It was not long after my little talk with Howard that I returned to the world of the conscious. I awoke to find myself in a Hospital bed with Shuriken sleeping in the chair next to me. I decided it best I not wake her and got up and examined myself. I was covered in scars and on my face there was a marking that resembled a dragon that covered the entire left side of my face. The markings features matched mine, its eye over mine, and its nose over my nose, etc. I looked to my beside to see the clothes that I came to Shin-Ra the Armor plating was engraved with more markings that represented the dragon's body, wings and left arm.

"I'm guessing these markings are to allow you to influence my own attributions…" I analyzed.

"You're Correct E. Mile. Even Though, Try Not To Call On Me Too Often." Neo Bahamut said.

"You don't have to worry about that." I then noticed a Letter on top of the clothes marked with a white rose. I put on my clothes and opened the letter.

-Dear E. Mile,

It's Yuffie, well not really it's just a letter from me but you get the Idea don't you? How is everything? Father's been worried about you, we all have. N-not that I've been! A Ninja doesn't need to worry about another Ninja like yourself but it's really, really, really BORING without you here. So uh could you come and visit us sometime? So we can hang out. I know you're working for the bad-guys now and so does Godo. We don't hold it against you, you had no choice. I-I miss you and it would mean the world to me if you could stop by sometime.



P.S. Just wondering any cute guys there?

I couldn't help but laugh after reading the letter. Yuffie was really caring when she wanted to be, and she does have a point I should go visit. It would give me time to master manifesting Neo Bahamut's power and discovering some of my own if I have any. I heard someone stirring and turned my attention to the now waking Shuriken. I put the letter in my pocket and sat down on the bed.

"So how'd you sleep Shuriken?" I asked.

The Moment she opened her eyes I could tell she had been crying and she looked like she hadn't slept in weeks. Yet she smiled at me and replied, "Pretty good how about you?"

I got up and looked out the window to Midgar. It was so polluted it felt like this place was constantly covered in this perpetual darkness and it was starting to eat away at my very soul.

"How long?" I asked.

"Question of my life. If you mean how long have you been out, I think it was a month counting today." Shuriken replied.

"Shuriken why were you crying? You weren't worried about me were you?" I asked.

At first Shuriken thought I was teasing but after she saw my expression she knew I was dead serious. She looked to the ground and replied, "I wasn't worried I just felt guilty. I was the one who proposed you be infused with the Summon and I felt responsible for what happened to you at Modeohiem. So much that I proposed that you'd be given some time off away from Shin-Ra. You are to leave tomorrow for Wutai, after being discharged from here and we'll come and get you after a month; from there you'll be transferred over to SOLDIER for training and then back to the Turks when your mentor believes you're ready. You're already packed and your crossbow and daggers are on the table over there. I'll see you when you get back" Shuriken said as she left the room after indicating my weapons and pack.

"Thanks Shuriken and get some sleep." I called to her as I went to lunch.

A Month in Wutai…I can't wait to see the look on Yuffie's face when she hears this.

Just a short chapter from Myself and Howard before we leave on personal business. Next chapters will be Wutai.

- Life By A Different Name A.K.A. Howard E. Mile Hernandez