Chapter 3: James Duncan

'Down the corridor, to the left, second classroom on the right,' James recited to himself as he made his way to the answer of one of his life's greatest mysteries: His father.

He had no clue what his father was like. Would he be short, fat and bald? Tall, thin and extremely hairy? Would he be a horrible man, a killjoy, or a jovial man who loved to celebrate and give presents to others?

Would he have brown or blonde hair? Would he have green or blue eyes?

Now that meeting his father was actually within James' grasp, he wasn't nervous.

Finally, he reached the classroom in which he would find his father. The door had a small glass window, but it was translucent, so the boy couldn't see much more than a few blobs through it. He rested his hand on the doorknob, unsure of what to do.

Would his father even want to see him?

Although he was 15, he felt like a child again. He wished that he had his mother with him to open the door and speak to his father, to interrupt the lesson for him.

A teacher walking by saw him and stopped.

"Aren't you meant to be in a lesson?" The lady asked in a strict voice.

"I'm... I'm here to visit James Duncan." He said so quietly that his voice was barely audible.

"Oh! Gosh! You must be James Choke! Go right in, honey." Her voice instantly became warmer. She saw his hand resting on the doorknob and added, "There's nothing to be worried about, I promise. He's always wanted to meet you, you have no idea how happy he was when he heard you were coming."

"Really?" His dad had always wanted to meet him? "I guess I'll go in then." Grinning, James turned the doorknob.

"Good luck." The teacher smiled before she began walking to the staff room.

Slowly, James opened the door.

The room was full of desks and chairs. Desks occupied with students, who were all staring at him with looks of curiousity.

At the front of the room, in front of James, was the teacher, who was also staring at him. But the teacher's eyes were sparkling with tears, and were full of warmth.

"James?" The man asked in a strangeled voice.

"Dad?" but he only managed to mouth it, so unable to reply, the boy nodded.

The teacher had blonde hair which had obviously been combed, but was still slightly messier than it should have been; he was tall, obviously athletic, but he clearly didn't go to the gym, because he wasn't particularly muscly. The only difference was that he had green eyes, as opposed to blue eyes.

Apart from that, he was like an older version of James.

"Class, I'm not going to be gone for long, but if I am, I will be sending a cover teacher. No messing about please." He managed.

For once, the class was completely silent.

James' father motion for his son to leave the room before following him out and closing the door behind him.

Once outside, he kept walking until he reached an empty classroom.

"In here." The man choked.

Once inside, James leaned against a desk.

"Dad?" He asked, his steady gaze seeming to bore into the older James' skull.

"I think so. Gwen Choke was your mother?"

"Yeah." James bit his tongue to stop himself from crying. His father didn't seem to hold the ability of stopping tears though, and they flowed freely down his face as he came to embrace his son.

They stood there awkwardly for a second or two before James lifted his arms to hug his father back, resting his head on his father's shoulder (they were both the same height).

Finally, his father let go of him and stepped back.

"What happened to Gwen?" He asked, suddenly remembering that she hadn't replied to his letters.

"She died when I was eleven."

"I... really?" His father exclaimed, for he hadn't even considered this, "Gwen's... dead?"

"I'm sorry."

"No... No, no, no... I'm sorry, James. You've been growing up almost as an orphan... no one was there for you, which is my fault. I didn't even give you a second thought...I'm so sorry..."

"Dad... Is it OK if I call you Dad?" James waited for his father to nod before carrying on, "I'm just glad that I could meet you..."

There was an awkward silence.

"So...urm...What do you teach?"

"Maths."James Duncan smiled, "Gwen always used to tell me how good you were at maths, is that true?"

"Well, my school is planning to let me take my maths A levels a year early."

"So you'll be doing advanced maths too?"


"OK, let's see how good you are, then. So... 23 multiplied by 132."

The 15 year old boy paused for a moment before saying '3,036.'

"Wow, Gwen was right. Half the students in my Y13 group wouldn't have managed that one so fast!"

They spent the next 20 minutes quizzing each other at maths, and soon, the questions were along the line of '4537 multiplied by 214,' yet James Duncan still managed them.

"970, 918."

"How did you get that?" James asked his father, gobsmacked.

"I'm a maths teacher, what can I say?" The other James replied boastfully, but still smiling. Suddenly a bell rang, "The next lesson is starting now."

And sure enough, you could hear the students going to their new classrooms.

A group of students burst into the classroom soon after, but then stopped at the door once they had seen the two James'.

"I need to go now." The young James said quickly, turning towards the doors.

His father put his hand on his shoulder and turned him back.

"Will I ever see you again? Why do you have to go anyway? You could stay with me, my wife and I, we have a spare room. You could live with your half-sister."

"I don't know. I have to. And, I'll think about it. Seriously." The look of sincerity in his eyes would have shocked the instructors at CHERUB, who knew him as a bit of a troublemaker and had probably never seen him so serious.

"Please, I would hate to have you disappear again." His father pleaded.

"I'll try. But, moving away is also hard: I've got friends near my current house, and my half-sister, Lauren."

"Just... Phone back please, whatever your decision."

"I will." James promised before hugging his father and exiting the room, pushing past the confused students.

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