Last story ended 10.03.2010. Time to write again…

When I wrote "Treasure of a Swordsman" I used the idea in one chapter:

"Robin is often portrayed the team as a village and its life in a novel. Nami was like a little sister to Robin, who liked to be in the spotlight. Luffy was like a little brother who always had to pick something. Sanji was like a neighbor's boy who loved her and every girl. Brook musician, who was at the border madness and genius. Usopp inventor, who was not given enough room. Chopper a pet, who needed love. And Franky pervert uncle, who had to be kept away from children.

Zoro was the gardener and Robin secretly watched him. Solitary, hard-working and nice gardener. All of these thoughts come from one of the novel, which she had read. For Zoro best suited to the gardener character. The main character was a young girl who fell in love with a simple gardener. But she had not the courage to say to him that and watched only him from the window every day."

And now I thought to make it to a story. I explain it a little. Robin reads a book and she notices that the characters have something in common with their pirate crew.

This chapter has a lack of the Straw huts, because I like to start slowly. So please give the story a little time…

So this story has 2 stories in it. First one on the pirate ship and the second one in the book which Robin is reading. The book story part is written in me-form (Jenna is talking).

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Chapter 1

It was a quiet day on the Straw hat crews' ship. Robin was on her way to her room after she left the kitchen. Breakfast had just ended. She didn't know what the others were doing now and she didn't care. The reason she didn't care was because of the new book which she was holding. Nothing special was happening and Robin decided to use this rare chance.

As usual she decided to lock herself in her room for the entire day and read but only if the book was good. And this time she doubted she would spend the whole day reading this new book, because it was a romance novel.

Robin didn't read novels often. They were too unrealistic for her. Historical books were more her cup of tea. But this time she chose the book because a woman in the book shop recommended it to her.

Robin sat on her bed and slid her finger over the cover of the book. "Secret Rose" was the title. There was a picture of a blue rose on the cover. Blue roses are often portrayed in literature and art as a symbol of love and prosperity to those who seek it. They do not exist in nature, due to genetic limitations being imposed upon natural variance. An impossible love as the woman in the shop had said. She also said that the story was like it was written about her.

Robin smiled. She knew that people liked to portray themselves within the characters in books. But she had never done it nor intended to. This time, though, it was possible that she would.

She opened the book and started to read the first chapter.

Spring means a beginning for me

The sun brightened the whole room. Sunrays fell on the bed where a young woman was sleeping. Her long black hair sparkled in the sun. The birds were singing outside. The first harbinger-of-springs were back.

"Miss, it's time to wake up."

The knocking on the door woke up the young woman. She knew what and who it was. She was used to this, because it happened every morning. The woman sat up and looked out the window.

I am 99. 9% sure that I can't go outside today. Why I am hoping that I can every morning? I should already know that my father will never let me out, but maybe this summer when it isn't too hot…Then I can see my mother's roses. Those wonderful roses that I saw last time …when she died.

I have to hurry and go downstairs. Otherwise they would send someone for looking for me. When will they understand that walking down the stairs wouldn't kill me?

I stood up and grabbed my housecoat. Slowly I walked downstairs, because I didn't want to be panting when I reached the kitchen.

When I was halfway down I heard my brother laugh. How could he be so energized so early? I sighed and tried to smile. This wasn't very hard because I really love my brother.

"Jenny!" The boy yelled from the kitchen. "Come faster, I am so hungry!"

I sped up my pace and sat at my place at the table. My sister was sitting next to me. She was as beautiful as usual and looked like she was ready to go to a ball. I am sure that she wanted to go shopping after breakfast.

I wasn't ready to go anywhere. My hair was a mess and I was still in my sleeping clothes. But I didn't need to be ready, because I couldn't go outside.

"Good morning Jenna!" My sister smiled brightly.

"Good morning to you, too."

This is my sister Natalia, always happy and energized. With her 18 years she was very good at manipulating people. No, she isn't a bad person, but she always has to get what she wants. She is a little spoiled. This was the only thing that I didn't like about her. But all in all I loved her.

Like I loved my little brother. Actually he isn't the child he seems to be. He is 17 years old, but acts like a 7 year old boy. He is always whining, because he always is hungry and that is really annoying.

Why I am thinking about their bad sides? I sighed. It was the beautiful weather that ruined my mood.

I looked at my brother and sister since they were arguing again. But they seemed happy. I was even a little jealous. They were allowed to go outside. But I am the only child who remembers our mother. I was seven when she died. Yes, I was young, but I still remember how soft her skin was and how her hair smelled.

