Author's Note: This was written at 2 AM after finding out there is literally NO Lost World femslash, at least none I could find, and spontaneously deciding to turn the tide, Finn and Veronica being my victims (because I had a major crush on both of them when I was little. Squee!). It had been six years since I'd seen an episode of The Lost World and wrote this before rewatching some of the episodes and finding out Finn.. didn't really have much time for fun. But she seems like the type to act like this and if you could forget a bit of her history for the sake of this story, that would be really cool. :)

Please note that English is not my native language. If you see any errors, I'll be more than willing to fix 'em.

And also, you might need to know what The Game is in the internet world. Check if you don't know ;) Now, without further ado...


The older blonde shun away from her younger companion's grinning visage. „What are you doing?" she asked, baffled.

„What? You've never done this? In New Amazonia, we used to do it all the time!" the short-haired outlaw replied and momentarily put on a dreamy expression, remembering the old days. It was a hard life, but it had its privileges.

„Times sure have changed," Veronica remarked before suddenly blinking and adding, „will change, I mean." The way time has been toying with her, Challenger's expedition and the entire Plateau was deliberately getting on her nerves. „Doesn't seem like fun to me."

„I don't think you know the meaning of the word," Finn retorted.

Veronica raised an eyebrow at her. „I don't think you have any right to teach me about it."

„Veroooonicaaaaaaaaaa~" growled Finn, and rolled on her back to grab the foot of the mildly annoying woman, who was now, apparently, leaving her alone on the kitchen floor. „Have you ever even bedded Ned, anyway?"


„Alright, alright! Sheesh! It's just that the guy's obsessed with you and you should totahhh— um." Finn stopped abruptly when she saw the expression on Veronica's face, saying ‚I've got a knife and know how to use it'.

The jungle protector suddenly grinned impishly, which caused Finn to crawl away a few steps, cautiously. „You know, lass, if you're younger than me and, how long has that war been going on in your world? I mean, isn't this just something you saw on tealvision? I don't think you've ever actually played the game."

Finn's cheeks turned bright red. „It's ‚television'."

The older blonde's grin widened in victory. „I knew it."

Finn got up from the ground and wiped the dust off of herself, when an evil, evil thing crossed her mind. She did her best not to chuckle and maintain a resigning posture as she walked closer to Veronica and looked her in the eye. You must be a fool to think I'd give up so easily, she thought and rested her elbow on Veronica's shoulder. „You know, for someone living in the jungle for eleven years, you're pretty smart."

She was, however, only met with another raised eyebrow. „Is this another part of your game? Trying to flirt me into it?"

She smirked. „See? I told you you were smart."

„The worst part is," said Veronica as she turned her head to face her bold friend, „it's actually working."

And as they got close enough to hear each other breathing – and then even closer – Finn couldn't help but mark her epic victory in one simple sentence.

Congratulations, Veronica! You just lost the game!

Wait… what? Get back here you future wimp! FFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIINN!