The turquoise green rabbit takes his steps a little closer, "Do I look unreal? I'm standing in front of you" he's eyes flaming into her sobbed sky blue eyes "Why did you stalk me?" Yin gently slides from wall to wall to keep her distance away from him as far as she could "Don't act dumb! 5 years ago…the police caught me and turn me in to the prison, dark, lonely, and silent was only I got in the cell that's partially you and your brother's fault so when I fled my revenge is already await against you" that's right he is Yuck! Only now he's older (between 17).

"It's not mine or neither my brother's because of your self, you destroying the town and…and you the one who killed Master Yo" she can't hold her tears from pouring her face but unwillingly she didn't want her enemy see her cry of suffered and feared "I did, in some reason I desire…" Yuck smirk with glaring eyes "You'd no reason at all…" Yin tries to run for waking Katie to get outta here, but don't know how Yuck fast enough to reach it before she does.

Yin stops her feet and gasping "Don't you think this is going to be over yet, I still wanna play but playing with your soul" he throws a knife at her in high speed then Yin shield her with the foo-field, "You're nothing than an assassin! From year to year not a single thing changes from your heartless demon!" Yin moves her glowing hand to shoot some of her orbs to him but he senses it and quick move in front of her, grabbing her hand to held her fire "I swear I'll get my avenge perfectly to both you and your s*** brother barely with my own hands" he's kneading my left hand so hard until I'm mumbling pain.

"You won't getaway with this" Yin still in hurt and attempt one of her attack to distract him a while as she uses her cinerate "Ugh!" Yuck smacked onto the wall with a little daze, its Yin's chance to run for it to call for help. She almost reach the telephone but a levitation ray zap her then hit her in the back to the wall twice "Uh…I need m-my.." everything looks fuzzy and waving in her eyes she stands unstable touch the wall to get her balance back, "Going somewhere? I bet not, waifs" an insulted just strike to Yin's little heart.

"Don't you dare or ever called me that!" she fists her palm and swing to punch him at the face, it seems fail as he hold it by "Oh…is little miss prissy has a heartache?" his face begin showing a joy of Yin's anger "Prissy! You're going down!" her unconscious glared blinding her logical thought that Yuck could easily find her weakness "Not if you're first, you'll taste the bitter entire of your life" he keeps pushing her harder to the wall,

With a shock blitzing electric can feel from Yuck's arms to her *door knocking* "Anyone there?" a familiar voice called but before she could answer it she faints first because of the shock, her eyes blurring from the scene and dark.

After a while the familiar voice calling her name again "Yin…Yin…" she begins to see it clearly "Yang?" a replied softly she can said "What happen to you last minute?" her brother gaze worried at her condition "Where am I?" my throat felt like a thousand watts shocked "You're in the hospital, you faint in Paige's house but, I'm sorry about her death" he shown his care as a brother she didn't know all along.

Suddenly Yin remembers that she gets up concerning "Wait! Katie still in there I have to go back to check if she's alright" she grabbed and pulled her brother's shirt while his eyes look widen because Yin is a little overreact but he doesn't know the real problem caused this horror.

"Calm down Yin! Tell me what's going on?" he takes off her hands from his shirt "He's back!" before I continue my words he cuts my line with a question "Who?" "Yuck! He fled from the prison then after me also you but I don't know why did he kill Paige band please…I need to see Katie" I begged hopelessly just like a starved street urchin "As soon you get enough rest I let you but this in time, no" she can't believe her brother refused it in this narrow time "But…" god damn it! He said no again.

"I hope Katie just fine, (deep breath) never think negative" she goes back laid on the white bed, relaxing her mind to stand stable.

No sound, no voice, just a silence filling her time and the cricket's cricking is the only music to her ears but the concerned never stop her mind from to worrying her friend who's lonely out there, she has no choice but escaping from the hospital through the window "Sorry Yang, I have to save someone's life" she jumps out of the window for good and return to Paige's house.

*door slammed* "Katie!" Yin shouted while running to the room, "Huh! She isn't here but where is she then?" her worried contagious to her heart beat that getting faster, "M-m-maybe she-she's already leave uh..yeah pro-probably because she's alone and awoke so I think she's already in her…her…her…" Yin talked stuttered before and after seeing something unexpected "Ah!" she squealed long seeing the killed red bear hanging on the rope tied her neck sympathetically.

"No, (cries) Katie…" she land her head in her stomach "I'm so sorry, I'm really sorry Katie…you'll get rest in properly my friend" the regretful female rabbit carried her away from the victim place to the hospital where did Paige take care of.

"Nurse! Please take care her corpse, put her besides the corpse who last hour been here" she ordered and want Katie's corpse put besides Paige's corpse for their peace together "Excuse me miss" another nurse came by to her "Yes…" Yin answered lowly "There's a guy left a note for you, I think he's your brother" the nurse gave to her and leaves and it says:

Dear sister,

I know you left to see Katie…

It's okay, but please takes good care of your self when you're out there and if you need anything just call me.

Your Brother,


She feels comfort and calm to hear her brother words that willingly for helping her with all the problems she got. Yin is out from the hospital, going back to her empty home on Tessellotus dwelling "Two of my beloved friends die, what else can go wrong?" she can feel the cold night in her circumstances and the unfriendly wind blowing against her way but she has to walk by with no doubt, fear or even concern.

"Burr…if I know it's cold like this I bring my jacket along with me" shaking her arms of coldness but she wasn't focus to the road so she stumbles by a small hole on the street "Ow! Hmm…what's this?" something came out from her bag "I forgot to return Lina's charm bracelet" Yin stood and make a little run aim to Lina's home.

Yin makes it! She knocks the door directly with no anxious to think "Lina! Are you home?" no answer from her and once she repeat it again "Lina, I want to return your bracelet that I borrowed last week" still there's no answer from the farm aqua green dog or her best friend, this time Yin knocks the door harder and it open by it self "Huh? Lina?" she steps into her house slyly.

"Lina? Is she gone or…no no no that's preposterous" as Yin may start her search in the house not even Lina's father in there but she found a note on the table near the couch "A note! (grabbing) Lina, since I leave outta town you're in charge the home and the farm and make sure when I'm back everything is alright. From Dad" after she read it she puts it back again and think clearly "Lina's father is out of town and left her in charge alone but...where could she be now? Lina isn't a party girl!" the conflict clashing Yin's mind seriously.

The rabbit walks in a deeper room like the basemen "Hello…Lina are you down there?" she is tiptoeing downstairs to find the light switch but got fell off the stairs "There it is!" she switch it and the light illuminate the hollow room "What the?" the first thing she saw is blood scattered on the wooden floor till the stairs, she follows the track to lead where will it go?

Not knowing she found the thing who strews those bloods, yap! It's Lina alright "No! Please not Lina…" Yin gets near her and touch her chest to make sure is her heart still beating or not "(heart beating) oh god sake, thank you! She's still alive but I need to call 911 and Yang" she grabs her phone and dial the emergency number "Hello, send an ambulance there's someone hurt, the location in the corn field" Yin nervously spit her words out "We'll be right there as soon as we can" then she hung it up, for the next call to her brother "Hang on Lina…".

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