Another Series Of Unfortunate Events

Book, the Second

The Tantalizing Theater

For My Devoted Beatrice, your love for me was undying; sadly you were not

Dear Reader,

If you have ever had the opportunity to obtain a night on the town or to get away from pesky relatives, then visiting a theater is an enjoyable and memorable experience, one that will surely provide you plenty of chances to forget about your relatives.

For the Baudelaires however, their own time at the Ned H. Rirger Theater was not enjoyable and I highly doubt any of the children would want to remember the experience if they were asked about it. Instead their visit to the theater as members of V.F.D. involved the return of a troublesome troupe, poison darts, a terrible accident involving a chandelier and sticky carpet.

It is my sad duty to write these events down as they took place in the orphans lives, but you however do not have read any further whatsoever and can instead avoid your relatives using others means, such as not using deodorant or becoming a statue,

With all Due Respect,

Lemony Snicket

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