Hello, the name's Howard. I'm just like every other 16 year-old boy except for the fact that I have a couple screws loose. You see, I cannot sleep for longer than 6 hours without suffering from chest pain, I don't dream usually, and I have the ability to self-induce an adrenaline rush. My father was a sergeant in a civil war, I won't say the country. Due to this I've been trained to do everything he could do from shooting to hand to hand combat. I don't really have one place to call home due to the fact that I move between the United States and Central America. One night after staying up to finish watching the Book of Eli, I went to sleep just like every other night but when I woke up I didn't really wake up.

It was about six a.m. when my alarm went off I turned it off and went back to what I was doing since four a.m., which was playing Chrono Trigger. I usually get up too early to start getting ready for school and today was Saturday so there wasn't any school anyway. Around seven o'clock my father slammed on the door. I went over to the door and opened it to find him standing there dressed in hunting clothes. "Hey How E you want to go hunting with me and your uncle Ernesto?" My old man asked I'm still surprised to see that even in his 60's he still works and does everything he did when he was 20. "Well sure I guess but hold up I got to go get my rifle from school." I replied. I went into the washroom and got cleaned up and ready. Right before I left the room I took one last look at myself; Forest Camouflage Element Jacket and Hat, Baggy Concord Jeans and my lucky pair of Prestige III shoes. I decided that it would allow me blend in enough so I left my house and got on my motorcycle and headed off for school. I made it to my school in a little less than 10 minutes. I went into my shop gate and opened it. I was surprised to see my team working on the Civic.

"Hey WTF are you guys doing here, it's Saturday?" I asked. They all turned and gave me a mock salute. "Hey don't worry about it we just thought we would finish up this project for you while you took the day off." Calvin, my best friend said. "A'ight thanks Cal. Hey do you know where my rifle is? My Unk, Old man, and I are going hunting and I need it." Calvin jerked his head towards the locker room. I nodded my thanks and went in to find a package addressed to me, I opened it to see a 50 cal Barrett right there with a bunch of camouflage skins. "Hey! Is this mine!" I asked. "Happy late birthday E Mile!" They all called back. "Thanks! Only took you guys 5 months…" I said the last part to myself as I shouldered my new gun. I thanked them again on my way out and started heading home.

I was less than 6 miles away from home when I heard a siren go off. I went over to the shoulder of the road and the cops who were behind me veered their vehicle into me sending me flying off the bike. I stood up to see that they were dressed in black uniforms…they were members of the death squads and by the look of their lack of bars I'm guessing they're rookies.

"Where you heading boy?" One of the men asked me. I decided to stay quiet; I have no words for the likes of them. "Boy maybe you can't here that well…Where are you headed?" the other man said as he put his hand on my shoulder. "It doesn't matter where I'm headed…You should be more worried about where you're heading." I replied. "And just where am I headed boy?" He asked in a threatening tone. "Hell. Tell the devil I said hi." I said as I pulled the trigger shooting the man right through the top right of his chest. The man's grip loosened on me and I took the chance to run into an old abandoned factory. I put the Urban Camouflage Skin on my rifle and hid behind a dumpster in the loading dock in the front. The other man came around trembling with hesitation as he entered the dock. I closed my eyes and began to focus, I took and deep breath in and reopened eyes. My hearing became muffled and my vision pulsated with every beat of my heart. I decided to toy with guy by throwing my voice. "Hey! Rookie you really think that it was going to be that easy?" I said throwing my voice over to a trash bin which he shot. "Shut Up! Where the F*** are you!" He screamed. "Why so damn serious? Lost your confidence?" I said amusement evident in my voice. "Where the F*** are you, you son of a Bitch!" He screamed back.

"I'm right here…" I pulled the trigger on final time and this time the bullet pierced his head.

"Boom, Headshot." I said. I went over to the man and took a knee, I placed my cross on his chest and began to speak, "The Lord ismy shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You arewith me. Lord, please forgive this man for his actions and I ask that you protect him as you have protect me, please see to it that he makes his way to your kingdom." I pick up my cross and begin to walk away when my body surges with pain. I drop to my knees and I put my hand up to my chest and put it to my face. There is blood on my hand. I use the last of my energy to put the cross back around my neck as my sight goes black.

I had been shot in the heart.