To my Kind Editor,

Please excuse the fancy writing on this napkin but I wrote in such a manner to keep in terms with the policy set forth here at the Anxious Clown diner where the Baudelaires stayed for a short period of time in their attempt to learn more as volunteers.

Enclosed in this napkin you will find a menu of the items here for the café, one of Sunny's famous recipes, a photograph of the exterior of an abandoned research facility and the manuscript for this portion of the Baudelaires' story, which is entitled,


Please come on the 3rd Wednesday of the 2nd Month of the time we discussed and make sure you order something nice for yourself and for me, if I do not show up, simply eat your dish and come again at another day until a waiter passes you this napkin, Remember you are my last hope,

With all Due Respect,

Lemony Snicket