy, and nervous.

"Will you still love me and not go off with some stupid town girl if I look like a bloated whale?" I ask. God I can't believe I asked such a stupid question. I was turning into one of those girls from school.
I feel him turn me around, and look me straight into my eyes.
"I will never ever leave you. I promise." And I believe him. Because I know Gale can love me for how I look and how I am. He would love me still of the Capitol took me again, and molded me to fit with them. Because to him, I was always going to be the determined 12 year old girl he met in the woods years ago.

I turn around, and lean against him.

"I'm not ready for this, Gale," I say before I can stop myself.
He pulls me deeper into his arms.
"But we're in this together," Gale says, enclosing my hands in his, and placing them on my stomach.