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Chapter 14

Done. Over. It was finished.

Robin was alone in her room when she read the last line. If... She was not happy with the ending. Shouldn't novels have a happy ending? This trivial novel, which was intended only for entertainment, shouldn't have a happy ending? People were waiting something happy to get their thought away from their miserable life. But no...

Okei, it shouldn't have a happy ending, but it would have been nice. Robin would have been satisfied with the ending if the whole topic would not have touched her so much. Inevitably, she had to ask herself whether her life had ifs.

There were ifs in her life. Even too many.

If my mother would live. If I had not met Luffy. If they wouldn't have saved me in Ennies Lobby. If I would tell the truth.

Robin browsed the last pages. It was strange that at the end there were many white pages. Which was their purpose... Shouldn't the end have notes or register? She examined those pages and there was something suspicious.

She was holding up a cup of tea. The tea was still hot and was steaming. When she was examining the pages the tea's stream touched the pages and quietly letters began to appear in the pages. And then it hit Robin. She had heard about notes written with milk and when the notes got heated the letters appeared.

She needed more heat. The iron should be perfect for it.

Dear reader,

If you're so desperately looking for a better end, you should admit that you do not want to end like Jenna. For encouragement I tell you another story.

PS: Yeah life sucks, fiction not always.

I woke up, screamed. I looked around the room breathlessly. I was totally sweaty. It was all a dream ... a dream I had just seen the most scariest dream.

I committed suicide and it also killed Tim with it. I am sure that I also destroyed the lives of the others ... My heart was still fluttering. Nonsense, nonsense, I tried to make myself aware of. It was a dream and it is not true. And will not come true.

... I didn't want it. How could my not confessing lead to that.. Was Tim right? I had to confess my feelings before they would kill me from inside ... Which feelings? Oh, I just did admit it.

Although I did not know whether it was the right idea, drove myself out of bed. I had to do something. Something. Talk. Pull myself together. I loved him and he had to know it. What was the worst that could happen? He would laugh at me? I will survive it. Maybe... No. Absolutely! I survive it.

And suddenly I saw him in the corridor. He put the jacket on and was about to leave.

"Han ..."

I did not plan to hinder him, but still called out his name. He turned to me. But it was dark and he probably did not realize who had called his name. He walked closer to me and stopped then.

"Miss Jenna? Is something wrong?"

I wanted to turn around and go away. But I could not do it. I stared at him and he walked towards me. Tim's words echoed in my head and I could not turn it off. Even once you couldn't leave me alone, Tim ... Ah, Tim was not my problem.

"Why?" I said it before I came to think about.

"I beg your pardon?"

Of course, he could not understand me. Even I could not understand. I should have said something logical and not at all that what I said.

"Why are you marrying my sister?"

He looked at me curiously. Very weird. And my heart skipped a beat.

"Miss, I do not think that we should discuss it over."

"But ..."

I do not even know what I was trying.

"But ... I love you!"

That came out well ... Wait a minute ... I did not say it in his face. No. Oh, God no. What a shame! I stared at the floor, did not dare to look up. Do you know of such moments, if you want to be a little mouse that could hind in a tiny hole? I wanted to be it. Be a sweet little mouse.

"Miss Jenna ..."

Oh ... I prepared for the worst. At the same time I was wondering what I should do next. Hans after all will be my brother-in-law. Oh, shame. Oh my miserable life.

"... you too."

Ah, what? I didn't hear what Hans said because of my thoughts.


"I know it is terrible what I am doing to your sister. But I have my reasons. However, I thought that you hated me."

When he saw my bewildered countenance, he continued.

"You do not even spoken to me. Ignored me. It surprises me that you feel the same as me. "

The only thing I could to was to cry.

And even now I could cry over it. But because of the laughter. How was I so stupid? At the same time would never have imagined that five years later, I would be happy when I think back in time. But now I am.

"Please do not interrupt. I have to write the letter." I smirked when Hans kissed my hair.

"You are writing to Tim? Do not you think he wants to have peace during his honeymoon? "

"I promised to write to him. And Natalie would also be happy if she knows that we are all right here."

"Sure, of course." Hans hugged me, even though the chair back was between us. "I still can not believe that these two are a couple. Seriously. "

Oh yeah, me neither. It went way quickly and unnoticed. Okay. Not totally. I just didn't noticed before it was too late. But I had a good excuse. I'm in love.

It all started a few weeks after I told Hans the truth.

And he loves me.

And not just in my dream world. Really. He loves me. But we kept it secret for some time. Hans had to end the engagement. My sister was angry. Quite a few of the mirrors and plates had to suffer under it. Especially when Tim was in the house. He found it extremely funny.

I had to explain to William that my heart was with someone else. He accepted it. Somehow. When I last talked to him, it was about a week ago, he spoke of one beautiful girl. Although he did this almost every week and every week it was different girl. But at least he seemed happy.

And also Natalia accepted it. It took time, but she wanted me to be happy.

Oh yeah. She and Tim. About them you can say so: The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love. They quarrelled all the time, but also spent time with both. And eventually they fell in love. I remember one night when Tim climbed trough the window to my room, thankfully I did not share it with Hans at the moment.

"Jenna. Something is wrong. Seriously. I think about her all the time. I am always talking about her.. This witch has put a spell on me.. An evil spell."

"... Tim, it is 3 am."

"An evil spell."

"You're just in love." I turned around and didn't hear a single word for a while.

"Oh, fuck. This is going to be fun." From his tone I heard sarcasm.

Now he has forgotten the sarcasm. Ironic, isn't it?

I am happy for him and that I didn't have to break his heart. I knew that he had loved me. But after a long and serious talk he understood that he loved me like a brother would.

I wrote the last sentence of the letter. Please do not murder each other there. And headed towards Hans, who was waiting for me.

"Finally. I had to wait so long for you. "

"I'm sorry. I'm slow. But at least I made it. "I smiled. Yes. I made it ans I was happy.

Boredom is usually a bad thing. But this once Robin thought that boredom was a good thing. The reason was simple. She got use the boredom of one man to educate him. And the whole situation made Robin laugh.

Zoro stared at the table for 10 more minutes and tried to think of his next move.

Robin smirked.

"Don't hurry, we have time."

"TCH., woman, don't mock! "

It was not fun to tease people. No, not nice. But it was fun.

"I did not mean it that way."

"Yeah right, I know that a meaning behind your words."

Really?Robin smirked again.

"Do not get me wrong."

"There is nothing wrong with understanding. I know you well enough. "

Now that Robin doubt highly. But she didn't say to it to him. She rather wanted to enjoy the game and not argue with him. Finally Zoro made a move.

And at that moment Robin thought that she needs a new activity. At least until they reach the next island,and she could buy new books. So far, however, she needed something.

"Hey, let's play one more time?"

Robin smirked. Perhaps she had already found a new activity.