I look up to my dad when he stands up and leaves. He is working hard so that we can have a carefree future. But the price for it is high. I almost don't get to see him anymore. But I am used to it already.

After him Natalia and Jack leave also. They are going to the city. Natalia is of course going shopping and Jack is going with her because he is bored. I hear Natalia tell me that she'll get a dress for me.

I don't care about it. Clothes are not important to me. What do I need beautiful clothes for? I don't have anybody to show them to. We rarely have guests.

I look at the clock. It's half past ten…already? I stand up and walk faster up the stairs than I came down. Luckily nobody sees it.

I almost run to my room and brush my hair. Why am I doing this? He doesn't care how I look but I am not in the mood to listen to his jokes about my messy hair.

Suddenly I hear a noise by the window. I know that it's Tim. He is my childhood friend. We were neighbors for years until his family moved to the city. Actually the city isn't far away, but he doesn't have much time to visit me.

Three times a week he comes to visit. Every time at the same time he comes through the window.

I hear panting and swearing. He should stop smoking or he won't manage to climb up the wall anymore.

"Jenna! Please move to the ground floor. This would be so much better for me."

"No, it wouldn't. You have to train." I sit on my bed and watch as he falls on the ground.

"You are so mean." Tim stays on the ground and rests. "I saw Natalia and Jack leave. It's the perfect time to go outside, don't you think?"

"You know my answer."

"Ah…It's been almost 20 years now." He stands up and sits on the window board. "Almost your entire life. This isn't fair."

Tim has always taken care of me. When we were neighbors he visited me every day, even though I could never go outside with him. I have the same disease that my mom had. After she died because of that disease, my father didn't want to lose me. My heart is very weak and that's why I am not allowed to leave the house.

"At least Natalia isn't here."

I laugh at Tim's tone. He didn't like Natalia because he was sure that she had a crush on him. At the beginning he liked her. Natalia was a clever woman but the manipulating side was too annoying for Tim.

Also he didn't like the fact that Natalia was crazy for money. Tim was a very greedy person and didn't want to share his money with anybody. They would never suit each other.

"Oh, you have a new gardener. Jenna, you have to see. He is sexy."

"Don't talk like that. People already think that you are different."

Tim laughed when he heard the word different and understood what Jenna meant.

"But thanks to that your father doesn't want us to marry anymore."

Oh that thing…I remember very clearly when my father talked about it. Of course he had noticed that Tim and I were spending a lot of time together. He was almost as old as I was and his family was very rich. A marriage would have been perfect.

But we weren't amused about it. We were only friends but I was afraid to say that to my father. This marriage would have been good for business. Then Tim had an idea. Every time he saw my father he acted like he was gay.

"As soon as your father understood that I wasn't going to change my mind he gave up on the idea."

"But when he finds out the truth?"

"Then you have to marry me." Tim laughed. "But forget it now. Come and check the gardener out."

I was annoyed about it. He should know me better. I wasn't interested in men. My sister was more interested in them. I gave up my hope that I would meet my prince. Who would want a woman who can't leave her room? Furthermore I liked to spend time with books more than thinking about my prince.

"He has green hair! He really suits the part for a gardener." Tim laughed again. "Should I pay him for keeping his mouth about my visits?"

I wasn't listening to him any more. My entire attention was at that man who was by my mother's roses. I saw how he cut one rose. Then I lost my temper and ran out of my room.


I heard Tim run after me but I didn't care. I was angry. How did that man dare to cut those roses? Didn't anybody tell him that it was forbidden? I forgot every rule- I ran outside. I was so angry that I didn't even care about the consequences.

When I was in the garden I saw that he had already cut 3 roses. I have never been that angry. I stopped near the man. I was completely out of breath. I couldn't move any more and I felt how my heart hurt and then everything went black.

I could not move nor could I see anything. But I heard Tim's voice. He was screaming my name. Suddenly I felt someone lift me up and carry me. It couldn't have been Tim, because I felt a muscular chest.

Although it was very hard to breath and I couldn't open my eyes, I felt very safe.

"Robin, Robin! Look what I brought!"

Robin looked up. It took her a few seconds to understand that it wasn't Natalia who was yelling.

Robin smiled to Nami who was holding a dress up. She reminded her of Natalia. Nami started to show her more clothes, but Robin wasn't listening, because she thought about the novel. Natalia and Nami were alike also Jack and Luffy. Then, was she Jenna? And who was the gardener?

What had she thought before? I have never portrayed myself or anybody else within the characters. Seems like that was going to change now.

I have no idea how fast I will all depents how much my university tires me..