Overcome by planet p

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Sitting alone in her bedroom, Azucena Toscano stilled and reached up a small hand to dab away her tears on a neatly pressed handkerchief she had found in one of the drawers. Soon, she would be a married woman: and what woman who was to be the wife of Mauricio Duarte would complain? He had money and influence and would see to it that she lived a comfortable life. The problem was, she realised, it would also be a loveless existence.

Since meeting Diego Morán Huerta, Azul had realised that not only had Diego fallen in love with her, she had fallen in love, herself. Now, they could never be together. She would never see him again. At that single thought, her shoulders began to shake anew and fresh tears pearled in her eyes and rushed down her cheeks as she succumbed to the sobs that had overtaken her body.